Beauty Blogger With Spinal Muscular Atrophy Has Amazing Makeup Skills

Beauty Blogger With Spinal Muscular Atrophy Has Amazing Makeup Skills

TESS DALY: My unique selling point is centred around my disability and the fact that it
is quite unusual to see somebody with a disability dressed, how I do when with make-up. TESS DALY: Hi everybody and welcome to my
very first clothing haul. COMM: Tess Daly has been wowing social media with her incredible make-up skills, but this
beauty-Vlogger has been disabled since birth, making her eye shadow blending skills all
the more impressive. TESS DALY: I have got spinal muscular atrophy Type 2. It’s a muscle-wasting disorder,
so, it makes me incredibly weak. I can’t stand or walk. I was first diagnosed with
spinal muscular atrophy when I was 18 months old. My parents actually took me to the doctors
because I wasn’t crawling or walking and ever since then I’ve been in a electric
wheelchair. TESS DALY: I’ve been following lots of bloggers on Instagram and lots of social influences,
beauty influences and I decided that, you know what, I actually kind of think that’s
really cool and I could see myself doing that. So, one day, I deleted all the pictures of
burgers, pictures of my dog, pictures of my family off my Instagram and turned it into
something that would be a little bit more interesting to people that are interested in fashion or
make-up. And I’ve slowly grown from there. COMM: Her striking looks have won her tens of thousands of followers online. TESS DALY: Instagram is my main platform.
I also use Snapchat quite a lot as well. I’m still trying to get into the whole YouTube
world. TESS DALY: Hi everyone! So this is my first ever YouTube video. Said I was never
ever going to do one of these because, to be honest, I was a little bit scared to. That
feels so weird. That is a bad start. All right wait, let me start that again. TESS DALY: From the minute I wake up, I have
my PA come in and help me get ready. They help prepare my food, they dress me. PA: Are we getting approving nods? Ya? TESS DALY: Yes. TESS DALY: Getting from my bed to my wheelchair,
things like going to the toilet, I do rely on great help from others. I am able to do
my own make-up. For example, I do my own eyebrows, my own eyes, my own lips, my PA’s do help
with my skin. So, when I employed them, they had to be aware that they were going to learn
to be make-up artists in their spare time. COMM: 29-year-old Tess, recently crowd funded to raise money to buy a bionic arm to help
her with everyday tasks such as feeding herself. TESS DALY: I’m sat now and I can’t actually move my arms higher than probably an inch
off my lap. So, the arm, I can raise my hand over my head, I can scratch my nose, I can
pick it if I want to pick it, I can feed myself and that not might sound like a big thing
to an everyday average person that can do all this, but, it’s life changing. Scratching
your nose is life changing. TESS DALY: You’re absolutely going to have to bear with me on this one because this is
like weight lifting for me. So, I’m going to put the product in shot for a few seconds,
then we’re going to have to put it down because I might drop it. So, here we go. Is she in shot? Is it in shot? LADY: Yeah. TESS DALY: Excellent! TESS DALY: Today the make-up that I have put on only took me about half an hour-45
minutes. However, if I’m going all extravagant: I’m putting false lashes on and crazy cookery
style make-up, it can probably take me like two hours. DAN BIGGIN: Well, I’ve followed Tess from
the beginning when she had maybe about 10,000 followers. So, it’s been really fun because
I’ve seen it grow. I am very, very proud of her. She is one of funniest people that
I’ve ever known: genuine, fun to be around, really chilled out. ALLIA KANJAI: Tess hasn’t always been good
at make-up. When she didn’t know how to put foundation on, she put on the hands. I
am proud of Tess. I think that some people might assume it’s because of the disability
when it’s not at all. Just because she is in a wheelchair doesn’t mean she knows how
to put on eye shadow. She puts it on better than me, than half of my friends that are
disabled body so she is just naturally gifted. TESS DALY: I receive an overwhelming amount of support and love, and really nice confidence-boosting
comments. However, I do get some quite funny negative ones: being called a doll, being
called a dwarf. I get things like vegetable, turnip, carrot. I don’t generally hide away
from trolls. The way I see is people need schooling. They need to realise that they
cannot go around, saying this stuff to people. They need to be held accountable for their
actions. And I’m just the kind of girl that will go around and do that for them. TESS DALY: A lot of people with disabilities
have actually contacted me and told me that I’ve changed things for them or I’ve made
them see things differently. TESS DALY: It kind of makes what I do have a little bit more meaning than just putting
a bit of lipstick on or sticking a pair of shoes on. It gives me kind of a bit of purpose
behind what it is that I do. I usually hate the word inspirational; however I’m slowly
accepting that to some people actually, I probably am a little bit inspirational. It’s
not something that sits well with me, because I just kind of get on with things, which I’m
kind of digging at the moment as opposed to the khaki (camera drops) and a wine…
Wow. The gimble is on one. I think I was saying something about the top. So,
yeah I get the same top. TESS DALY: I quietly hope to get about a million followers eventually. But you know, small steps, small steps. I think that’s it, what else do these YouTube people say? Subscribe, check… LADY: See you on my next… TESS DALY: I’ll see you on my next video.

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  1. She's beautiful that fact she doesn't let her disablity stop her and she uses her disablity in a perfect way it's beautiful 🥀

  2. she is very beautiful Lady. Good on her for standing up against the trolls. and following her passion and she is very gifted with creative make up. good on her

  3. Shes got AMAZING taste in makeup and. She is makeup i cant do 90% of the things.she can with makeup …

  4. You are a great person and a person with alot of courage to put yourself out there even though there are some people who can rude to you. You inspire me.

  5. You are beautifull. Great hears big beautifull lips and beautifull figure. You are inspiration for me. Thank You 🙂

  6. you have the BEST wardrobe ever!! you should be a personal sylist,,,where do you get most of your clothes?

  7. Amazing. Usually if you are diagnosed with this before the age of 2, you don't live past 2. What I was told is the muscles closest to the core of your body are the first effected. Like the muscles around your lungs, heart, neck. Because in small children their muscle have no tone yet for the condition to waste so it wastes what muscles they have very quickly. The later you get it, the longer you live. I had a friend whose 18 mo old gdaughter had this. She was diagnosed I believe before age one. What little muscle she had went very fast. They knew she wouldn't live long. This friend then found out she had breast cancer. Triple negative which means no real plan for treatment because it's hit and miss on what works and it's the worst you can get. One day she was in a lot of pain because it was getting to the point they couldn't help her anymore. Her husband took her to the hospital for some mega dosing of pain meds. Her daughter went to visit and took the baby with her.!the baby was in her car seat babbling almost the whole way there. But after she parked and went to get the baby out of the car, the baby was dead. Not yet 2. Gone in an instant. This was too much for my friend to take. She died on the day of the babies funeral. This horrid condition ruins families. The woman is amazing

  8. You inspire me love this vidoe I don't have a disable and I can't do make up like that so proud thanks for sharing this will us😍😍😍😍😍😍love all your out fits

  9. I must say you are very beutiful love your make up im so rubbish with makeup i have no idea on whats right or wroung about make up, i wish i new how to do my make up on myself 😊

  10. This was supposed to happen to me when I was 7! But all my bones would give up. Now I’m ten and live a normal life!

  11. If you can’t even barely scratch yur nose it seems impossible to do your own make up.. so I don’t understand how you’re make up is so perfect

  12. she looks fine to me .!!..everyone needs to look beyond anyone being disabled they have a good heart and soul ….never make fun of a disabled person.

  13. Girl you are better then the kandasations,may spell wrong,but people know i am saying,you are awersome,wonderful,amazing,this is what i call make-up,and you are during it under hardship,girl i praise you,they have nothing on you Nothing,the best,i love you,you czn teach so many and give so many hope,smile,happy,your make-up is cute,much love keep up the great work,get your own line,and then a show on bow to apply it,girl you got a dream that will turn heads around, be proud,i am for you.this is work that you do

  14. u are amazing!! nd inspirational to all of us.. u live ur normal life which is extraordinary to us!! keep going girl! ur make up is slay awesome!

  15. I've just subscribed I think your pure sunshine good for you & for the arseholes who give you negative comments are obviously jealous because you look amazing! X

  16. Your determination is wonderful! So many forget, that social media is a place where everything is publicized and that territory comes with a license for judgment weather we like it or not. Thats a fact! We will never be the same in society. We each have free will, and thats a beautiful thing! We will all have to relearn the fundamental facts of good and bad, and we can only control our personal and individual actions as well as reactions. Human nature is just that, human. None of us are the same and that's a wonderful thing! We aren't programed, we are human. Be responsible for the person looking back at us in the mirror and stop trying to worry about our neighbors

  17. Tess Daly: you’re truly a gorgeous woman and very beautiful outside as inside… people like you are definitely inspiring to me… I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart 💜… Hello 👋🏼 from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  18. One of the most inspirational mua Iv ever come across ! You will never stop learning from this incredible and inspirational women no moaning no pitty just some one who makes your life a better place ! My daily go to x

  19. You're beautiful don't worry about the haters that's talking about your title does talking about people that help you with your disability I love you and you inspired a lot of people and I'm just a little kid I'm only 9 years old and you already inspired in me

  20. Insta: @tess.daly, kobieta cud. Mnóstwo talentu i jeszcze więcej samozaparcia w tak pięknej osobie. Niesamowite Makijaze, których nie powstydzilaby się najlepszą makijazystka świata. Pomyśleć, że ona robi je będąc sparaliżowaną. Nie sądzę, że ja potrafiłabym się odnaleźć w codziennych czynnościach bez władzy nad własnym ciałem.
    Podziw wielki 💞

    Mail: [email protected]

    PS. Tak, tam są 3 "n" 💓

  21. 2 hours for a full glam cut crease?! It takes me 2.5 hours for a full face natural beat w/o lashes 🤯

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