Bench Press: 5 Biggest Mistakes (Build Chest Muscle Fast)

Bench Press: 5 Biggest Mistakes (Build Chest Muscle Fast)

In this video you’ll learn the 5 biggest
mistakes – when performing the bench press With some great tips guaranteed to improve
your bench press form. So if you want to build chest muscle fast?… Keep watching. I’m Tom from OriGym, who qualify thousands
of fitness professionals each year. And this is… The Bench Press: 5 Biggest Mistakes and tips
to avoid them. The bench press is an essential compound exercise
for the chest. If performed correctly, it’s one of the
best ways to build upper body muscle mass. So let’s start by taking a look at the bench
press with proper form Then later – we’ll get into the top 5 biggest
mistakes. Lie flat on the bench with a slight arch in
your lower back. Keep your hips in firm contact with the bench
and plant your feet flat to the floor. Grip the bar slightly wider than shoulder width. Lower the bar to your chest, making sure that your upper arms are at a 45 degree angle to your torso And your shoulders remain back
throughout the exercise. Push the bar upwards to the top position. Don’t lock your elbows at the top and make sure to maintain a controlled movement throughout… the range of motion. So that’s the bench press how it’s supposed
to be performed. Now let’s take a look at the top 5 biggest
bench press mistakes… Then later – how you can avoid them to maximise
your upper body strength. Number 1?… Shoulders Forward Performing the bench press with shoulders
forward puts unnecessary strain on the shoulders and deactivates the chest muscles. If you’re making this mistake, then you’ve
probably reached a plateau in your chest growth This is because you’re actually working
your delts… Not your chest. For best results: depress and retract shoulders,
contracting your shoulder blades… throughout the range of motion. This will place maximum impact on the chest
and give you the best results from this exercise. Later in this video we’ll be looking at
another crucial focus point to ensure… you get the greatest impact on your chest muscles. Our next biggest bench press mistake? Restricting Range of Motion If you want to make progress and build muscle,
then be aware of full range of motion. Don’t cheat by performing half reps. Make sure you bring the bar right down to
your chest with a controlled movement… and all the way back up (without locking out at
the top of the movement). In order to stimulate greater muscle growth… it’s important to maximise the level of strain placed on the muscles throughout the movement. By locking out at the top of the movement
or by performing half reps… You’re limiting the strain on your muscles and therefore limiting the potential of the exercise. It’s also important to remember your breathing
throughout the exercise. Inhale on the way down, then push up and exhale
at the top of the movement. Now onto our 3rd Bench Press Mistake… Hips Up Raising the hips whilst performing the bench press, places strain on the back and shoulders… and can lead to injury. It’s important to have an arch in your lower
back when performing the bench press… However… the hips should always be in firm contact
with the bench. This will keep your weight evenly distributed
throughout this exercise. Positioning is vital to avoid injury and
maximising your results. So here’s a bonus mistake to avoid… Bending The Wrist It’s very common for people to grip the
bar with a bent wrist. This puts pressure on the wrist and can be dangerous. Ensure you grip the bar with a straight wrist,
placing your thumb tightly around the bar and not tucked behind the bar. Tucking the thumb behind can lead to the bar
slipping out of the palms, and can cause serious… damage to your chest. Now let’s look at our next biggest bench
press mistake… Elbows Out Similar to raising the shoulders – Performing
the bench press with the elbows flared out is another way to detract tension from the
chest and place greater strain on the shoulders. Your Elbows should be placed at a 45-degree
angle to your torso. With a focus on raising the bar up and above your
chest – not your shoulders If you Focus on keeping the bar in line with
your chest (as you raise the bar up)… this will maintain the strain on your chest muscles. Whereas, if you raise the bar up vertically
above your shoulders, then you are more likely to activate your delts and detract stimulation
from the chest. You might also want to try a narrow grip bench press. This variation on the bench press is great
for strengthening the centre of the chest (the medial aspect of the pectoralis major). As well as strengthening your triceps. Having stronger triceps will greatly improve
your performance with the standard bench press And can really help you make progress and
see better growth. When performing the close grip press you should
narrow your grip to shoulder width. This will mean the bar will be slightly lower
than chest level, when lowered to the torso. So if you want to lift heavier with your bench press… I’d recommend training those triceps with a narrow grip. And now it’s time for our final biggest
bench press mistake. Forgetting The Eccentric People often place so much focus on lowering
the bar that they completely neglect the importance of the negative. You can get more than double the impact for
each rep if you focus on making a controlled concentric and eccentric contraction. A lot of the mistakes on this list occur when people try lifting weights heavier than they can handle So if you’re struggling with some of the
mistakes on this list…. My advice… would be to lower the weight, be patient and focus on perfecting that form… thinking about all the things we’ve mention in this video. So they’re the 5 Biggest Bench Press mistakes
and how you can avoid them. If you liked this video and want to learn
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  1. You need to squeeze your scapula together. You are flat on the bench in your video. Once you squeeze your scapula together it forms a natural arch. Squeeze the bar so you have constant tension also. Feet don't have to be flat. Balls of the feet is optimal for some benchers. My 2 cents.

  2. Let us know your favourite chest exercises! We’d love to hear from you.
    Visit our website and learn about how to become a personal trainer!

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