Best 10 min Stretch to Slim Your Calves! ◆ Emi ◆

Best 10 min Stretch to Slim Your Calves! ◆ Emi ◆

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel So a lot of you have been requesting a video Targeting the cast to actually pose a how system your calf video a few months ago with more details for example how to burn the fat layer on top When are the exercises you should have boy and one of the key things that I mentioned you can do is actually Stretching that target specifically the past which will help elongate the tight muscles our cuff muscles actually get tight Bulky and bigger just from a daily life sitting for too long Wearing heels or the wrong shoes too many stairs and running sort of next time in is we really focus on stretching out the calf That will help with slimming them down and you can definitely do this on a daily basis if you’re ready. Let’s go First I want you to set your intention for the next ten minutes Why are you here with me what you want to achieve for your body today? And to quiet your mind? Whatever happened today at work in school with your friends and family Let the thoughts go so you can really focus on each stretch. First one is standing calf stretch Step your right leg front and your left leg back front leg bend it and back leg straight Place your hands on the thighs of your front leg and sit your weight down at the same time Try to have both feet flat on the floor You should be feeling a stretch in the calf of your left leg if you want to feel more stretch Take a bigger step apart between two legs and sit lower to have your left heel Press onto the floor continue to stretch and lengthen your left calf muscles here for 45 seconds From where Good work next one would switch inside to stretch our right calf was the same movement so left leg front, right leg back Exercise Focus on really putting your weight down and stretching the muscles that got big and bulky to see the horizontal far Excuse us for two for a penny But they’ve all gone out His car and one Oh, there’s all right Set stretch we’re getting on to the floor for downward-facing dog Exercise Hands on the floor shoulder-width apart feet hip-width apart, press your hands into the floor But lift it up in the air to form an upside-down V Here take your time move your hands move your feet through the stretch in the calf as you bend one leg and extend the other leg straight while pressing the heel into the floor Then switch leg keep moving your legs freely and pushing your arms into the floor to put more weight on the legs and get more Stretch in the calves in these 45 seconds you set time to relax because the next one is slightly tougher Alright shake out your arms and your legs if you need forth a single lick Down Dog where we’ll get back to down dog position But this time we’re holding it with right leg extended completely straight and heel on the floor Left leg bent and place on top of right leg so that is completely lift off the floor and we’re putting most of our weight on the right leg for the Maximum stretch in the calf press and push your hands into the floor for more stretch I know your arms are getting tired, but hold it there Remember your intention? Remember your goal. We’re not coming down Versus all good ideas Yes Recip it Especially your arms because next one is the same post but stretching the left half instead so left leg on the floor and right leg stacked on top Exercise Again, try to push your body weight onto your left leg for the maximum stretch And it will also be less tiring for your arms Hold your core tight engage your app so that it will also take away some of the weight from your arms Continue to focus on the stretch and your left leg. We’re almost done Dude My there’s And we are halfway through next one is my favorite favorite stretch that I do all the time wherever I am wall calf stretch Exercise Well faster the right side for 45 seconds and switch go to a wall stand a few inches away Left foot on the floor lift your right foot to put your toes on the wall keeping your heel on the floor and flex hands on the wall for balance Gently lean forward into the wall to enhance the stretch that you appear in your break up stretch for 45 seconds You can also do it on the yoga bar. If you have one which in my opinion gives you a more intense stretch This isn’t that for your soul could I’m addicted to this stretch next one less which side to stretch our left cup I Exercise Same poles leaned closer to the wall for more stretch or use a Ledge or a yoga block Enjoy the stretch. We’re getting closer to our goals Only three more to go eighth is been down stretch will open the right side for 22 seconds and switch Bending left leg and extending right leg straight lean forward so that your hands reach and hold on to your right foot Pull it to yourself as you bend lower Keep your right leg straight the whole time and you should be feeling a stretch in the right cuff Switch to stretch your left leg after 22 seconds as you can see here. I’m not the most flexible Well more reason for me to stretch Versus I could add a yes that need to start the rubberband life Yes, last two minutes knife is lean and pool working on the right path Exercise Sit on the floor fold your left leg and extend your right leg straight in front of you Reach forward to hold your right foot while pulling your toes towards yourself You’ll feel a very deep stretch in your right calf the harder you pull the more stress you feel Bah there’s Hey This morning, I’m so clear a lot as I need That was not easy but let’s finish it with a stretch on the left cuff Exercise Same movement pull heart this stretch is not the most comfortable. I know but it works So hang in there was so close to dad Dude my there’s no And that’s a wrap I hope you and your calves enjoy the stretch together with me and I’ll see you again very soon Yes Yeah

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  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. My greatest insecurity next to my arms are my calves. They have always been big even when i lose weight! 😭 Maybe because i kinda tiptoe when walking. I am so gonna give this a try, wish me luck!

  3. I have a big calves with stretch marks😭😭😭 what should I doooo base on my research it will somehow less noticeable if you will lose weight.

  4. ❗I am going to eat less-carbs and high sugar foods❗
    ❗I do 2 exercises in total and i have dance classes on wednesday❗
    DAY 1 ✅
    DAY 2 ✅
    DAY 3 ✅
    DAY 4
    DAY 5
    DAY 6
    DAY 7
    DAY 8
    DAY 9
    DAY 10
    DAY 11
    DAY 12
    DAY 13
    DAY 14
    DAY 15
    DAY 16
    DAY 17
    DAY 18
    DAY 19
    DAY 20
    DAY 21
    DAY 22
    DAY 23
    DAY 24
    DAY 25
    DAY 26
    DAY 27
    DAY 28
    DAY 29
    DAY 30
    (if i complete 30 days fully , i'll do a 1 month update next time)

  5. Okay I see a lot of comments updating their exercise
    My goal is 27 cm
    So I try it once
    Day 1 :- 31 cm
    Day 2:- 31 cm (Feeling great)
    Day 3:- 31 cm(hehe)
    Day 4:- 30.7cm (wow)
    Day 5:- 30.5cm (ah you all know the last two one are so…..)
    Day 6:- 30.5cm 🙂
    Day 7:-
    So on
    Lets do it

  6. I always get mocked at for having fat legs rather than slim legs like most girls in my school. I will be doing this exercise to get those long legs I could only dream of.
    No. Of likes = No. of days that’s I will persist on:))

  7. Honestly, during these stretches I felt like my legs were dying but afterwards they felt so nice and relaxed! I never even knew my legs were so tensed up!

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