Best Bedtime Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

Best Bedtime Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and the pups,
and today we’re gonna show you some bedtime stretches to help you get
relaxed and go to sleep. so let’s get started. If you haven’t already subscribed make sure you click on the button down there. so the first stretch is really just to kind of loosen
up the shoulders a little bit. it’s really just gonna be shoulder circles. so
I like to start off with ten each way. so really just kind of getting that
movement kind of rolling those shoulders backwards, getting that nice stretch, and
then rotate them back the other way. so this is really just to kind of get the
shoulders, the neck area just loosen up a little bit. just some nice deep breaths
while you’re rolling it around, it really kind of helps just relax and unwind
everything. so then you’re gonna go into an upper trap stretch because usually if
you’ve been working all day, those neck muscles are really tight and this is a
really great way just to help to relax, you get in bed and fall right asleep. so
with an upper trap stretch, sit on your hand of the side that you want to
stretch, and then just take the other hand and gently pull over to the side.
now if you had an injury or something, I would say hold it for 30 seconds, do it
three times on each side, but really when you’re just trying to kind of relax
everything back down and you’re getting ready to go to bed, you want to fall
asleep nice and quickly, you only really need to maybe hold it for 20 seconds and
do it once or twice on each side. so if you feel like it’s super tight then I’d
say maybe do it twice on each side, but if you’re feeling pretty good and you
know they don’t feel so tight that right before you’re getting ready to go to bed,
you can just do one on each side and really just kind of get it nice and
stretched and then come back over. and so then we’re just going to kind of keep
working our way down. so then the next one is to get the thoracic area so
that’s the chest and the upper back area. so just kind of take your hands and
clasp them behind your head, and then you’re just going to do a gentle go into
one side and then back to the other side. you can do a little hold if you want,
like a 5 to 10 second hold, or you can just kind of go back and forth, but this
is just kind of getting now that upper body stretched out a little bit. so your
choice if you feel good about just doing a continuous movement back and forth, you
can, or if you want to do that little pause on each side you could do that as
well. so just getting nice and stretched there. so then the next one is just going
to be a butterfly stretch, and that’s going to kind of stretch the groin area
get start getting a little bit lower into the hips. so just kind of bringing
your feet up a little bit like this, and then if you want to use your elbows on
the inner part of your knees to push down and lean forward, and you can try and
keep your back straight because that’s gonna get a better stretch. and again if
you had an injury I would say hold it for 30 seconds, do it three times, but
this is really just getting all that tension out of your body. so then you’re
not just lying in bed thinking about a ton of things, your body can be nice and
relaxed and you can just fall asleep nice and quickly. so I’d say 15-20
seconds again maybe do it twice if you’re, you know, having some tightness in
there, but if you’re not, then you can just do it once, get a nice good stretch
in there. then you’re going to kind of start getting a little bit closer to the
bed. so now you’re going to go into a child’s pose, so with the child’s pose or
the prayer stretch, you’re just going to kind of get on your knees and then just
take your arms and go forward and stretch them out.
so here especially if you’re in bed, start making some deep breaths. start
getting that your breath a little bit more slowed down, taking some air breathe
it out, and really just try and clear your head and relax everything out. so
same thing you don’t have to do the full stretches for this, you’re just trying to
relax everything. this is good for your low back this is good for your shoulders,
so you can do a 15 to 20 second. if you want to go a whole minute with this you
can definitely do that as well, but just getting that nice good stretch in there.
then you can come up now you’re gonna go into
upward dog. so now you’re kind of lying all the way down and you’re getting
closer going to sleep, and so now you’re just going to come up and push, now this
isn’t a full upward dog because in the bed it might be a little harder. if you
want to come all the way up on your legs you can, but if you want to do more like
a Cobra you can do that as well. so just kind of pushing up. if you want to come
up on your toes for that full upward dog you can, and just again breathing in
letting all that tension get away by contracting those muscles it helps relax
those muscles as well. so then just kind of coming down now you’re gonna roll
over again even closer into that that sleeping position, and now you’re just
going to loosen up your trunk a little bit. so I like to do a full rotational
stretch. if you want to just do your knees back and forth, you can stretch it
that way, but I like to really get my lower back stretched out. so I bring the
knee up and I come all the way over just to kind of get that stretch in there. if
you want to prop your foot right behind your knee so it’s not just holding up
there, it’s nice and relaxed. take your hand and just pull to get a little bit
more stretch in there. so again 15 to 20 seconds will do. if you want to do more
you definitely can, but then just rolling over some people might get a little pop,
a little adjustment in their spine. as long as it’s not painful, that’s fine, and
that’s probably good right before you go to bed because and everything’s nice in
alignment, and you can go to sleep. if you want to so again you can hook by that
knee, if you want to, you don’t have to, you you can just let that leg hang, but
some people like to have that little hook in there to get that nice stretch.
so then we’re getting even closer, so now this one is just bringing both knees up
towards your chest. we call it a double knee to chest stretch. some people might
call it something else, if you want to do a true yoga you can go into the baby
where you grabbing your feet up here and kind of roll a little bit, but I like
this a little bit better because you’re kind
of bringing everything back in. and while you stretch if you have some issues with
your knees, you can grab underneath here so you’re not putting so much pressure
on there, but again just a nice gentle hold twenty to thirty seconds. if you
really like it it’s a good low back stretch, you can hold it for a whole
minute. and then the very last thing just like in yoga is the corpse pose. so
putting your palms up kind of letting your feet just roll out and just kind of
lying there and relaxing. clearing your head, getting all those work things out
of your mind, taking some nice deep breaths.
if you want to do it with your diaphragm breathing in putting that that belly up,
getting all that air through there, and then letting it out. so here you can just
hold it for a minute, or you can then just go into your sleep, but I always
find this one nice and relaxing at the end. so there you have it, those were your
bedtime stretches to help you relax. Bear’s gonna go sleep somewhere else
because his ladies are too hot, and if you’d like to help support our channel
make sure and you click on the link up here. you just go to. Kali’s
better sleep with anyways, and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down
here. and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

14 Replies to “Best Bedtime Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo”

  1. Thank you! We really need easy and not time consuming exercises for relaxation, anti anxiety and pain relief! ❤

  2. Doc Jo! I think you are the best doc on u tube. Your videos are short and more to the point. In such short time you teach us a huge amount of knowledge, and it helps me in many ways.
    So thank you so much. Oh yes, your dogs are so lovely and very relaxing to watch. Give them a cuddle for me too.
    Lots of love xx

  3. You are an angel! I followed your exercise at once and my back-neck pain has gone away. Everytime I follow you, pains I have from tendonitis stop existing. <3

  4. A great idea Dr. Jo. I put your Morning and Bed Time stretches on my calendar to remind to do them daily. Your videos are the best on YouTube. And I love your 3 pups. ❤️

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