100 Replies to “Best Homemade No-Bake PROTEIN BARS Recipe”

  1. Our FINAL James Buff episode. Thanks to Titanspirit and Luis Chávez for coming up with Dr. Noah Gains' name and background! Have a good weekend everyone, STAY BUFFFFF!!

  2. how could I get one of them buff dudes workout book?? would really love to do your guys workouts from the book besides getting on YouTube every 5 mins to find another workout lol.

  3. I really appreciate how much time and effort you guys put into making things fun and entertaining. Keep up the great work fellas!

  4. Its easy to see why you guys have 1.3 mil subs.
    There are some brilliant w/o and diet vids on YouTube.
    But you guys take it to the next, and then the next level. Seriously entertaining, and amazingly helpful. Thank you Buff Dudes.

  5. Buff Dudes, gotta ask I know its a you tube video and all buuuuuttt I didnt see any fridge, how did Mr.Buff know there was a fridge in the dilapidated room? lmao

  6. ok, I'm a tough critic, but this was well done. I lol'd
    duke, didn't go over the top, but drove it home!
    great production quality!

  7. Just made some after watching this and they are delicious. The only one tiny thing I think you guys could have added was nutrition facts for a certain size of bar. Nice creativity!

  8. just made these again this afternoon. They are so freaking delicious! i cant wait to try the rice krispie recipe

  9. If you think about it, Mr. Buff is the true bad guy here. Chicken legs guy was just hungry, and Mr. Buff robbed him. That's messed up.

  10. im against supplements because theyre loaded with traces of metal or some weird shit, but your baking vids make me consider buying some.

  11. I opened this video just for the recipe, never expecting this awesome show! Dr. Noah Gains. Hilarious.
    Never heard of him though and I'm Dutch too 😛

  12. I actually tried the recipe and it was great! Really appreciating the quality of your videos and the sheer amount of effort. Bless

  13. Are they good for a post-workout meal ? Good job for the video tho , really enjoying watching your videos ,because each one is mixed with humour and important info 🙂

  14. is it okay if i don't put it in refrigerator. because it is not available. And how many days will ot last like this?

  15. Buff Dudes! its so much easier to measure out peanut butter and other thick foods with cling wrap lining the measuring cup, so you can pull the cling wrap from the corners and all the peanut butter you measured comes out. Just a little tip

  16. I tried it about a week ago. And I gotta say – maybe it doesn't taste the best, but it really fills up my stomach.

  17. Every time i watch this video i'm amazed with the production value and saddened by the general interest for this channel :/

  18. I love how you guys can make a recipe so epic and creative. I'm proud to be a new BUFF Dudette!! A big chest bump from Missouri!

  19. Yo! This by far is the best movie style protein bar video I have seen. I just finished one on my channel. You guys rock for that. I may do an episode on making your own as well and up the protein levels. Thanks for the specs at the end. Great to see a low dose of sugar. That was one of the points I harped on in my review.

  20. Do you fellows have an agent. If not, you need one. With some better production values, you would have a TV hit or put out your own videos or both.

  21. Holy shit, you guys are entertaining and informative. So impressed by the production value and good writing. You got yourselves a new sub.

  22. Hey i tried your recipe and it turned out great but just one thing if i take the bars out of fridge they go soft and are not as crunchy as protein bars should be. Though they taste amazing but not crunchy. Any suggestion what might have gone wrong?

  23. Normally you would just have videos after videos of just guys explaining stuff shirtless (and flexing muscles mid video)- but hats off to your refreshingly creative videos.

  24. Just read about 60 comments and not one person had a comment on the the dang bars ?????? SO HAS ANYONE MADE THE RECIPE AND TRIED IT ???? WOULD LOVE TO HEAR WHAT EVERYONE THINKS OF THE RECIPE SO I KNOW IF IM WAISTING MY TIME ON " ANOTHER DANG CRAPPY KETO RECIPE " ????

  25. Hey Doods.. to make them a little crispy preheat oven 350 and put them in for about 10 minutes… takes away the gooey-ness and puts a nice crisp to them… not sure if it affects macros at all but this kinda breaks the monotony if u make these bars frequently like I do

  26. What can we use in exchange of protein powder, because our Indian moms don't allow to take whey protein – they thought whey protein are drugs . So, can u plz suggest me what should I use in exchange of protein powder

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