BEST HOMEMADE PROTEIN SMOOTHIE? | Your Superfoods Muscle Power Protein Powder Taste Test & Review

BEST HOMEMADE PROTEIN SMOOTHIE? | Your Superfoods Muscle Power Protein Powder Taste Test & Review

– Are you looking for the best
homemade protein smoothie? I’ve got a recipe right here
that I really want to try out because it looks really good
and it’s fairly simple too which is always nice So I’m going to show you guys everything that I’m putting
into this protein smoothie. First of all, hi, hi to
all the new dads out there this is dad reviews, this is
where I give you my unedited hopefully more authentic
look at the products that I like use, have and companies
send to me in the mail So if you’re interested
in that you might want to consider clicking
that subscribe button. So what I have today is
another one of these I’m going to do another taste test
of this powders that they to sent me. We have a they have a starter
pack here which I’ve discussed in previous videos, you guys
can go and watch some of those but they have one called Muscle
Power and uh its a protein uh packet if you will and it’s
but it’s made with a lot of super food stuff so it’s got
super food rice protein, pea protein, macca, lucuma and banana in it. And whenever you order uh
something from the guys over at they send you
a PDF of a bunch of different recipes that you can use with
all the different flavorings that they have. They have a whole bunch of different uh kind of powders that you can get. There’s a power matcha here,
this is a forever beautiful if you guys want to check it
out I’ll link it up down on the description below. If you do decide to make an
order you can save 15% by using the offer code dadreviews just use that at checkout. I’ll also put some links
down to Amazon as well if you guys want to go and
read other people’s reviews about it. So uh, today we’re going to
make the protein power smoothie using this muscle power pack here. So I’ve already started with the water you need 150 milliliters of water and let me take you guys down here (dropping noise) and we’re going to add a banana to it so we’re going to take
peel up our banana here just like that then I’m I like to break
mine up a little bit. It’s not frozen just a
soft regular old banana and we got this little
helper right here today dude hey, you helping? Huh?
What you want to do? You can’t taste it yet. Okay let’s continue. (laughing) All right so we have that and
then uh let’s go ahead and do the muscle powder in there, muscle power Oh I need my recipe it went away um There we go. Banana, muscle power, yep the whole thing. I was making sure the dosage was right. It says 15 grams this is
the whole packet is 15 grams so we’re going to throw that in there. So that’s all the great super
foods that just going to make you feel awesome, I think. I’m curious to know (sniffing) you can definitely smell
the banana in there (sniffing) uh some of the pea protein,
we eat a lot of like uh pea crisp type of things, snack
pea crips and all those types of things. (sniffing) and I can smell that in there. Okay the last thing that
we want to add to this is a little bit of peanut butter So we’re going to put a
tablespoon of peanut butter into here and then we’re
going to blend it up and do a little taste test of this uh to see how it taste. I have not had this yet so let’s uh let’s see what this tastes like. Let me see I’ll bring you
a little closer right there open this up, and it
says to do a tablespoon I’m just going to put a
glob I don’t know how much that’s how much I put just
to give you guys an idea. I’m just going to push
that down on into there. By the way this blender that I’m using it’s my favorite blender so far. It’s called the it’s the Ninja blender and its the super cheap one. You know a lot pf people go
out and they pay a ton of money for blenders and I really
really like this blender and uh if you like smoothies it’s
super awesome for smoothies. So this is the lid we’re
going to put the lid on top. I’ll link this blender up
down in the description below as well if you guys want
to go and check it out but I’ve done a review of it as well. But the way it works is you
got the motor part right here that goes on top and then
you just press down on the big giant button there. (blender roar) Mix up the goodness Oh yeah,
okay that looks interesting Very creamy looking color What do ya’ll think does
that look about right? That look good? (blender roaring) If you guys want to know a
little bit more about this muscle power stuff look
ya’ll can pause my video and there’s some nutritional
information and what not on there Or you can go to their website which is down in the description below. Let’s see let me grab a smoothie cup here Boop! and let’s see what we have here. I think I’ll bring ya’ll down to here Let’s see what we have here. It’s definitely more liquidy-er
because there nothing was frozen. Nice cup of goodness there. I like to get as much as I can out. There we go. Come on now, there we go. All right. Now I need a little napkin wipe the top of this so it
doesn’t drip everywhere. Okay now let me get metal
straw, I’ve reviewed these before too I’ll
link them up down in the description below. Love these things. I drink a smoothie every single
day and you got a pack of 4 or 5 or something like that
and they’ve just been awesome. All right ya’ll ready to see
what this thing tastes like? Do you want to see what it tastes like? Come on let’s do that taste test review. Hi hey bud! You ready to taste
it? You want to taste it? Here let’s taste it together. Here we go. Mmmm okay yeah, if you like
banana and peanut butter or if you’ve ever had a
peanut butter banana sandwich That’s exactly what it
tastes like because it has like that starchiness of the pea protein and the rice protein and then
you add the peanut butter in there obviously and
then you put a full banana in there plus it has some
banana in the packet as well. I just don’t know what
macca and lucuma are maybe you guys can let me
know that down in the comments below um but this is good
I like it, I like a peanut butter banana sandwich. Uh do you guys like peanut
butter banana sandwich? Let me know that down in
the comments below as well. Like I said if you guys want
to check this out I’ll link it up down in the description below, use offer code dadreviews get 15% off of um of your order that
you order over there or you can check out Amazon and
go check out some of the links over there or the reviews over there. If you guys are liking what we
are doing here on dad reviews and you want to see some
of the previous taste tests we’ve done I’m going to put
some of those right there on the screen I’ll see
ya’ll in those videos Thank you dads for watching
thumbs up is always appreciated and dad out. Boom.

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