Best Leg Toning Workout ♥ 10 Minute Glutes & Thighs | Maldives

Best Leg Toning Workout ♥ 10 Minute Glutes & Thighs | Maldives

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  1. That was an amazing workout before work! It is true, 75% of weight loss is based on a clean diet. Thank you again, Boho Beautiful! xoxo

  2. I'm new here and I love your videos 💖💖💖💖💖 you really relax and inspire me! Thank you so much guys 😘💖

  3. Thabk you so much for sharing these yoga workouts with us! For s a long periof d of time i wanted to do yoga, but to scared to go to classes. As a big girl, i don’t feel comforable around skinny people (working out). So i thought i first needed to lose all thr weight, before starting yoga. Until I came across your channel. I am doing yoga every morning now, and I love it. I discovered how extremely stiff and unflexible I am and how much I needed yoga. Again, thank you so much!

  4. I love waking up in the morning to pilates with your videos! Thank you so much! Love your energy and kickbutt workouts <3

  5. I started your workouts 7 months ago. I was very out of shape and completely inflexible. I couldn’t even touch my toes. I’ve lost almost 8lbs now but I am starting to gain weight back in muscle. I can touch my forehead to my knees and I am so close to doing the splits too. This has also inspired me to change my diet, so I’ve switched almost entirely to organic and locally sourced foods. A stranger told me yesterday I looked amazingly fit and asked what I did for a living. I’m just a high school teacher working out at home! Your channel has literally changed my life, so thank you.

  6. Как грустно, что такой потрясающей фигуре в нагрузку достались ноги "колесом"🤔 К сожалению, такой дефект невозможно исправить ни йогой, ни фитнесом, а только хирургически(((

  7. For some reason, I don't really feel the last exercise that is meant to target the inner thigh. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions on how to fix that?

  8. Juliana, I'm curious what other exercise you do besides yoga. You still look strong, yet you are lean, too. I'm in a similar boat. Looking to increase my leg mass/muscularity. Thank you!

  9. So glad you make sure to include a message about plant based eating because you are going to reach a lot of people in a really positive way! Thanks my legs are burning!!! Ha ha! Sending hugs!

  10. I am a beginner in this whole yoga thing. I've started with a few of your easy beginner's yoga vids , and is it safe for me to try doing this leg toning workout as well as the others you've stated in your description box? or should i wait till i'm used to practicing yoga and gaining a stronger body then after so it will be much more suitable for me to practice this leg toning workout? and how often should I do yoga? what is the most sustainable way of practising it? all help is much appreciated.

  11. Im having a little trouble:
    Say we are pulsing, kicking our left leg, I feel all the tension in my right buttcheek…is this correct form? I feel like if I am using my left leg, my left buttcheek should be the one fatiguing…

  12. outstanding workout. I was having trouble with your own website so I am happy to have found this on You Tube. Thanks

  13. I have just started to do yoga and was going through some videos on weight loss and came across your channel. Oh My God! It is so beautiful to watch you do all this. Your voice and videos give so much positivity! ❤️❤️

  14. I think you guys are amazing, definitely enjoy your yoga classes. I have even made a serious effort to go vegetarian by using your recipes. I aim to go vegan but one step at time. would love to read your stories of how you get to live such an amazing lifestyle.

  15. I think ur workouts are beutiful. anyways ty for posting this one up been watching ur diaries and stuff. I've been doing thease on and off. but now I'm wanting to do yoga again.

  16. M so haapy to found u …. Plz come to India I wanaa meet u … I hope one day 😄…

    Eeeeeeee U r my morning's positive vibes 😘😘😘

  17. How often would be recommended to do this video along with your other pilates videos? Obviously in conjunction with other training methods.

  18. Mam i gt exhausted so take tiny breaks in it gonna wrk same on my legs or i need to do it as same as possible without breaks

  19. COuld you please do more lower body/leg videos? This one completes so well my workout on BB comple prog core days

  20. Hey Peeps, just a tip, If this is a bit intense, I would suggest putting on an non interesting short drama like total drama island or something, on LOW. In another screen side by side. This way you can switch back and forth, Also just make a habit of looking back at yoga screen every 5 SEC. This workout will go quicker if you do this.

  21. I still gave it a thumbs up but it was way too hard for me. Too much on first side of the body that I gave up and had to fast forward to just do the other side to where I could.

  22. I really benefit from and enjoy your workouts. Thank you for what you do. However, has anyone ever brought up the fact that it’s pretty frustrating when you begin counts at 2, (or like in this video, 4)? I just wanted to point out that a lot of us aren’t watching the whole time we’re working out, and use your verbal cues to know when to change to the next movement. Just putting that out there, and I don’t mean to criticize. Well maybe a little, but constructively 😬💖

  23. Beautiful day in May to exercise! It is my favorite most perfect time of the year between air-conditioning time and the beach! My legs 💗it!

  24. I'm just as slim as you are and everyday i get slammed – bullied by people (no matter age or gender) on the street, leaving me with the feeling, that i don't want to go out of my house, or being scared and moreover "hating" people and not wanting to be polite, whilst that's my nature, loving and caring. I really don't know what to do. I don't want to confront them, you can't do it everyday, and if they are disrespectful, they are gonna get it even lower. Have you faced it too Juliana, or someone else? What did you do?The worst of all, is that i built a healthy level of confidence through years, feeling good for myself and now I feel it shaken.

  25. I really hope you want to do more of lean slim arms because I love your workout and definitely I love your arm's shape💗

  26. i love all your videos, you guys should do a teacher training or worshops about everything you do together because is really cool, i would love to join and learn, much love from Berlin, Namaste!

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