Best Posterior Chain Exercises: How To Train Hamstrings & Glutes At The Gym

Best Posterior Chain Exercises: How To Train Hamstrings & Glutes At The Gym

Carlos D’Souza:
Hi, guys. It’s Carlos at The Carlos Method. Today, I’m going to show you the best glute
and hamstring exercises (best posterior chain exercises) to do in the gym. Carlos D’Souza:
Okay, guys, let’s get started. So first exercise, Mini Resistance Band Squats. When we do the heavy lifting like dead lifts,
back squats, dumbbell lunges, it’s good to use mini resistance bands to wrap around the
knees and do some banded squats. Just body weight, but it’s purely to warm
up the hamstrings and the glutes and the hip stabilizers. That will serve as a good warm-up to do for
a few sets before you get on with the heavy lifting in the main part of the workout. Carlos D’Souza:
Exercise number two: Dumbbell Reverse Lunges. I think they’re a great exercise because for
one, when you’re doing the reverse lunge, there’s less load on the knee, because you’re
not doing a forward lunge. There’s less load on the knee and more load
into the hips, into the glute and the hamstrings. It also serves as a great tool to see where
you’re tight and where you’re restricted and which side is weak. You could obviously work on your weaker side
and be aware of that. So Dumbbell Reverse Lunges is exercise number
two. Carlos D’Souza:
Exercise number three: Bulgarian Split Squats. I think they’re a fantastic exercise, because
you get a good dynamic stretch on your hip flexors and your quads, and you get good load
into the working leg on the other side, so the glutes and hamstrings are working on the
other side, so long as you get the depth. I’d advise definitely doing the body weight
to begin with. I see them in the gym and sometimes people
are loading too much weight into them with dumbbells or with barbells, and the form is
not very good. The range isn’t very good, and then obviously,
your body’s going to compensate and not do the movement correctly. So I’d advise body weight. Get 15 reps out for a few sets. Get the tension and the technique. Get it right, and then start to add weight
gradually. Carlos D’Souza:
Okay, exercise number four, guys: Barbell Deadlifts. It’s a great a lower-body exercise for your
glutes and hamstrings and also your spinal muscles. You’ve got be very careful with the range
of motion. A lot of people, typically, they always deadlift
off the floor, and not everyone’s got the same flexibility and range of motion, so that’s
kind of a standardized height with the discs on the bar. I’d recommend with a barbell, standing up
tall, and only deadlifting to whatever range you can. For me, I go to mid-shin. Then I come back up. If I do deadlift off the floor, I use a trap
bar, which I’ll show you on the next video after that. But this one is Barbell Deadlift, and work
within your own safe range of motion. Carlos D’Souza:
Exercise number five: Trap Bar Deadlifts. I personally prefer the trap bar to the straight
bar for deadlifts. It’s less shear on the spine and more loading
through the hips. A lot of my clients prefer the trap bar, as
well. I’m going to demo in the video now. I think it’s a great alternative, to the straight
bar, and you can probably dead lift off the floor with the trap bar, just because it’s
just that little bit higher off the floor. Carlos D’Souza:
Exercise number six: Barbell Back Squats. I, myself, find it difficult with backs squats. It’s taken me a while to get it to a decent
level. I’d say eight out of 10 people find it hard
with the back squat, as well, but I’m also going to show you a variation with some dumbbells
on the shoulders. I personally find it more comfortable, myself,
but have a play about that. It depends on your own mechanics, but you
need to find an alternative if the back squat doesn’t work for you. Carlos D’Souza:
Exercise number seven, guys: High Step-Ups. Now, you can do a normal step-up. Normal height of the bench, probably for most
people of average height, 5’8, the legs are going to be at a 90-degree angle. But what might be a useful thing to do, if
you’ve got the flexibility in the hamstrings, you’re not compromising your lower back, is
to raise the bench a little bit higher. Maybe put some mats underneath or get some
elevation somehow and find the point where your leg is as high as it can be. Carlos D’Souza: So it’s above a 90-degree
angle, but it’s not compromising your back. Obviously, if your knee is up really, really
high and you can step up with that kind of angle, you’re going to get more load through
your glutes and through your hamstrings. So I’ll demo now, but make sure you adjust
it to your own height and what you’re capable of, yourself. Don’t over-do it. Start with body weight and then gradually,
gradually you can load it. Carlos D’Souza:
Okay, guys, exercise number eight: Elevated Banded Glute Bridges. Again, I think this is good during the warm-up
period. They’re a good excise, but obviously, you
can’t load them with any external resistance, like you can with the barbell hip thrusts,
which we’ll show you the end of the video. But the elevated glute bridges with the resistance
band is good because it activates the hip, stabilizing hip muscles, and you can get a
really good tension on them. Carlos D’Souza:
Exercise number nine. It’s the final exercise. Probably one of the best exercises to really
hit the glutes and isolate the glutes a little bit more is the Barbell Hip Thrust, popularized
by Bret Contreras. He’s known as the Glute Guy on the Internet. He’s done a lot of research into activation
of glutes and the hips and what exercises are the best, most effective, and the best
for that for the glutes. He’s come up with the Barbell Hip Thrust,
which you can load quite heavy over time, actually, and you can get some real strength
on that lift. Carlos D’Souza:
But it’s a fantastic exercise, no loading on the spine. You get real good glute tension and play about
with it. I’m going to demo the next exercise and play
about with it. Start light and then you can gradually build
up to pretty good poundages. Carlos D’Souza:
Hi, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video – the best
glute and hamstring exercises to do in the gym. Please feel free to like and comment on the
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