52 Replies to “Beyond the Holidays: Stretching Holiday Stamps”

  1. That is a great release, and I love your “out of the box” ideas. I like the Christmas trees even better the way you’ve used them! 😄

  2. I love these products, this video and especially that two turnabouts. Could you do a video on using turnabout backgrounds a bit differently maybe? I find I love them but since I only use them as intended, I don't get as much use out of them as I'd like. I always use them as a whole background, maybe that's the problem…

  3. As always, your design ideas are amazing. I'm always so impressed with your final product. Always look so professional. Practice really does make perfect!

  4. Thanks for sharing different ways to stretch our stamps. It helps me decide what to purchase if I can see other ways to use them other than the way they are intended. You have a very creative mind and we are blessed that you choose to share your talent. Thanks

  5. I'm trying to remember all the holiday sets I have and have a look to see if I can use them differently. The ideas that you inspire is so wonderful! I save all of your posts on my Pinterest page….Love your videos and creativity. What a blessing you are!!

  6. Once again you are a GENIUS!! Thank you for the video!! I think I have some trees like this and now I want to use them like you did!!

  7. Your creativity always amazes me! You're one of the very rare people on earth who has both sides of her brain equally strong! I'm so grateful you choose to share that fantastic engineer + creative brain with those of us who are still trying to think outside the box! Bless you!

  8. I love the idea of using our dies and stamps for other uses than what they intend to be,,,your ideas are awesome and so are your cards…thanks Jennifer

  9. Awesome video.. I love soo many holiday stamps but do t make many holiday cards.. So it feels like a waste buying so many.. Being able to use them all year would be awesome..

  10. Your creativity knows no bounds! I am going to go back to look at all my holiday stuff to see what I can do. Thank you. You help us in a way that keeps card making interesting and fun. Jennifer you really make a difference!

  11. The mistletoe die could double for eucalyptus, so you could make some teenytiny seed clusters in a limey green and make it seeded eucalyptus.

  12. Jennifer, I have no idea what it takes to do these videos and make cards online like this. I’ve never done a video but I am so thankful you do I only wish you could do it more often and I know you have a family but you have such a calming voice when you do these that really makes me wanna make cards more often so thank you for that

  13. Great ideas and lovely cards. I love that your imagination brings so many ideas to us. Your videos are Wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  14. Wow! I wanted some things from this release but didn't think I needed others… You might have changed my mind! Thank you! 😊

  15. I love your channel! You’re definitely creative and I love your cards! I’m trying to learn how to hand make cards , but I’m not a crafty person. I have supplies , but I struggle with designing. I’ve been following you for so long and trying (just now) to start crafting! Thank you for your videos!

  16. No, I'm sorry. I'm Australian and we don't even really do mistletoe in Australia, but I still looked at that die-cut plant on the first card and thought mistletoe. Everything else works for me, but the mistletoe-ness of that plant is too blatant for it to work in the context you're using it.

    Need to try some of those things with white ink.

    Once I finished making Easter cards I put all the bunnies back in with my other animals, because bunnies are cute all year, dammit, but repurposing to this extent didn't occur to me.

  17. These are such terrific ideas for before & after the holidays. And I hope you can use the last stamp set in another video. It happened to be my favorite of all the ones you were showing.

  18. This video just shows me how much I actually neeeed this turnabout set.

    I try to watch the ads before to help out, Jennifer, but it was almost 3 minutes long about some get rich seminar. Give me 30 second ads, YouTube 🙂

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