Bicep Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

Bicep Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, The Sore in Six Minutes series is back today,
and we’re hitting the biceps. I’m going to show you how. I don’t care who you are. You can get sore in your biceps if you follow
the routine I’m going to show you here today. And as the title implies, six minutes is all
you’re going to need, okay? We have an incline bench. Why? Because we want to make sure that we can get
elongation and tension at the same time. Stretch and tension. We’re going to do that very easily with an
incline curl. Of course, I’m actually sitting on a whole
bunch of dumbbells because what we’re going to do is, we’re going to do the variable curl,
and we’re going to run the rack style on it. So what I’m going to do is basically start
at my 10 rep max for an incline curl, which for me is, let’s say, 40lbs. then we’re going to go five reps because we
know that the rep tempo here should focus on the eccentric. So you slow down the eccentric portion of
the rep. So one second up, three seconds down. That’s four seconds per rep. If I take that for five reps that’s going
to give me 20 seconds. I’m going to sit up from here and I’m going
to come up to this position here to continue curling. Why? Because I’ve just taken the majority of the
tension off the stretch position, and now put it into the mid-range. I’m going to be stronger in that position
so I can continue. I’m going to do five reps in the same style,
focusing on the eccentric. Then, of course, I’m going to come up from
here and then slide forward and do a drag curl. By drag curl, I’m almost underhand rowing
the weight here. I’m actually, now, putting the peak tension
at the contraction. Again, I’m going to be able to do a little
bit more. So even though the weight would have been
a 10 rep max, I’m able to do 15 reps here in this sequence, and it’s going to take one
minute. Again, I’m going to do five more reps at a
four second tempo, so I’ve got my one minute period. Now why are all the dumbbells here? Because we’re going to let go of the 40s and
drop down 5lbs to 35s and we’re going to do it all over again, right away. No rest. Down to the 30s, down to the 25s, down to
the 20s. At the very, very end I’m going to do an eccentric
only repetition with the 40s again, going back to the top. I’m going to show you again how you’re actually
going to execute that and pull that off. One other little tip: when I’m doing these
curls I want to try to get an active contraction of the tricep at the bottom. Yes, I’m going to reciprocally turn off the
bicep a little bit at the bottom so the tension might be gone, but we’re going to get that
added stretch that’s going to help us get through this workout, okay? And to illicit that muscle damage, and to
bring upon that soreness that we’re after here in the first place, with our Sore in
Six Minutes series, all right? So what I’m going do to is, I’m going to roll
up my sleeves, and go down right down this damned rack right here, and you’re going to
do it with me. Here we go. So there you have it, guys. Yes, six minutes, and yes, you will be sore. The idea here is that you’re putting your
muscles through the necessary steps to illicit that soreness because we’re putting the science
back in strength. We train the different ranges. We allow you to train beyond your ability
to perform reps because we’ve changed the angle that you trained at, and of course,
as I said, we trained with eccentric tension, and that’s going to be key for you to start
seeing, and feeling the soreness that we’re talking about. Guys, if you like the Sore in Six Minute series
make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. If you’re looking to put the science back
in strength, and you want to start building your body by doing that in every, single workout;
then head to and get our ATHLEANX training system. In the meantime, like I said, guys; you let
me know what you want to see here on this channel, you let me know what you want to
see in this series and I’ll do my best to cover that in the days, and weeks ahead. All right, I’ll see you soon.

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  1. I women and i did it great.. I did it at home wirh 20. 15 10 5 3. I got get heavier weights. I getting to strong….lol

  2. Great space saver!>>> Depending on the exercise you are doing, they may be a little bulky, but I love just having one set to go to.

  3. I do push ups and all the muscle goes to my shoulder. I wish I had more of the equipment, but I don't have a place for it. Due to certain circumstances I attended physical/mental therapy where I did 29 sit ups only three days a week, and I still don't have abs, or bicepts. I do have a little abs that you can see, and they're useful, but I'm tiny, so that may or may not work in my favor. Any tips will help. I would do them every day if I could. I am posting for tips, NOT for pity.

  4. Should make Jesse do a full workout of all these sore in 6 videos and post the next day how he feels..that would be brutal hah

  5. But Jeff what about those that don't have an incline bench. I for one dont hsve an incline bench so what do i do as an alternative?

  6. Holy Crap!!!!! I just did this workout starting with 35's down to 10's for just 2 sets and then the same concept doing Hammer curls for 2 sets and I can barely hold my phone to text this message.. by far the best bicep pump ever! EVER!!!!
    So glad I found this workout..

  7. I didn't understand exactly, so how many reps of each movement then? 5? 4? I understand that the setup is kind of like a reverse pyramid 3 exercises going down in weight five times, then the eccentric only of the first movement with the initial weight, right? Thanks for the video! (Edit: Wait! Or is it just 20 seconds for each exercise, then go down in weight?)

  8. I realized that shit was getting serious at 2:50 when the music kicked in but nobody can be prepared for so much biceps.

  9. Do I really need this many weights. I don't have any gyms near me and I only have a few weights. Not this heavy though

  10. For me i always feel it in very lower biceps and forearms during curls but not the rest of bicep. Not even during the curls. What should i do ?

  11. Love ur techniques bro… Keep going…
    But can you tell me how much repatation should be there in one set of every single dumble.. Please tell me

  12. Jeff this workout is really massive ,i love that am about to hit the gym ,am gonna try that and i will let u know jeff ,thank you so much 🖤

  13. That's not gonna go over well at Planet fitness lol, take all the dumbbells!! Luckily I do have dumbbells at my apartment gym too that go to 60lbs so I could do it there

  14. Hey just a thing here.. There is no rod for me to do deadlift.. so if u have alternate method let me know ..

  15. Hey Jeff, can you make a bodyweight version for this, I don't have weights, only a pull up bar. Can you make a sore in 6 min bodyweight biceps version ?

  16. "remember to clean up after yourself.

    Thanks, Jeff. When I've done the exercise my arms will be so sore I can't even scratch my nose.

  17. Perfect video when I’m in a rush and have to make a quick visit to gym. Keep them coming. And yes my biceps are sore af. Thanks Jeff

  18. Nice, thanks you for your videos, how many times do you think that can implement this sore routines into the normal hypertrophy routine? 1 time per month..once every week… ; for example if I train bicep/tricep on monday a normal hypertrophy routine, then after one or 2 days to recovery do you think its good to train again bicep/tricep with this sore plan or not, just repeat the same routine that i did on Monday, sorry my english; and if it is good i should do every week or just 1 one weed at month…thanks

  19. This is my new flavour of the month. However, if this is 6 minutes or there abouts, are you meant to do it as a sole arm workout or do you do it in addition to other arm exercises? If so, would you do it at the beginning or end of the workout? Love the videos btw 🙂

  20. Have you ever felt a spasm or twitch in any of your biceps when you’ve done this workout? I just started doing it and I felt these things in my left bicep only. It was giving me a warning as if I was putting to much tension on it? Any advice on what this could be and what to do so it doesn’t happen? Anyone?

  21. I've put my safety glasses on incase his arms pop and all the shit comes flying through my phone and hits me in the eye

  22. If Jeff used to be skinny he still had great bodybuilding genetics but just didn’t know it until he started lifting because his gains are insane!! I’ve been working out very dedicated and hard for 10 years and my arms are only 15.75” flexed at 6’2” 195lbs. Lucky guy to have genetics to support such amazing arm development!!!
    Great video. I will try this out. Thanks

  23. I certainly can't lift that heavy. I used 10kg, 8kg, 6kg, 4kg, 2kg… literally the entire small rack. And I am still sore 2 days on 🙂

  24. Can you do this and back as a "pull day" and chest, tri, shoulders as a "push day" and keep alternating if you're a very busy person, or will your muscles start getting used to the workout so you'll have to switch it up?

  25. I love your videos and I’ve done 2 of your programs on your website, I highly recommend you check out his website if you haven’t done so yet. My question is where can i get a bench like that, it looks awesome

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