Biceps Workout “Finisher” (HARDEST 10 REPS EVER!!)

Biceps Workout “Finisher” (HARDEST 10 REPS EVER!!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, I hope your biceps are ready because we’re
going to finish them off today, no doubt about it. We’re going to continue our finisher series
here, this time for the biceps and all you’re going to need to do is have three things with
you. You’re going to need to have a piece of tubing
just like this, you’re going to need to have your dumbbells you would have used for your
10 rep max on a dumbbell curl, and then the last thing is a pull up bar that you can jump
up onto. Now, the easy thing, grab your band, grab
your dumbbells, put them right up under the pull up bar and you’re ready to go. Here’s how this finisher is going to work:
your goal is to complete just 10 reps of your 10 rep max on your standing dumbbell curl. Remember, the finisher is coming at the end
of the rest of your bicep workout. All you have to do is start up on the pullup bar,
do one of my favorite exercises; the negative chin hang. What you’re going to do is jump up onto the
bar just like this, you’re going to pull yourself up and make sure that your biceps are engaged
by making sure that your chin is not too close to the bar. If your chin is all the way up close to the
bar, you’re basically going to take a lot of the strain off your biceps and that’s not
what we’re looking to do. Here, we’re going to get ourselves away from
the bar so our elbows are about 90 degrees and then all you have to do is really squeeze
as hard as you can as you fight the descent all the way down. It could take you 45 seconds, it could take
you a minute; it depends on how strong your biceps are and how much you have left in the
tank. As soon as those are done you grab your tubing, just like this. Place it under your feet and now we’re going
to go and do our tubing burn out curls just like this, for as many as we can. All the
way down and up, keep pumping them out until you can’t get anymore, or your biceps pop;
whichever happens first. All right, so as soon as I’m done there, now
I’ve got to immediately grab my dumbbells and you shouldn’t have much left here. You
want to try to get however many reps you can. One, down slow, two, and down slow, and three’s
not happening. So I’m two reps in to my 10 rep failure. The
next thing I have to do is shake them out for 10 seconds and then guess what? I’m
headed back up here to the bar. Up, hold on, and I’m going the same thing. Lower myself
down slowly. Fighting it and fighting it, squeezing my
biceps as hard as I can, even as my elbows extend. They’re absolutely on fire. Grab the
tubing, don’t rest, go right into it right here, crank out as many as you can. All the way to failure. Pick up those dumbbells
one more time. Three, four, and back up. This finisher probably won’t take you more than
five minutes or so to get it done. The idea here is to finish your biceps the way you
started it. If you start off your workout intensely then
make sure you finish it intensely. Guys, don’t leave anything on the table when it comes
to training. Don’t leave the gym thinking you could have given a better effort because
then you’re going to wind up wishing you’re getting better results and waiting for that
next workout. Get the best that you can out of everything
you do by giving your best every single time you do it. You could do that, guys, with the
Athlean-X training system. Let me coach you through every single workout.
Let me show you how to get it done and if you’re looking for a biceps and triceps intensive
program on how to really get bigger arms, then head to and get our Ultimate
Arms program. Of course, we don’t just stop at arms, we’ve
got leg training, whole level body training; everything involved in our program to make
sure we create a complete athlete. They’re all available over there. If you found this video helpful make sure
you leave your comments and thumbs up below, and of course we’ve got a lot of other finishers
here on this channel. Make sure you check those out, too. As far
as this goes, consider these biceps finished. I’ll see you guys later.

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  2. So he named these workouts 'Finisher' not because they are killer workouts but because you are leterally supoused to do them after your original workout, right?

    Btw, would cable bicep curls be a good sub for the 'elastic band' exercise? We don't have one at the gym…

  3. Sometimes I just don't feeling like lifting or want to say "screw it" in the middle of training? How do I get over this .

  4. hai, i watch ur videos now n thn and i have problem though, im 5' 4 and a little less wieght (54 kg) . i workout every 5 days a week, but my biceps are no gaining any mass, but it is in shape though. do u have a any suggetions..?

  5. Thank you for all the great videos Jeff!! your videos have really made me feel a lot smarter about the way I work out. Please add more finisher workouts, they are excellent!

  6. Jeffs bicep genetics must be crazy… along with his barbell overloaded eccentric cheat curls, his biceps are bigger than my hamstring

  7. so are these ''finishers'' supposed to be done after the usual workout is done ? like for example can i do the sore in 6 for biceps then these or is it too heavy of a load to do so?

  8. Its funny how i do Pull ups since 2012 and have no biceps at all.. Its weird shaped and it rly pisses me off. Nothing works for me. No matter how high in weight and how good the Range of motion this SUCKS!

  9. @athlean-x Jeff, I can't how much these finisher has made a difference in my workout. I can definitely feel and see a difference in my physique since I started to incorporate them. Thanks man

  10. Hey Jeff, love your content and I bought two of your programs but, why aren't there stretching tutorials that comes with the programs such as inferno max size? I learned the hard way (injuring myself) after following your program for a few days how important it is to stretch muscles that don't even seem to be connected after a workout. I want to get back in the program but, I'm trying to fix this bloody bicep injury. Searching for ways to stretch certain muscles is a pain in the ass. Like, I had no idea that my bicep could be tight because of my shoulder. Jeff id pay extra to have those tutorials nicely laid out after each workout. Thanks for reading.

  11. Hello, I am new to your channel but I admire your work and follow your advice. I have a question though. Your moto is to go to the gym, stimulate the muscle for growth and go out. So my general question for the finishers is: Would the finishers then be overtraining, as they come after we have finished our workout of that muscle group? Thank you

  12. After finishing our scheduled bicep (or arm) workout with most intensity, if we also opt for this workout, will it not be counted as 'overtraining'?

  13. Jeff u r awesome. I just started using your program and love it. I am able to push myself more and more every session at the gym. I never thought at 50 years old that I could obtain size and strength. Thank u so much. DK

  14. hey Jeff, i love that you put so much intensity into your videos!!! what a crazy way to finish off your bicep routine, and only from Athlean-X!!! thank you so much for sharing, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  15. Sir, I am from India. I am 21 Male. I had did usual excercises in gym but not in a wrong way.
    Problem is that my biceps are not of equal sizes. Right arm bicep is 1-1.25cm less than left one. I can't understand why this happened. I am worried with this all day. What should i do??

  16. Good Day @Athlean-X,

    Please evaluate the routine of a gymnast for confirming if isometric workout is hte key to bigger biceps.

  17. hey Jeff, so I was wondering how much exercise it to much. for example if you go to the gym in the morning and you get a good workout in, but later in the day you feel you can or want to work out the same muscles again, is that a good idea. if Friday is your bicep-tricep day, can you work them out twice in the same day?

  18. Worst form ever 😂 they were not bicep curls. Literally every muscle surrounding it used other than bicep, lower that weight so u can do atleast 1 maybe 2 real curls.

  19. 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  20. athlean x is really awesome channel in youtube :
    heres my question and the doubt creeping in my mind is can i grow my arms size when i have 3 to 4 fingers gap at the bicep tendon

  21. Tomorrow I'll totally give it a shot! I'm already feeling damn excited cuz I perfectly how badly it'll light up my biceps!!! Yayyyy!

  22. I've been watching these vids for a while now and I've been using the techniques in my workout and I'm seeing better results then I used to get. These videos are amazing.

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