Bill Hader channels Tom Cruise [DeepFake]

Bill Hader channels Tom Cruise [DeepFake]

Here’s the very funny Bill Hader,
ladies and gentlemen. [Applause] You know, um, it seems like every movie I saw in the last several months,
you were in it. – [Bill laughs]
– And I… – And good for you, that’s just great.
– Oh, thanks, buddy, thanks. And, uh, I was wondering about the one, – the, uh, the Tropic Thunder…
– Yeah, Tropic Thunder, yeah. ..With Tom Cruise,
you’re working with Tom Cruise. What was that experience like? Uh, it was amazing.
Like, we got to dance together. Uh…
[He laughs] It was amazing. We had, like, uh… You know, when you do a movie,
you do table reads, you know, where, – like, all the actors get together…
– Oh, at the beginning of the production. ..At the beginning, before anything, you get together
and you read through the script. And, um, so it’s, like,
all these heavyweights, like, you know, Ben Stiller,
Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr, everybody, and at the end is,
like, me. Like, you know, “Hey!” – [Laughter]
– “Just happy to be here, guys!” [Laughing] You know? And some other supporting guys,
and then Tom Cruise walks in. [Dave] Oh, my God. And even those guys are, like, “Whoa,”
and he’s super stoked to be there, you know, just, like,
“Yeah! Oh! Boom!” [Laughter] – You know, like…
– [Applause] – He’s, like…
– [Dave] Wow. – [Dave chuckles]
– He’s…just immediately excited… – Um…
– [Dave laughs] ..When he walks into a room.
And, uh… And, uh, so, he comes over and he sits next to me, and I think he’d been briefed
on some of the supporting guys, but he was, like, trying to place me? [He chuckles] You know? So he sat down next to me,
he’s like, “I, uh…” [Laughter] – “I love your work.”
– [Laughter] And I went, “Oh, thanks,
I love your work too… “Tom Cruise.”
[He laughs] – You know, like, “Thanks!”
– [Applause, he laughs] And, uh… And, uh, I go, “Yeah, I’m friends
with Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen “and they went to your house,”
and he went, “Yes. Yes! Yes! – “I, uh, they did come to my house.”
– [Dave laughs] And I said,
“Seth Rogen was, like, you know, [Seth Rogen voice]
” ‘It was amazing, he has, like, you know, ” ‘a bike track in his backyard,
it’s phenomenal.’ ” And I did a Seth Rogen impression
and it was like I did a magic trick. Tom Cruise was, like, “Ah-ha!” [Laughter] [Dave] Wow. – And he points to me…
– [Applause] And he pointed at me and he goes, “You do impressions
and you’re on Saturday Night Live.” And I went, “Eh!”
It was like he won a game show. He was, like, “Yeah, Tom, yeah!” [Laughter] [Bill chuckles] And, uh, that kind of enthusiasm
from that kind of a star, obviously a little intimidating,
a little overwhelming? It is a little overwhelming, yeah!
It was pretty amazing. But you were able to work out
and everything was fine. – Yeah, everything was great.
– And when it was over, it was all good? Yeah, it was great.
At the premiere, he gave… [He laughs] At the premiere,
he came up to me and he goes, “Can you believe we were IN that movie?” I was, like,
“I can believe YOU were in it!” [Laughter] “You’re Tom Cruise!” [He laughs]
I was, like, “Yeah!” [Applause]

100 Replies to “Bill Hader channels Tom Cruise [DeepFake]”

  1. its entertaining but it scares me. I would hate for any family to get faked out with this technology and bilked. All I can say is that im glad the technology so far only applies to the visual element and not the vocal. I can see why the big tech titans do not like this technology at all. It would be awful for the "nigerian scam" to take ahold of this shit.

  2. I still wonder whether such a thing is possible or not! I keep waiting for someone to show up and tell this is a CGI effect or sth!

  3. Jesus, I am learning three things in this video:

    1. Bill Hader does a great impression.
    2. This deep fake technology is scary.
    3. Bill was REALLY nervous during this interview. Like his anxiety must have been through the roof.

  4. Please re-upload this disguised as a normal interview. It'll be trippy lol. Then you could put in the description that it's a deepfake vid.

  5. Thank God it's software because when the effects started I was sicerely terrified. For a second there I imagined him digging around hollywood and finding forbiden secrets or that he sold his soul for aforementioed forbiden secrets! Can you say movie plot, lol.

  6. WOW dude, you're at another level for facial manipulation man. freaky, in a good way!!! you've come a long way from "goat boy"

  7. Ok, I was wondering what was going on 😂
    I was starting to question why every time he is talking about Arnold or Tom, he fucking looks like them. 😂😂😂 has to scroll to the comments to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind.

  8. 1:16 that transition is so fucking seamless it pisses me off that I can barely even see the frame when they morph amazing!

  9. The science behind this is super cool. Sadly cool shit is always taken over for evil purpose. “No look at the cctv again, I’m telling you you have the wrong guy!”

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