Bill Hader Compares Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard to Game of Thrones’ King Joffrey

Bill Hader Compares Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard to Game of Thrones’ King Joffrey

-Welcome back to the show.
-Thanks, man. -I know you’re
a very, very busy man. You’re off to the Emmys
very soon. Because you were nominated —
You have two shows nominated. “Barry” and —
[ Cheers ] Yeah.
-Thank you. -Absolutely.
-Thanks. -And “Documentary Now.”
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Between both of those shows,
you have 21 Emmy nominations. -Yeah, no, it’s crazy. [ Cheers and applause ] -Oh, my God.
-It’s kind of crazy, yeah. -That’s amazing.
-It’s cool. I’m happy that, on “Barry,”
that Sarah Goldberg and Anthony Carrigan,
who plays NoHo Hank, and Stephen Root,
they all got nominated. They’ve never
been nominated before. -That’s so fun.
-Yeah, that was awesome, yeah. -That’s fantastic, dude.
-Yeah. -You’re just crushing it.
-Thanks. -A lot of people
were talking about the episode that you directed. I believe it was “Ronny/lily”?
-Yeah, “Ronny/lily,” with the little girl,
the little karate girl. -I mean, this karate girl
that was just — -Yeah.
[ Laughing ] -Just beating you up. -Yeah, the whole episode
is this little girl. Her name is Jessie, and she — We wrote this script
where she had to do, like, all types of crazy things
where she had to jump on top of me
and fly on walls and crawl up houses and stuff. And I was like, “I don’t know
how we’re gonna do this.” And I remember my
stunt coordinator, Wade Allen, said, you know, “I have —
There’s this little girl. Her parents
are stunt women and men.” And it’s — it’s a family.
[ Laughter ] It’s a whole other story. But they said
that she’s amazing. And he showed me this video
of her running along the top of a roof and jumping
onto the hood of a moving car. [ Laughing ]
-You’re like — -And I go, “Why do you have this
on your phone?” [ Laughter ] -Why didn’t you call the police?
-Yeah. You should call the police. She clearly did something wrong. And so she came in,
and she was, like, amazing. And they gave her dad
the script, and he read it, and he goes, “Oh, she’s doing
this kind of [bleep] with me and her brothers
all the time.” [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my God! -Like, beating you up,
and hitting — -But then, talk to me about
“IT Chapter Two.” -Yeah.
-This is a big deal, big movie. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah. -Full-on scary movie
but also a lot of action. Do you do your own stunts
in this? -No. Well, okay. So, like, James McAvoy
does his own stunts. He can, like, run up
and jump off of things and do a bunch of crazy things.
-Yeah. -And everybody is.
I — there’s a part where we had to run
from the clown. And I ran —
And I ran 4 feet and pulled my groin muscle. [ Laughter ] I was like, “Aah!”
Pfff! -Did you really? -And they had to get
my stunt guy just to run. Like, the stunt dudes
are so stoked to like, “What am I doing, brah?” -Yeah, “Am I going
through a wall, brah?” -“Wanna go, brah?
Get me here? That’s all you, dude.
That’s all you.” And they were like —
I was like, yeah. And the guy was like,
“I just gotta run? Are you serious?”
[ Laughter ] -“Like, how far?”
-“Hader’s thing? But like miles, right?
And then I get hit by a car?” -“From here
to the camera there?” -“Are you joking?!”
[ Laughter ] “Where’d you find this dude?”
[ Laughter ] And then I’m like —
And then I had to go and get, like,
an ultrasound with — And I had to get very friendly
with a Toronto doctor. -Yeah.
-Just like, “Oh, man. Oh, God, man.
How’d you get this? What, are you getting chased
by a clown, then?” [ Laughter ] -I know that you had to — You give credit
to Finn Wolfhard… -Yeah.
-…for getting this role, from “Stranger Things,”
obviously, yeah. -Whoo!
-And the first “IT.” -Yeah.
-I like that guy. Why? Why do you —
-Okay. So, Finn — So, when they asked them,
“Who do you want to play you in the sequel?”
’cause they all grow up, he said he wanted me to,
and then my — I thought, “Oh, that’s sweet.” And my agent sent me a little
clip of him saying that. And I was like,
“Oh, that’s nice.” And then like three months
later, they were like, “Hey, you got a meeting to meet
with the director of ‘IT.'” And I was like, “This Finn kid’s
like super powerful.” [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my gosh! He’s running Hollywood!
-Yeah, he’s like Joffrey. [ Laughter ] Like, “Bring him to me! Bring me the man
who played Stefon. I want him to play me
in the movie.” [ Laughter ]
“Bring him here!” [ Applause ] His little scepter.
-Yeah! -“Get him in here now!
Barry, whatever his name is.” [ Laughter ] -Can you set up
“IT Chapter Two”? ‘Cause the first one
was totally frightening and continues
to give me nightmares. And it’s a — which is, I guess,
what you want from these films. -Yeah, I guess so.
I would hope so. -It’s frightening.
-It’s terrifying. And then, yeah, I went to the — So, it’s like —
Yeah, it’s 27 years later. We’re all back. And they’re, you know,
trying to kill the… -Clown.
-…frickin’ clown. Yeah, and then —
[ Laughter ] -Every 27 years, it comes back.
-It comes back. And then, I was at the premiere. And I normally don’t sit
in the premiere of things. I kind of, like,
walk the red carpet and go “Hi,” and then I go home,
but that one, I was like, “I want to see it
with an audience.” And I went,
and it’s really scary. Like, I knew what was happening, I was looking at my feet
a lot of the time. And then there’s a guy
across the aisle from me. My character, at one point,
is put in some real peril where you don’t know
what’s gonna happen. And the guy across the aisle
was like, “Uh-oh, dude.” [ Laughter ] “Looks like someone’s
about to die.” [ Laughter ] I was kind of like, “You seem
kind of stoked about this.” “That’s why I forked over
all the cash, to see Hader die.” [ Laughter ] “It’s gonna be pretty sweet.”
-“Here we go.” -“Here we go.”
It was Dennis Miller. [ Laughter ] -I do want
to show everyone a clip. Here’s Bill Hader
in “IT Chapter Two.” Oh, before we go to the clip,
I just want to say, you’ve been getting
great reviews for this film. -Oh, thanks. Yeah.
-Congrats on that dude. -Thank you so much. -I just love when good things
happen to good people. Here’s Bill Hader
in “IT Chapter Two.” Take a look.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Hey, Richie. -How’d you, uh…
How’d you know my name? -The fun’s just beginning. Right? ♪♪ -What you said — Listen, you think this is funny,
right? You think this
is some sort of game? Huh?
-Whoa, Rich, be careful. -I’m not afraid of you! -The fun’s just beginning. It’s a line from your act, dude.
I’m a fan. -Are those your parents? -Yeah. -You want a picture? -You okay, Dean?
-I think I’m good. -Come on.
-Okay, cool. Cute kid. -Jesus, Rich. You don’t remember a line
from your own show? -I don’t write my own material. -Bill Hader, everybody!

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  1. Dont get me wrong… remi malek played a great freddie mercury, but am i crazy…i think bill hader would be an awesome freddie ..

  2. That scene was so much funny at the movie hall , loved IT 2 , bill hader did justice to richie and to the overall movie…

  3. Bill Hader is so incredible. Wow. I can't wait to see IT 2, him playing a huge part is probably what I'm most excited about!!!

  4. There was only one other comedian I would enjoy any and every interview like I do now with Bill Hader and that was Chris Farley.

  5. Bill:I was like this kid is……is so POWERFUL

    Me:hear that Jimmy you better get on Finns good side


    Jimmy:Can you read?

    Finn:Can I read?CaN yOu HoSt?!?!

    End of flashback:yeah jimmy get on Finns good side

  6. He did such a great job in that movie. I've been a fan of his for a long time, and I'm glad to see him getting some bigger roles. He's so underrated. I hope to see more of him.

  7. “I love when good things happen to good people” I love how genuine fallon is in this interview,, could’ve watched these 2 for ages

  8. Sucks that the overall experience was a bit of a let down. But these guys carried the movie. Their performances and the character work and chemistry was excellent.

    It was just the horror aspect of this horror film that was a bit of a let down. 2 1/2 hours of mostly jump-scares and filler, with like 2/3 unnerving scenes. If it just knew what it wanted to be and used its runtime to develop characters and give us like a handful of terrifying moments, this would have been much better.

  9. The only episode of Barry I've ever watched was the one he's talking about, with the crazy karate girl, and let me tell you it's one hell of an episode on itself, can't imagine what the entire series is actually about but def is in my to watch list. Bill is killing it rn

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    Just cry-laughing, cackling by myself like a lunatic.

  14. he deserves all 21 nominations. i’ve always loved bill hader and stefon was one of my first memories of SNL. so much talent and passion

  15. I love Jimmys show but he always seems like he’s not being 100% genuine to his guests like he always acts like he’s sarcastically laughing or talking about their movies or shows or album

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