Blueberry Banana Protein Smoothie For A Quick And Healthy Breakfast Or Snack.

Blueberry Banana Protein Smoothie For A Quick And Healthy Breakfast Or Snack.

hi everyone I’m rockin Robin hey if
you’re looking for a quick in easy and healthy breakfast today my
show you how to make my blueberry banana smoothie it’s delicious and nutritious
and it’ll make you ambitious went so today I’m not gonna go over all the
individual ingredients with you I’m just gonna go
ahead more than into the blender and I’ll talk about it as we go so the
first thing we’re gonna need is a banana now it’s good to use a nice
ripe one iso it will be sweeter and it also helps to have a nice by
damaging I love my Vitamix use it all the time okay been here I’ve got some frozen
blueberries I have a little over half a cup pasta in frozen is good because make sure some
really nice and cold and here I’ve got a little something
like always a thumbnail a ginger this is fresh ginger it has
some good antioxidants it and it’s good for digestion now here I’m
gonna get add some raw cashews now I’ve got about
a third of a cup and that’s gonna provide this
smoothie with some a protein along with some chia seeds I
got a tablespoon there so this smoothie is gonna have about
about 10 grams of protein which is pretty darn good then I like my
cinnamon I’m just gonna put some cinnamon in there put as much as you
like I’ve got four ice cubes good in I’m gonna be using some water you can use milk you know rice dream soymilk coconut milk whenever you like
and I’m gonna add about a cup but tell you one as much to get the
consistency that you like so put in our blender and blend it up now I blended that for about a minute you want to do that with the
Vitamix is gonna make it nice and smooth and creamy me that and if you’re really
in a hurry you can just take this with you on the
go it’s a great break breakfast I’ll give this a taste it’s delicious guys are gonna love
this I hope to give it a try especially when you’re busy you need
something quick and healthy this would fit the bill said thanks for
watching everybody I hope you enjoy that this recipe be sure to subscribe to my
channel so we won’t miss any new videos coming out and we’ll see you next
time by I’m rockin Robin from cooking rest
dot com and today I’m gonna be making a healthy
recipe called and green smoothie not only is this nutritious for you but its delicious

57 Replies to “Blueberry Banana Protein Smoothie For A Quick And Healthy Breakfast Or Snack.”

  1. This is excellent for my mother in law who has a hard time eating….she needs her protein and this is an excellent way to get it to her…thank you for showing this….-Lucky

  2. When I construct my blueberry smoothies: I use 1 cup soy milk. 1 ripe banana. 1 cup frozen blueberries & tbl.spoon of honey. Almost similar to you're recipe minus the seeds. I would like to start adding cinnamon for an extra kick. Unfortunately I have to omit the seeds because of an aging diverticulitis issue. That won't make or break the recipe will it ? You say you use a handful of raw unsalted cashews ? I can handle that, if they're ground right. Thanx…

  3. Exactly what I do, except no ice cubes, just peel nana and put in freezer with berries in separate bag, and it works way better , ……..

  4. I do that every other day with the water , just like you, but instead of ice I also use a frozen banana…. Just peel a few ripe nana"s stick in bag, then in freezer , take one out when ready….# just sayin.. have a nice day…

  5. hey nearly the same i make ……. at least the chia banana ……. and blueberry…. but i use milk- almond and normal and no water ……… no spiceys but……vanille proteins.(for more protein).. and alga powder…(for more minerals) the nuts is a nice idea……u can also add wheat germ.. or ricemilk soya…… i mostly mix to milks and look that one of it is sweet. and the good its really yummy… ps almond and cashwe are close only different big one almond got more calcium iron and zink… and cashew more magnesium

  6. I made this for my evening snack. It's my ice cream replacement! Just as good but healthier. I use almond milk.

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