Body Dysmorphia | Ave Maria Bamford: Ep. 111 | Topic

Body Dysmorphia | Ave Maria Bamford: Ep. 111 | Topic

– [Maria] It’s me. Body Dysmorphia,
we all have it. I have it, and it’s a gift. I can’t pay attention to
external trauma because I’m experiencing a nightmare within my brain. Hey, do
you have anything that might look good on this? – [Woman] Sure, I mean,
we have some jumpers. Jumpers are in right now. – Oh, is that why I need a jumper,
because I don’t jump enough, because I don’t have any muscle
tone, because everything jiggles, because I haven’t worked out
in years. Is that what you’re saying? – Okay, not a jumper. How about a sweater? – A sweater? Oh, I get it.
Is it because I’m too sweaty, or I’m a stink bomb, or a stink pot?
Is that what you’re trying to say to me? – How about pants? – Give me a break.
Cuts into my flesh. Pants! – You know, we have
vests. We just got these… – Vests! What am I? A junkie fat man from
a board game and carries around sacks of gold? – Everyone loves a jacket. – Oh, of course, that’s what you’d
say because my arms are unsightly. – Ma’am, why did you even want to come
in here if you didn’t want to buy clothes? – Well, that’s a great question. For
me, the best way to live life is to be obsessed with my appearance. I
don’t have to think about other problems in the world, like poverty. I can
just think about… Do you see it, this thing? Do you guys see it? Oh, I’ll never fit into this. – I know what you mean.
I just put on a couple pounds after the holidays, ugh. – Only I can criticize me!

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  1. Oh … My … God … I always wondered who Maria stole her "I need to speak with your manager" voice from. After all these years we finally see the face of the hapless friend who inspired it. I wonder if that woman recognizes her voice when Maria uses it onstage?

  2. are all of you actors from canada now and part of the moonies preist gang that stole real estate through the 1970s and early 80s called SunMyungMoon

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