Bodybuilders Who Took Things Way Too Far

Bodybuilders Who Took Things Way Too Far

We puny humans are never content to accept
things the way they are. And when it comes to our bodies, that counts
double. For some, simply having a working body isn’t
enough. Instead, these folks go for big muscles at
all costs, health be damned. So, to help you avoid the same fate, here
are a few bodybuilders who took things a little too far. “Oh yeah.” “Oh yeah.” “Oh yeah.” “Oh yeah.” “Oh yeah.” Trevor Smith He may have never competed in any professional
competitions, but despite this, Trevor Smith was well-liked in the bodybuilding community. Rather than flex in front of judges, Smith
instead chose to write articles, run his own bodybuilding and supplement business called
Nuclear Nutrition, and coach mercilessly. “Push. Harder. Go faster. Max. Reach over the top. Master your abs.” The thing he’s most famous for is simply being
huge. Smith stood 6’1″, and at his peak weighed
over 400 pounds. Unfortunately, to get that big, he not only
had to train excessively, but also reportedly used steroids. All that extra weight, and the damage done
to his internal organs, meant he was putting an excessive strain on his heart, and he died
in 2004 at the age of 33 after suffering a heart attack. Greg Kovacs Hailing from Niagara Falls, Canada, Greg Kovacs
was a professional bodybuilder of remarkable proportions. He measured well over 6 feet tall, and weighed
anywhere from 330 pounds for competitions, to over 400 pounds in the off-season. You may not be surprised to hear that he was
a heavy user of steroids, hormones, and probably a few other things that contributed to his
superheroic weight gain — all so he could look more or less like a real life version
of this guy: “Abobo wins!” Needless to say, he was huge, physically dominating
his competitors and making them look like children in comparison. But like Trevor Smith, all that extra weight,
and his almost certainly high intake of drugs, did his health no good at all, leaving him
dead from a heart attack in 2013, at the age of 44. (Abobo losing) Andreas Münzer In order to achieve increased muscle definition
without steroids, it’s fairly common for bodybuilders to take diuretics, which dehydrate the body. This has the effect of shrinking the skin
and tissues on the surface of the body, which pull tight around the muscles and transform
giant men into giant anatomy displays. “I’m not satisfied until every vein is forced
up against my skin. Look at how vascular I am, Brian. If there’s one thing women love, it’s a vascular
man.” Andreas Münzer used this technique, but also
managed to reduce his body fat to almost non-existence, resulting in a ridiculous amount of muscle
visibility, comparable only to maybe this guy. In March 1996, Münzer was admitted to the
hospital with severe stomach pains related to organ failure. Doctors tried to operate to stop his internal
bleeding, but couldn’t save him due to the extensive damage he’d done to himself. An autopsy revealed numerous physical abnormalities,
including a swollen heart and tumor-covered liver which was described as being a crumbly,
styrofoam-like mass. Not to mention the “hazelnut-sized testicles”. We’ll never look at Nutella the same way again. “Breakfast never tasted this good.” Gregg Valentino According to Elite Fitness, Gregg Valentino
is notable for two things: holding the record for the biggest arms, and being possibly the
most hated man in the bodybuilding community. Unlike most professional bulgers, Valentino
focused on his arms exclusively, making him look like the Marvel Comics character, Strong
Guy. While he managed to get pretty big training
naturally, it wasn’t until he started using testosterone, steroids, and synthol that his
arms grew to an unbelievable 27 inches. All that flexing in front of a mirror distracted
him from observing the basic rules of hygiene. He began to re-use unsterilized needles. “I was an idiot. I dropped a needle on the floor. Blow it off. Stick it in. And you wind up getting infections.” This, along with getting hit in the arm by
a baseball bat, resulted in a very disgusting abscess in one of his arms. What happened next is the apex of Internet
gore: he filmed himself trying to drain the wound, making his bathroom look like a scene
out of Saw. Finally, he gave in and went to the hospital,
where the doctor had to slice open his arm, leaving him with a large scar across his bicep,
and a distinctly lopsided appearance. “I’m short, I’m ugly, and I get it—I look
like Uncle Fester on steroids.” That too. Moustafa Ismail “My name is Moustafa and I have the biggest
arms in the world.” A bodybuilder who walks in the questionable
footsteps of Valentino by focusing almost entirely on his arms, Moustafa Ismail set
a new world record with his biceps measuring an almost-alien 31 inches. He was later investigated for using less-than-natural
means to achieve it. Among bodybuilders, it’s widely believed that
he’s a serious user of synthetic oils that artificially bulk his biceps, a claim that
he denies. Either way, there’s enough meat in those arms
to keep a starving family for several days, though if the rumors are true, the FDA probably
wouldn’t approve it. All mentions of his record were quietly removed
from the Guinness World Records official website. Fortunately, he’s still a contender for World’s
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100 Replies to “Bodybuilders Who Took Things Way Too Far”

  1. If you use synthol your a god damn disgrace and shouldn't even show your face around a real gym because you'll just get laughed out of the place.

  2. Synthol users are attention seeking individuals with a distorted perception of their own bodies who look utterly abnormal, ridiculous and pathetic….

  3. @4:34 this guy needs to take an insurance against fire risk (with this amount of oil in his arms). Synthol abusers are a disgrace for real (natural) bodybuilders

  4. These people physically disgust me. I genuinely think they have mental health issues. Women do not find this attractive either, unless they are mentally disabled.

  5. Wtf!!!! That’s fucking gross ass fuck … shit does not look normal… I rather keep my big ball then loose them over an image that is fake fucking gross


  7. Synthol wasn't around in 1999 or 2000 so how could Valentino have used them or why did the cops not find any when he got busted?

  8. The arm guys all look ridiculous they don't even look strong it just looks like infected oozing abscesses ready to pop like pimples on their arms. Ruined their body and their lives for fake liquid/oil filled arms it's pathetically sad

  9. steroids are part of the game…always will be…Markus Ruhl spent $100,000 a year on steroids in American currency for years on end

  10. They're all idiots going too stupidly on their muscle quest…! I'm not a body builder but there's one thing for sure… I'm 72 years old and would never mess with illegal chemicals… I manage to remain old in my age over all these muscle-head idiots…!

  11. The irony of "if there's one thing women love it's a vascular man" can't be lost on most people. Most women find it revolting.

  12. 3:44 now that's disgusting. women would not find that attractive at all. although some women love guys whose muscles had exploded

  13. Bodybuilders these days look disgusting. That whole Potbelly crap just looks awful. The guys all look Pregnant. Arnold had the ultimate look.

  14. You morons put oil slicks in this video claiming them to be bodybuilders?! What's next, featuring fat guys who wear t-shirts that have abs and pecs drawn on them? Rejects!

  15. Ronnie Coleman too because he ended up in a wheelchair. So did Lex Lugar the wrestler. Then the Asian bodybuilder guy who died from eating too much raw chicken and raw eggs.

  16. Arnold freely admitted to using Steriods… back in the early years…. 60s, 70s… .
    But… the drugs were not so effective as now. And back then.. Professions believed in "cycling drug use" in order to give the body a chance to recover from irreversible damage.

    Amazing me that most people don't realize that massive abuse of many compounds by Bodybuilding Posters on the net!
    All these guys are in a whirlwind of ingesting as many performance enhancers without any regard to the human body physical and metabolic limits.

    They have the expected lifespan of about 5 years after convicting themselves to total physical degradation to death.

    What happened to looking like a "real man"?

  17. Don't aspire to being a so-called Bodybuilder. The Era ended back in the 1980s. 90s.

    You're Now aspiring to being a stupid Circus Freak.

  18. Anybody in gyms since the 1960s knows about Steriods. Anybody working out in gyms since then… Knows just about everyone is "using".

    The Public is Stupid.

  19. You cant accidentaly get to that level… you have to be the best to be like that! It is not a thing to avoid because you cant get to that level

  20. I hate Steroids and people who don´t care for their health but i think the video makes fun of dead people and that´s a little bit rude. On the other hand they got what they deserved.

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