Bodybuilding Mother-of-four Juggles Family And Firefighting

Bodybuilding Mother-of-four Juggles Family And Firefighting

COMM: Forty-year-old Lorna Biggam is a
competitive bodybuilder and that’s not all, she’s also a full-time firefighter
and a mum to four kids. LORNA: If I can motivate and inspire other females into the sport then that would be a massive achievement as well. COMM: Lorna only started bodybuilding a few years ago, but has taken the male dominated sport by storm. LORNA: I started bodybuilding competitively in 2012 when I did my first show six months after I started training. I then entered the Scottish Championships in 2013. My body responded so well to training that within a year I’d actually won
the Trained Figure, which was quite an achievement. COMM: Lorna’s youngest daughter is only one year old. During her pregnancy, Lorna kept up her strict training regime. Just ten months after giving birth by
c-section she qualified for the British finals. Now she juggles life as a mum,
firefighter and competitive athlete. LORNA: I have a very, very structured lifestyle. I usually often get up between sort of 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. depending if I’m
on day shift that day. I’ll go down to the gym in the house, then I’ll get my
first breakfast of the day. And then what I do is I get kids up, get them ready for
school, make their lunches, do the school run, come back then usually I have obviously housework as well as juggling entertaining a one-year-old and
running around after her which isn’t easy! There’s a saying within the
sporting and the bodybuilding world is ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. COMM: Down at the fire station, Lorna has earned the respect of her colleagues. THOMAS: She looks after her body better than every other firefighter. No, I wouldn’t take Lorna on, there’d be no contest. COMM: But not everyone has been so complimentary about her brawn. LORNA: So there was a time when I was away with the kids and it was just after the competitive season so I was still quite muscular and there was an outdoor pool and I can remember there was two
quite heavily overweight women in the pool. One of them turned to the other and
she went “oh that’s just not nice at all, who’d want to look like that?”
It’s often easy to put somebody else down to make yourself feel better, so for
me I would never I would never judge somebody on their appearance. COMM: Strangers might criticize Lorna, but her family couldn’t be more proud of her. She met her partner Steven at a bodybuilding competition and now the two spur each other on to achieve their goals. LORNA: The fact that Steven and I both have a passion
for bodybuilding is a massive bonus, because we understand the dedication and
the commitment that it takes. STEVEN: I think it does strengthen the relationship because we’re both on the same level, we know the routine, we know the
discipline. Yeah, we attract attention quite a lot when we’re out in public. If it’s not someone looking at me it’s someone looking at Lorna. Maybe more so Lorna. COMM: And to her kids she’s a hero. REID: I think that my mum’s really good at body building. TAYLOR: The best part about having a strong mum is that I don’t have to do any heavy lifting! COMM: Although there can be drawbacks to having a mum-mountain. MARLEE: Some of the bad things about having a really strong mum is my friends are all scared to come to the
door in case she answers! COMM: Lorna wants to show women that if they push themselves hard enough it is possible for them to have it all. LORNA: I would say come and train
with me in the gym and I’ll show you that women are just as capable.

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  1. For real 🤔 I dont think I would like to have her body although I need to lose some weight, what I'm saying is ii prefer to have curves instead of having those muscles but good for her

  2. WOW You are Superwoman and my New Hero 🙂 Blushing.. You are a Great role Model on .. You can do whatever You set Your mind to .. Love that saying and Your living proof of that.

  3. Bullie: "crybaby will call momma?"

    Her son: "yes, why not?"

    Mother to the bullie: "omae wa mou shindeiru"

    Bullie never was seen again

  4. I bet she could bench press all of the idiots in this comment section who are trashing her appearance or accusing her of being on steroids.

  5. Ok. She’s epic! An athlete, firefighter, mother and housework. It’s amazing! Don’t let people get you down, you’re fantastic.

  6. I’m sorry but why is this an ideal for women? To be considered “just as capable” they have to strive to turn into a man and act like mom AND dad? No thanks. You’re a bodybuilder, a firefighter and managing 4 kids, that’s great: but you are neglecting something somewhere. Your baby is with someone who isn’t you. So either you have a very supportive husband or you have extra money. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of her kids gets knocked up young. You can’t spread yourself that thin and use it as a goal post because it’s not realistic and you’re lying about something. Also you’re probably using HGH or steroids. Stop lying. You can have it all but not at the same time. You are cheating somewhere

  7. The creators of overwatch must have looked at this at some point and were all… "She needs to be made a character, but with hair a brighter shade of pink!"

    Edit: Seriously tho, this woman is amazing and I hope one day I can have muscles just like her.

  8. Imagine getting rescued from a burning building and lay in a strong pair of arms of an heroic statue. You wonder "who's that hero that saved my life" and she takes her helmet off and you're just like "woah"

  9. i rly respect what she does! its nice! but i would never do body building as a woman 🙁 its to much for me in fact i think its very ugly to have more muscles than a man! but thats just my opinion if thats her lifestyle well i wish her the very best!

  10. i wonder how she is doing now, her body is perfect, and her legs are gorgeous. and her out look makes her beautiful. she is soo structered..

  11. Props to her!!!!! She’s amazing! Bet half of y’all can’t do what she does!!! Truly inspiring!

  12. Oh wowww, such an inspiration. There are moms out there that have less of what she have going on in the day and still complain and say it's too much …

  13. Not only is she ripped, beautiful, talented, a great mother, & a great wife, but she gives "multitasking" to a whole other level! I admire who she is.

  14. Amazing! But… when she was listing off all the things she has to do in a day….. Does her husband do ANYTHING 😅😅😅

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