Bodyweight Exercise Technique for Mass! (INTERMITTENT ISOMETRICS)

Bodyweight Exercise Technique for Mass! (INTERMITTENT ISOMETRICS)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, It’s another bodyweight Wednesday video. That
means it’s time for me to help you get more out of your bodyweight training. Now, don’t
tell me you’re not training with your own bodyweight. I don’t care if you’re a huge
iron addict. You’d better make sure you’re carving out
at least a little piece for bodyweight training because there’s nothing that can replicate
the command of your own body and space. As a matter of fact, we’re going to up that command
right here, today by including an overlooked element of your training. That is isometrics. Now, I’ve talked about
isometrics here on this channel before, but I think people overlook their importance.
They think of isometrics as ‘easy things’, right? I’m not contracting, or I’m not shortening
a muscle, I’m not lengthening a muscle; I’m just hanging out. It doesn’t have to be that easy. As a matter
of fact, where and how you incorporate your isometrics – especially in the bodyweight
training – can make all the difference. So here’s what I’m suggesting: take a look
here at a standard pushup exercise. Now, we’ve talked about before how a push
up may not be the most challenging exercise for your chest for somebody that’s capable
of bench pressing and lifting a lot of weight. However, you can make it much harder by inserting
isometric holds into the normal set that you’re doing. So I can decide to pause here after a few
regular repetitions in the bottom portion of the rep, or the middle portion of the rep,
or as I’m demonstrating even on the top portion of a rep. what I’m doing here, though, is
not just hanging out. I’m actively engaging as many muscles as I can to hold this position. So what you might not be able to see here
is I’m actually squeezing and dragging my hands together, like this, on the floor to
try to engage more activation of my chest. And believe me, I can feel it, but I don’t
just stop there. Then I try to resume my normal repetitions. If you haven’t tried this technique before,
you’re in for a rude awakening because you may not be able to get that many more regular
repetitions. Remember, who cares? Because we’re not counting. All we’re doing is measuring
the other and the ultimate effect that this will have on you and your body in this set. Taking it to failure, taking it beyond failure,
making sure you get enough out of it. The same thing here applies to other exercises.
I can go up on a pull up bar – which is already a difficult exercise for some – but
for those that don’t find it difficult enough and that don’t have access to any weight to
put on their body for an overload; try the isometric holds intermittently. Again, try them in the bottom, try them at
the top, and try them in the middle; wherever you try them, try to then resume normal reps
after it. Like I said, it’s a much different effect. It will dramatically shorten the length
of your set if you’re used to doing rep after rep after rep, but with the ultimate goal
of getting you more from that set. We can even take it to the extreme with a
more difficult exercise. A handstand pushup. Again, look what happens even here. I’m still
doing the same idea of pulling my hands together when I’m in the low, isometric hold, but on
top of that, you can even see muscles in my back that wouldn’t necessarily have a chance
to activate, become activated because their role as stable items becomes that much more
important when I slow down the rep. So when I get it in here and I actually want
to stop and hold, now, all of a sudden, their job becomes that much more imperative to kick
in and allow me to maintain my stabilization in this position. It’s not easy, but guess
what? The ultimate effect on my entire back and my shoulder girdle is enhanced. Finally,
we’re going to actually hit our abs here in a new exercise to wrap up this whole video
and also drive home this concept. It’s a modified L-sit. Really, just a suspended
sit. But here’s the cool part. It’s difficult enough to hold an L-sit. It’s still difficult
to hold this bent-knee sit. But it’s even more difficult to hold it in either reposition;
the bottom or the top. We’re going to do just that. We’re going to provide our body with
this elevated hip tuck. That’s the dynamic portion, but at any point
in time we’ve got to be able to stop and hold it and maintain our four or five second hold.
Then come, what do we do? We resume the reps. You’re not going to be able to go for that
much longer, but as I said earlier, it doesn’t matter how long you last. What matters is
how much you make it count. That’s what makes muscles grow. That’s what
makes all the difference when you’re trying to get more form your bodyweight training.
If you’ve found this video helpful, guys, make sure to leave your comments and thumbs
up below. If you’re looking for a complete bodyweight
training program that utilizes no equipment at all, not even the benches that I showed
here, not even the pull up bar that I was on and trains your entire body with the main
goal of helping you to build muscle by incorporating advanced techniques like I just showed you
here; head to to get our ATHLEAN0 program. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again in
just a couple days. See you!

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  1. You are supposed to lock out your elbows (180 degree angle) in positions like top of pushup, top of handstand pushup, top of dip. You aren't always doing that in your videos

  2. Yo Bros, skinny guys can do it! I was 117 in september and Im now 150 lbs but it was mainly because of NUTRITION I did not count the calories but maily my protein and my GOOD CARBS just try it if you want my meal PREP :vector cereal in the morning 7:30 whole grain peanut butter sandwich 10:45 12:10: whole grain turkey sandwich with almond by the side. 14:00 :cliff bar or vector but for maximum i recommend going with the 9 protein/40carbs bar and 3:30 Workout then took a post workout It could be like a lot of greek yogurt because it liquid protein but also be whey prot or the athlean x post workout. GO HEAVY AND FULL BODY THAT WORKED OUT FOR ME;) best exercise : bench press or dumbell press , heavy curl bicep 8 rep , military press, pull lat down and close grip bench in a clean way with your arm glue to the side of your body !

  3. What do you think about negatives, and overloading on the eccentric portion of the lift? (Eg "cheat reps" on curls or kip ups)

  4. question I have 44 inches around the mid area is it wise to wait and do abs work until lose the inches first I do ninjstu that had a good bit of core work but it me look bigger after wards don't know what to do help please

  5. Handstand holds and handstand pushups are fucking amazing for posture. The amount of muscles being incorporated during those is incredible.

  6. guys, i train all my upper Body one day and legs and abs The next one, I use This tecnique with a bag for my Pull ups and push ups, and with My other exercises whit dumbells and barbells (I train in home and I have very Light dumbells and a improvised Barbell hahaha) well my point is, I train The upper Body 2 times a day, and I was about to do it 3, Thanks to This I dont think im going to train for The next 4 or 5 days hahahaha, its really good please try it

  7. Thanks Jeff! Always waiting for Bodyweight Wednesday… I've already tried this in the moment I saw it and it was devastating! LOL

    I have a question for you… have you ever train a person with BPPV?

  8. Hello.
    I am currently doing a mix of self wight exersise and regular fitnes (ass you said iron addict). I am 210 pounds and 6.23 foot tall.
    I am verry pleased by the overall resolts I am getting.
    Do you have an oppinion as to how best to incorporate these two stules of workout.
    (sory for my speling)

  9. I notice on that pushup you were doing and, as I see you do on benching with the BB, or DB, that you don't go all the way down. You have a reason you do everything, so what's up with this.

  10. Genuinely the only fitness youtuber I've found that gives legitimate advice, solid work my man and you are shredded to the bone bro!

  11. This is what i exactly do to replace bench press [ as i don't have enough equipment in my home gym] and finally jeff approved it 🙂 ! Thank's jeff And you really seem to have some influence from bruce lee type of training.

  12. Should I combine isometric and plyometric movements? For eg: a hold push-up, exploding up like a plyo push-up afterwards

  13. Hi Jeff, thank you for all your effort and insight on exercise. You really have opened a door i didn't know existed.
    Can you please consider an other host for you videos than you tube?
    I would be glad if i could avoid seeing their off topic annoying suggestions trying to disorient you.
    Thanks again

  14. hello Sir,i am following u for a long time and have strong believe in u,i want to get stronger as hell so that i can throw deadly powered punch,i am Not a bad guy i just wanna help others,i need it for protecting My loved once,i am doing strength training for an year,but u did arm wrestling With a guy and i was lost easily and my wrist is paining bad,i want To be strong i don't care about muscles ,sure i wanna lean and strong but strength is far more important fr me,please help in This case.

  15. Im confused I do higher reputation but lighter weights to get leaner.. can you do minimum 2 body parts at a time

  16. Jeff, about what percentage of the Athlean Xero Program involves handstands? I must not do any of them for medical reasons, e.g., brain tumor, brain hemorrhage, coma. I am cleared to exercise in any other posture, but not those involving sustained inversion. Thanks for your estimate.

  17. after 5 months of 'starting' with the pullups, i'm only able to do two reps. i give up. that pat is not for me genetically. Lost cause

  18. always great in depth info and explanation. really appreciate the science, the straight talk, the motivation, and the knowledge. THANK YOU

  19. i just did my workout. and I didn't do a good job on it, I half assed it, I hate myself right now. I'll try again tomorrow.

  20. Totally off topic, hopefully you will answer. What do you do to protect your immune system at such low body fat?

  21. As I said in a comment elsewhere, I like to do slow moving Tai Chi dynamic isometrics, where I'm doing simple and fluid movements while contracting my entire body.

    I do a lot of dynamic isometric exercises just with the imagination of lifting weights or pull-ups or cables, or like I'm sweeping my arms through sand or water, such that if the resistance were actually there, then I would still be moving through it. Try rowing a boat with your imagination, make the boat really heavy and the oars huge, it'll wear you out! And it wears out both opposite sides, because your pecs and core etc are resisting your lats and back etc. Or an even better example… Imaginarily row backwards, briefly relax, imaginarily press forward, briefly relax, rinse and repeat. It's tiring not just because you're using more muscles, but because those more muscles are using up more oxygen, which means there's less of it to go around, which means that muscle fatigue sets in more quickly. Gets more of a workout in less time.

    Btw the suspended sit is one of my favs!!!! You can do it even on a bed or couch, and if you gotta suddenly drop, then it's a cushioned fall lol.

  22. am 38 years of age about 240 ibs about 6´2“ I have never work out my only problem with working out is I have been epileptic since I was 14 years old however it is under control with medical. do you think working out will harm me. Am 38 feel like 78 help please

  23. This could equally be called "The beginners guide to body weight training" as it introduces some great starting points.

  24. Being a bodyweight enthusiast, this is exactly what I need to take my training to the next level! Thanks Jeff!

  25. As someone like me who weighs a pathetic 48 kg will i be able to get a ripped body with tons of muscles while also tipping my weight to ideally 70kg with these bodyweight workouts .Granted i would rather go to the gym but i cant afford a gym membership anyway so it would be massively appreciated if you can share your pearls of wisdom on the subject matter .Thank you jeff.

  26. i have a problem. i have six pack abs but problem is that my chest is lower than my abs.i donot have any archer back.tell me the soution

  27. after watching this again, a few years later, this is still 1 of the most important things, most trainees forget, even the most experienced and less experienced (like me :-)). mind muscle tension and connection. don't need the weights anymore.

  28. Hey Jeff, I’m not sure if you’ve covered this before, but I’ll like to ask this: let’s take a pull up for example. You start with an isometric hold at the bottom, and maintain that same level of tension as you pull yourself up and lower yourself down, throughout the whole motion. The speed of pulling and lowering will obviously be slow from focusing on maintaining the isometric hold tension, but is there any effect on the muscle by doing exercises this way?

  29. How do you take something beyond failure? Its not failure then until you fully stop which is basically your max

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