Boho Beautiful In 10 Days ♥ Mind & Body Yoga/Fitness Program

Boho Beautiful In 10 Days ♥ Mind & Body Yoga/Fitness Program

bienvenue pour le 1er des 10 jours! bienvenue pour le jour n°2! bienvenue pour le jour n°3! hey les gars, bienvenue pour le jour n°4! bienvenue pour le jour n°5! je suis si fière de vous pour être arrivés jusqu’ici bienvenue pour le jour n°6! bienvenue pour le jour n°7! bienvenue pour le jour n°8! les gars vous êtes si près de la ligne finale! Et nous allons juste continuer à nous dépasser jusqu’à la fin! bienvenue pour le jour n°9! bienvenue pour votre dernier jour, le jour n°10! je suis si fière de vous pour avoir fait jusqu’au bout ce programme de 10 jours! yoga-fitness-méditation, 1 heure par jour je vous ai préparé une séance de 20 min: entrainement complet du corps ça va être dur, mais on va réveiller tous ces muscles le double A représente l’entrainement des bras et des abdos nous allons dédiés cet entrainement uniquement à ces deux zones de votre corps une séance yoga de 40 min de mouvement détox nous allons relâcher nos muscles, lâcher prise sur n’importe quelle énergie négative, respirer et nous connectez avec notre corps et notre esprit. pour votre esprit aujourd’hui, je veux que vous réfléchissiez vraiment à l’idée de lâcher prise et ensuite nous allons passer à une séance yoga détente ça va être une très relaxante séance qui libèrera toutes les tensions de vos muscles ce programme de 10 jours est accompagné d’un guide alimentation à base de plantes qui vous aidera à obtenir les meilleurs résultats possibles je veux que vous regardiez le changement bien en face et que vous lui disiez que vous êtes prêts vous êtes prêts à changer, à changer votre corps, votre esprit et la personne que vous êtes destinés à devenir 4 fois nous allons lever cette jambe nous allons nous concentrer sur les jambes et les bras vous aller superposer vos genoux une belle ligne droite, inspiration une belle séance détente au coucher du soleil qui se concentrera sur l’élimination du stress présent dans le corps, la relaxation du corps ainsi que d’accorder au corps un bon stretching en profondeur nous n’allons pas faire les 20 min de sport et puis les 20 min de yoga en réalité, nous allons les combiner en une séance de 40 min yogalates nous allons vraiment ouvrir les hanches nous allons vraiment cibler le muscle du psoas, les ischios-jambiers, les fesses, le muscle intérieur des cuisses je veux que vous abandonniez cette peur d’être jugé ou critiqué abandonner la peur de cette personne qui vous répète que vous n’êtes pas assez bien, que vos rêves sont trop grands donc pour votre corps aujourd’hui, séance de 20 min cardio et jambes nous allons vraiment élever cette fréquence cardiaque et élever votre métabolisme et donc sans attendre plus longtemps, je vous souhaite la bienvenue et commençons cette aventure ensemble commande le programme sur

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  1. girllll this is awesome, it's there any way I can buy this by making a deposit? I don't owne a Credit card, but I need this like asap. Btw Mark should be making movies because the quality of this videos is just amazing!

  2. I've been anxiously waiting for this and cannot wait to support you guys and purchase what you've been working so hard on ! This will be my Christmas present to myself😅

  3. I just placed my order!. I am a HUGE fan of you guys work. You guys are doing a wonderful job inspiring the entire world, and making our planet a better place to live. Congratulations to both of you!

  4. I'm so happy for you guys! 🙂 Congratulations! Your energy, your motivation, I'm sure many people are going to buy this, you're my inspiration! <3

  5. I want this so bad!! But my parents would never purchase me anything that promotes the vegan lifestyle, nor would they spend $90.00 on what is just a 'workout' 🙁

  6. I'm on day five of my 21 day pilates challenge (II) and it is incredible! i've never been this strong. in recent years I lost 30 kilos and even though I am a teen I had heaps of loose, saggy skin… I hated anything to do with physicality. Recently with your beautiful yoga flows I have tightened and strengthened and while I am by no means 'thin' I feel strong, fit, and almost beautiful 🙂

  7. I'm so proud of you guys! I've been a supporter since you had 8,000 subscribers and I've watched you grow and it is really amazing and inspiring! I wish I could meet you guys. I feel a connection with you guys when I'm working out with your videos. You are amazing and I hope everything goes great with everything that you do!

    Also, I was wondering, if the DVD is good for beginners? And if the eating plans are simple meals? 🙂 Thank you for all that you guys do !

  8. This shows again, that every workout that u do is just so godlike. what in inspiration. much love u goddess xoxo 🙂

  9. Hi, you do awsome stuff. please sell your Dvd on Amazon and let us know, so its easier to get it, if you are not from US . thx and xoxo

  10. I want it! I am a HUGE fan too. This makes me so happy, thanks a lot for sharing your journey with me and I am definitely ordering one right now… well, after my day in the office is over 🙂

  11. I would REALLY LOVE IT, if you guys could create a DVD workout that's just Yoga NO HIIT training! That would be awesome!😀🙏 Namaste

  12. that looks so great! but why only ten days? 🙁 what happens afterwards? shall I repeat the programme? and what about absolute beginners as I am? Can they do this too?
    p.s: I love your meditations soo so much..they have become life changing to me <3

  13. Omg thank you so much guys for this, you have no idea of the good you make in people's life. I am so grateful for you, and so proud of what you are achieving, hope you will never stop to grow happily! Of course I'm gonna get a copy of it right now. love!

  14. Amazing!!! You both could not be more deserving! Can't wait to place my order!! <3 I honestly do at least one of your workouts a day! I enjoy them so much!

  15. WOW! This trailer is super inspiring and so done so beautifully 👍🏼💗🌸 Everything you do guys is excellent! Congratulations with your program!

  16. I'm so excited for this program! You truly do deserve everything in life, you are such great people and if only the world was filled with people as kind and caring. Just wondering, what happens after the 10 days? Should we repeat the process or are you going to have more programs coming out (I really hope you do!) that would be more advanced that could continue for say, 3 months and then you could repeat them over and over for the ultimate mind, body and health routine as I know that I would enjoy have that kind of structure very enjoying and not as stressful. Obviously this is something of yours but just writing what I think a lot of people would love. Namaste and have a very merry Christmas and New year xx

    Ps. If you would enjoy this idea please drop a like to let them both know, kind comments are welcomed as always xx

  17. this video is so amazing , u motivate such a big community , thank you ! <3 ( i wish u can do a video about how to get taller with yoga ) i wish u the best :*

  18. i am so pleased to see what's coming, thanks for your creativity, your inspiration and your richest. I make my order to, but where, when and how it cost, can I have it I am French

  19. This is so beautiful! Congratulations to you guys!
    I have a question, is it possible to order hard book and digitals not DVD? I really like hard book, but don't have anything for DVD

  20. I have been waiting for this since you guys first mentioned it!! Right in time for the new year!!! <3 Love from Ireland <3

  21. Support! You have made some nice videos on Youtube for FREE! it is good time to turn this into a business, a healthy one:) I wish you all the luck to make this journey a successful one

  22. i cannot explain to you how happy i am to have found your beautiful channel. i LOVE doing yoga with you . you are such a positive and beautiful person. i fell in love with yoga because of you.
    peace and love. lots of love from macedonia!

  23. Hi again Juliana and Mark! I don't know if it's the right place to ask for it but 2017 is coming really soon and I was wondering which place u've chosen from your travel bucket list u're going to visit first?I thing u guess why I ask this , it's just because I can't wait for u to come down here in Reunion island ;)!Big big kiss and congrats again for these DVD's!!!!!!kiss Marie

  24. Congratulations you two. What a wonderful feat! Thank you for helping us be healthier and giving us beautiful sights to enjoy.

  25. amazing! Congratulations! I really want it!! I have made all your videos I really like the way you explain things and how nice you are! Well done!

  26. may i ask, how to deal with muscle soreness after exercise? I am inspired to exercise after watching your videos, because i haven't been working out for quite sometime, my muscles were in pain after just a mild stretch workout.

  27. I bought the 10 day program and I'm downloading it now. There isn't a day 5 fitness workout in my program. How do I get it? Also-I would be good if there was a "contact us" link on the website. Thanks!

  28. I just placed my order for the 10 days. A New Year resolution. I'll take the plunge! Wish me luck! I've been your fan for awhile. I've seen almost all your videos by now. I find them really inspiring and very fulfilling. I wish you the best of luck in your new search for yourselves. I 'll believe you will be pleased with what you will find. xoxoxoxo

  29. did day 1 today , amazing !
    btw the place in which you recorded it is gorgeous
    happy new year and blessings from italy 🙂

  30. Hi guys. I am hooked on your videos. I am a yoga and pilates instructor. How do I order this DVD? I can't figure it out.

  31. The most delightful is the authenticity and love that resonates between you both. Blessings upon glorious blessings! Xooxox

  32. Just received my copy of Boho Beautiful in 10 Days! Very excited for more Boho. You're the best! Lots of vegan love from Texas, Anna <3

  33. I am interested in purchasing this. But does it have an option to not be a dvd? But something like an online portal or idk just something i will be able to have directly on my computer and not shipped and received physically? 🤔

  34. Hi Juliana, I do photography as hobby, and I absolutely love your video footage and photoshoots, do you shoot them yourself? they are just amazing! Wish I could photoshoot one of your yoga session too. Looking forward to meet you at your positive movement tour event

  35. I purchased this program in July this year, and have worked my way through it three times in between other work outs. I really enjoy it – it is varied and efficient enough to keep me focused, and what a great start for the day! I really recommend it, it is worth every penny! Thank you!

  36. hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out trying to find out yoga fitness training try Nevolly Yoga Expert Nerd (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got excellent results with it.

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