Born in the Wrong Body : My Transgender Kid VOSTFR

Born in the Wrong Body : My Transgender Kid VOSTFR

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  1. What bothers me with transgenderism is the excessive gender stereotyping… as if to be a girl means liking pink things, dolls, makeup and dresses, and other stuff associated with being a girl, and to be a boy means liking sports and all things not associated with being a girl. For crying out loud, l'm a woman who hates pink and wearing dresses, make-up and jewelry. .. and live sports.,. Never once did l ever think l was a boy because of it… transgenderism may very well be a real phenomenon, l'm not rejecting that, just the over stereotyping of male and female behavior

  2. Mom Hayley, what a hero trying to understand the circumstances her twins have been in; the woman is confronting all the things that have been a taboo for all those years. Human gender and sexuality…. what a mystery!!! Will we ever understand it and accept human diversity- fingers crossed!!!!

  3. As usual, nobody giving a stuff about sibling abuse. Just "kids being kids", adults have bigger problems they focus on, and the abused sibling grows up an insecure unloved abandonned isolated mess, so long as the louder squeaky wheel is getting all that oil, family carries on oblivious. Age old story.

  4. This was well done. Society still has a long way to go when it comes to being "accepting" and "treating everyone equally has human beings". Nice to see/hear these children expressing themselves as candidly as they are. 3:)

  5. Kids are not born the wrong gender. Every cell in your body says what sex you are. Gender confusion is wrong. I won't pay along with their mental illness and pretend they are the sex they aren't. Quit pandering to their depravity.

  6. I kinda get triggered when the narrators say “want to be a boy” or “want to be a girl” no it’s not want to be.. you are a girl or you are a boy. Paddy is right. As a trans man myself it’s very upsetting to hear them say this, I wish they would be a bit more educated

  7. I do feel bad for George, I mean, looking at someone who looked JUST LIKE YOU before you transitioned must be difficult. But he shouldnt treat her like that

  8. It makes me sad that they think they were born the wrong way bc they were born perfectly the way they are and shouldn’t change their gender just bc they FEEL like it it’s annoying, disgusting, gross, and also my opinion so don’t reply bc I didn’t ask for ur opinion I’m just sharing mine here I am saying I’m not asking for urs

  9. My son at age 3 had a purse and a doll, later he played Barbie's because it's better than playing alone but now he is a father of 3 boys and happy to be a man, said "why did you let me do girls stuff, you should have stopped me". Some of these kids are just confused.

  10. Anytime a family member feels left out they do anything for attention. Aside from that I'm wishing this family the best

  11. Bologna! Kids at that age shouldn’t decide which gender they want to be. That child said “gender”, where did she get that term from? The parent! The parents are making decisions and putting junk in their kids minds. Let them decide as adults, not kids! Parents needs to stop steering them to make an important decision. This is a parent’s problem!

  12. Repulsive. Totally disregarding the sister. To accept this gender dysphoria, they are damaging the sister and blaspheming God. God doesn’t make mistakes and he created George as a male, not a girl. The Bible says God’s knows us before we were formed in our mothers womb. Days of Noah and sodom and Gomorrah.

  13. I hope Nick becomes a gd role model for George he seems like a gd dude. I also hope she gets close enough to the family to let George knows treating his sister like that isn’t ok. Mom seems so caught up in George Jessica is just lonely 😞

  14. I hope George turns out to be a kind, bright young man. Too many people bashing on this 7 year old kid. Yeah, he is way out of line, but y'all are acting like he's gonna grow up to be the fucking dude from Saw. I feel him. I was George at one point, and what he needs is not coddling, but he definitely doesn't need this much bashing. What he truly needs is a level-headed compassion: genuine, human to human empathy. What Nic did here was awesome.

  15. I’m confused how these kids know at a really young age I wouldn’t not let my kid change to be more fem/masc trans until they are at least a teen

  16. George should be taught that being a twin is different than being an identical twin. I get that he doesn’t want to be associated with femininity (and sees his sister as a reminder of that), but that doesn’t mean he has to be mean to his sister. He needs to be taught that you don’t need to be 100% masculine to be a man.

  17. Something wrong with George ! Please parents try the best you can to encourage your twins to play together. George don't need to kill his sister

  18. 12:45 Jasmine has amazing emotional management when the other childrens (which same age as her) will freaky throw tantrum and yelling

  19. The parents are so nice. They are really trying to make their kids happy and to make them feel accepted for who they are.

  20. "what do you do when your little girl wants to be a little boy"
    You do what we have always done for millennia: raise that girl as a girl, or a tomboy. At 3, kids don't know what they are saying

  21. Its a bit difficult to watch and not wrestle with thoughts of ‘how’ and what is ‘too young’ to grapple with these decisions. In my day, I was always grouped into the ‘tomboy’ category but I never questioned my gender. Would that have been different if the influences we have today existed 30+ years ago? In regards to how much of our ‘freedom of sexuality’ and the increase of ready to stream info being out there. I am wise enough to know that judgement and disassociation are not positive tactics, but my spirit (as I do not identify with a religious denomination) feels conflicted that ‘we’ are at a place in humanity where we are ‘correcting’ the natural, biological miracle of life and going thru extensive lengths to become what we ‘may’ not have meant to be. These are my thoughts I am sharing, and by no means to intentionally offend. I just feel like this is way deeper than children/adults choosing a sex, and more about both environmental/social/and in some cases maybe chemical influences. 🤷🏽‍♀️idk – Guess I’ll keep is simple and pray for happiness/peace and mental healthiness for us all 🧡🧡🧡🤗

  22. all ya'll getting mad at goerge and there family the fact that the family of paddys except for the dad still continuously hint at and try to push her back to being a boy. including using incorrect pronouns constantly.

  23. Hello.
    I am a transhumancat, since i was a little human girl I’ve always played with my cat’s toys and my parents noticed it and told me to play with human girl toys i cried the whole day, and i wore cats clothes don’t ask. after awhile i felt like I wasn’t in the right body i knew there was a cat inside me then my parents accepted me after along time because they were tired from me meowing with a cat squad. I did surgery to turn into a cat and after getting that surgery my life changed to better and i married to my cat.

  24. They haven't even experienced life yet, I'm sorry but I don't think there's such thing as being born in the wrong body, these children still has lots to learn.

  25. yknow what kinda sucks? Its so hard to be seen as a real transgender person when you didnt figure it out at age 5. I really only started questioning my gender around 11 and came out at 12. I feel like thats a big reason why my family doesnt support me, because truth is I was fine with wearing dresses, and being girly. I learned what transgender was around 10 when I watched a documentary about a couple of trans kids. It just really kinda sucks that thats the specific reason that im not being supported :/

    Edit: I dunno why, at the poem I immediately started crying… wtf

  26. I don’t want to silence these children if this is their genuine truth; but, these babies are too young to understand what that really means. The media paints such a picture and children get confused. They watch us. They listen to us. They’re not dumb. But, what if one day they only think they feel this way and when they’re older realize they were wrong… parents shouldn’t enable this for this reason. Kids don’t understand what they truly want. No parent should ever shame their kids either but kids should just be kids… as a mom I know if my son came to me and told me he was a girl I wouldn’t shame him or try to make him think differently but I wouldn’t entertain it… he would still be my baby boy until he was old enough to make that decision for himself…

  27. Tranks for all the supports im a transgender and i love you with all my heart can you love me too and im from iran the cindition here for people like me is… loooveee you alll

  28. God does not allow anyone to be born in the wrong body ! That is mans ignorance ! your either a male and born with a P . or a female born with a V. ! No such thing as a transgender person ! if a male cuts off his P. to become a female then he will bleed to death and a female can not attach a P . to herself and become a male ! People like this are not normal but have mental problems or want to get involved with the opposite sex in anyway they can ! Thanks

  29. i keep watching these videos and realizing how sad i am due to non excepting parents and then i realize i have a lgbt group at school that are super excepting, good thing almost my whole school is excepting. if you are feeling unexcepted just realize that there are tons of people out there who are dealing what you are feeling, or are just like you.

  30. they are to young to make up their minds if there girl or boy the mother should make them stay boy an girl ! an once there 18 years old then they can pick what they want to be

  31. There are obviously some causal underlying problems that are being conveniently ignored – the parents and others are too quick to chalk it up to gender dysphoria or whatever. These poor kids need some proper help and support

  32. The shit that people let there kids grow up believing in is beyond me no one is born the wrong gender children are taught to be who they are and if they were any kind of real parents they'd say God made you and he doesn't make mistakes watching this video makes me want to slap tf out of those worthless parents. Note to Parents get yall shit together 💯

  33. As much as I support transgender people I would like to tell George that I am a girl and my favourite colour is Blue!

  34. Your not supposed to let the kids lead the parents. If thats the case you shouldn't be parents. The parent is always supposed to lead the child, this world has lost it's morals.😩😓

  35. You can't change your gender. You can dress up, cut off parts or add parts, but if you're born a boy you are a boy. You can't change your gender. Period.

  36. My heart just breaks that she can't be a girl all the time😫. She shouldn't have to feel like that ! She should be a girl at school and home, even if that means the parents have to attend her to a different school.

  37. No one is born in the wrong body. Some poor children however, are born to the wrong parents as this video clearly demonstrates.

  38. George is mentally fine he's just undisaplined and not given good direction on how to manage his feelings with his sister and that.

  39. When they are older do not give them hormone blockers. let them go though puberty and take them to therapy. then let them transition when they are 16. when they are going though puberty get them binders, we’ll get one of them binders. Do not get then surgery put them on T first.

  40. Yes lets fawn over this obviously disruptive child and make her the centre of attention at the expense of her sister. Then we'll give her loads of powerful hormones to alter her state of mind and body even further. THEN, if anyone criticizes our reckless behavior we'll just call them transphobic to shut them up.

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