Brain Man: The Boy With The Incredible Brain (Superhuman Documentary) – Real Stories

Brain Man: The Boy With The Incredible Brain (Superhuman Documentary) – Real Stories

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  1. But what is he going to do with his gift?
    And he struggled to recall the name of the game hopscotch
    I think people are giving it thumbs down because he hasn't done anything impressive with his gift.

  2. I don't have time to watch this but he most likely had an accident or something that triggered illegal contact with the supercomputer. I am an rv or a remote viewer among other things. Remote viewing is real just ask the CIA. Once, while amazing someone, they asked how i could do what I do and I simply use my ability to look for the answer.

    The answer as it was explained to me, the world is a creation by a supercomputer that we refer to as god. It is not real or solid and It is not matter, It is simply what the computer displays.
    It told me that when i remote view, my mind, the small computer, access the supercomputer and its the supercomputer that gives me the information not me accessing it by myself. When I want to read someone's mind it is really me using the supercomputer to get information and i get it in seconds for the computer to computer transactions are super fast.

    This boy is simply doing something he has no right to do accessing data from the supercomputer thus why he can do it so quickly, in fact, most likely like a supercomputer.
    Tesla had no idea how he knew what he knew he said it was just downloaded to him LIKE A COMPUTER. It came from a supercomputer. All great knowledge of mankind comes from the supercomputer when it wants us to have it.
    Thus, how can this boy do what he can do? He is not only accessing the simulation that is life for we all do that every day. He is accessing the computer itself that created the simulation. Really simple actually although as usual, no one will believe me.
    P.S. All aliens from other worlds not only know this they use this and communicate telepathically, i.e. using the supercomputer to read the mind of beings no matter what world they are from or what language they speak.

  3. @7:40 – because even if he "memorized thousands of calculations", somehow that would be less extraordinary?
    I can't remember what day it is or the name of someone right after meeting them.
    This dude recites 5 1/2 hours worth of numbers without one mistake!!

  4. narrator says @18:45 talking about synesthesia,
    “you might hear a sound, see a color, think a number, or feel emotion.”

    Do I have synesthesia? Do we all?

  5. I feel bad for the guy who was hit by the baseball and developed the world's most useless superpower.

    April 21st-hot, January 3rd- raining, June 16th-overcast.

  6. wow. this guys reminded me of a kid who used to tell us the plate number of cars that is gonna pass by our village before it comes.

  7. Daniel is now 40 and lives in France….with his husband. Good for him, but unfortunate too. For the sake of our future, we need him impregnating women like Genghis Khan.

  8. I am all for being very smart, but you don't tell us what they have invented that makes life better for the rest of us. Playing games and doing math in your head does not solve world problems etc.

  9. Number is the language of The Creator . HE creates whatever we see what ever we don't see in the Universe everything created by numbers . One of the most famous Indian mathematician named Sree Ramanuj who could see the numbers in his last days of the world . It's a very great achievment.

  10. He should reproduce kids multiple times. Let’s get some brain power into the world.
    My son is amazing at mental maths and teachers find him annoying.

  11. Whilst I'm nowhere near on this level, sometimes I can get the answers to cryptic clues or anagrams. However, it is not through conscious effort, the answer either pops into my head or it doesn't. No amount of thinking about it would help. So I understand what they mean when they say the answer just "pops into my head".

  12. I was talking on my phone and told the lady in front of me I'd forgotten my phone at home.
    The lady behind me laughed out loudly.

  13. so.. 15:50 as an example.. does anyone know if having mental disorders like autism. downsyndrome etc can cause their brains to release chemicals similar to a person on psychedelics? ive been curious about this for awhile. they sometimes act like they are having a very bad trip… ive googled it in many different wordings. I never get a result even remotely close to my question. I wonder if anyone else has ever noticed this? have psychologists every thought to look into/study this!?

  14. You got good brain but you don't becomes billionaire, WTF stuck in a world of stupid research project. Technically Daniel is an IDIOT.

  15. Is the direct connection with the Spirit,
    Someday we all have this connection ,
    And that was the Spirit talking , when he said…some day you'll be as powerful as I Am.

  16. What a douchebag. He is very intelligent, but many people can do this, and several better than him… He is the ONLY one claiming that the skills did not come from practice, but somehow just handed to him. Total bullshit. He is using well-known mnemotic techniques, which is obvious for anyone knows a just a little bit about that stuff. Why not tell the truth? Answer is, it doesnt sell.

  17. this is a capable thing —- only in total silence… i could do some weird mathimatical conclusions in my head – but not on paper- so i failed my maths exam…

  18. The brain is remarkable organ that we will never fully understand. Why do we only use 10% of our brain function? Why aren't we capable of using 90%? These people that have remarkable abilities fascinate me. Even after receiving a brain assault, one can make astounding achievements that are unexplainable. Awesome!!!

  19. This only proves to me that we were all created in the image of God. We've just gone so far astray from him.. We don't even know how to use our minds Anymore. We have literally lost our minds. We are not getting smarter as a specie. The genetic code is weakening.. We are falling apart. We may have written down and gained a lot of information, a lot of knowledge. But intelligence is how you use that knowledge not just having it. Democrats are the worst of us. They have become the criminal party

  20. My niece has autism she can tell you what day a certain date will be on and she’s been doing this since she was like 6 and she’s just 10 now

  21. If you must have music, then play it in the gaps BETWEWEN speech, NOT OVER speech! This disruption is a disease of only the last few decades, but is now an epidemic. Both on TV and on Youtube, being constantly bombarded with conflicting rhythms and noises, that sometimes even drown out the speech, is stressful and exhausting. I'm sick of it! Unfortunately, I enjoy learning by watching videos, and so have to suffer this aggression from program makers. It's like someone polluting my air by constantly blowing smoke in my face! In fact, if you are so fond of sabotaging clear communication, why don't you stupid program makers get a smoke machine, and fog up the video as well???

  22. I wish they’d stop using the visual effects to “visualize” what he’s seeing, because I doubt it looks like that, and it’s not useful. I wish he could draw it like he sees it, that way we’d get a better idea.

  23. OMG now they show the screaming baby! We GET IT…he cried a lot 😂 I don’t know who was behind the scenes of this documentary, but many of the stock-footage bits are just NOT useful.

  24. A savant, who isn't savant. Interesting… I can do all these things too, but much slower. I can multiply large numbers without writing and divide them as well, just like in the examples with him, but for the very large ones it will take me like 10 times longer. And I don't imagine the numbers like shapes, just remembering the results of each simple calculation. I remember very well too, but can't recall everything that fast, I need to think and browse my memory for sometime. However, all the things that he's doing are just simple calculations and memory. For difference, I'm very good at dealing with abstract concepts and complex systems.

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