Brandon Hendrickson Post-Olympia: “All I Needed Was A Cheeseburger!”

Brandon Hendrickson Post-Olympia: “All I Needed Was A Cheeseburger!”

what’s up guys is Dan with muscle &
strength here today with IFBB Pro Brandon Hendrickson Brandon is roughly a
week post Olympia so we figured we’d recap after this epic series we released
with him showing off his hard work and dedication in Chicago six weeks out so
Brandon what’s up man I mean I had a great time in Vegas it was uh we didn’t
get the outcome that I was that I worked so hard for this past year but one thing
I did gain that was a lot of just learning learning experience learning
about myself about my body so it wasn’t necessarily a loss to me I gained a lot of
motivation from it and like I said just a learning experience I think really man
at the level that you are at with your physique it’s so minute with what can
make or break the the look and it’s all about I mean bodybuilding is so
time-critical with the show do you feel like you brought your best do you feel
like you had a strategy that didn’t work I mean what kind of happened there
that weekend I was not a hundred percent Brandon Hendrickson I can admit that I’m
trying to pinpoint exactly what went wrong but bro you saw me six
weeks out every week I was getting better and better and looking better and
comparing myself to last year at that point and I was better like mentally
physically spiritually I was like I was on point when it comes down to that peak
week especially those last like 16 to 24 hours really critical really critical
because anything can change at that point when you’re so depleted your body
can react to anything including stress so for me I think what I think happened
was the when we started the carb carbing up that process like I got down to a point
where okay we’re leaning up we’re conditioning enough now let’s like add
some carbs in to fill out my physique so at that point which was probably 48 hours
before the show I started carbing up with rice white rice we figured I’ve been
eating rice my entire prep don’t change it my coach Mandus he’s like what do you
think about potato I’ve been eating rice my whole prep like why would we change the
48 hours before so like let’s let’s keep going on the rice so I started eating a rice right couple meals couple meals and I started
looking at myself and kind of feeling I was kind of feeling my abs and just
seeing how things were being affected by the rice and when I would look at myself
I didn’t see I wasn’t seeing the same physique for some reason so I’m like you know what just keep doing it trust the process just just keep eating the rice
and the more rice I ate bro the more uncomfortable I felt like so I
honestly think the feeling of me being uncomfortable was like messing with my
head I kind of like I didn’t have the same confidence because what I was
seeing wasn’t what I saw a week before when I was totally conditioned so I
think that started to play into my head and then and then the weekend started
Thursday we had the press conference we had the meet and greet so I started
seeing the feeling the pressure you know the shows coming and I don’t feel
comfortable with myself and the shows like literally hours away a day away so
leading up to it it was a day out still feel uncomfortable and so my coach is like
okay let’s let’s keep doing the rice let’s eat more rice I’m like bro I don’t
feel comfortable like you want and you want me to eat more and he’s like you
know that just follow the protocol follow the process just just eat eat more rice
so I’m like I don’t know if I want to do that because I don’t feel comfortable anymore I
already don’t feel comfortable and I feel like if I eat more rice
I feel like it’s really gonna mess with my head so I decreased the rice that
my rice intake I went from instead of two cups I went down to one cup of rice
just to kind of keep my core as tight as I can and just not feel as
uncomfortable I’m not saying that my coach made a
mistake it was on me but because I should have followed that protocol
maybe those maybe eating those two cups of the rice what of
filled me out properly and I would have came in 100% we we don’t know yet
but one thing I figured out after the show so I did prejudging ended up in
like third or fourth and the call-out we finished prejudging coach tells me go
back to the hotel eat some avocados so I needed fats ate the avocados start feeling a little better right and then then the very next
meal he’s like eat a cheeseburger get a double cheeseburger with double fries I ate the double cheeseburger double fries right and for finals bro my physique was
totally different than the prejudging yeah I filled out properly my conditioning was
there yeah I was I was pretty close to a hundred percent Brandon Hendrickson at
finals but unfortunately they had already judged in prejudging it was too
late yeah and I even got feedback from Tyler who’s one of the judges he was
saying you know if you would have brought that the finals package to
prejudging would have been a totally different outcome he’s like that was the
look we were looking for he’s like I know you don’t want to hear
that because it’s too late but going forward it like you just need to know that this
was the look we were looking for at finals it made me think like was it
the burger was it the fats and sodium’s that I need versus the carbs and then
I thought about last year last year day a day out from the show I had I had a
burger I had a burger with fries but I didn’t use
the bun so I got rid of those carbs so I’m like bro I don’t need carbs I need fats
and sodium that’s what’s gonna for me that’s what
works for me that’s what fills me out properly so I compared a day out eating
the burger last year and right after prejudging eating a burger and my look was
similar after the burger and fries I’m like okay maybe that’s it and that kind
of alleviated some stress because I finally got to pinpoint what went wrong
sure which helped me just understand my body like I said it was a learning
experience and I don’t feel I don’t feel bad because I did all the work bro it
wasn’t like I cheated on my diet or I didn’t do that cardio I did more cardio
than I was even asked to you know I feel good I’m just gonna keep
going I’ll do those five more minutes so I had nothing to do with my work I think
my work ethic was on point that whole prep it was those last 16 to 24 hours
where I had to figure out what exactly works you mean within those within that
time frame I think that’s the attitude to have and that’s kind of the the
overall the impression I was getting from from you post-show was that you did
learn a lot about your physique and you know for me like the content I’ve
produced with you in the last three years I mean I’ve seen your physique
progressively grow and I don’t think there’s many people out there that would
question your work ethic me seeing you six weeks out I knew that you had a very
very clear vision of what you wanted to do and I think that your fans and
especially the muscle and strength subscribers that they all know that you
did the work bro and I think that’s the biggest thing with this sport that
people don’t realize is that it’s such a time-sensitive
measure and everyone’s body is different and it’s just like it’s just the topics
of you know sending someone the same diet as the next person it’s not gonna
always work and you know we talked about this and what it takes series like you
and mandus have built that relationship for years to figure out your body so
after the show I saw you how to you had some photo shoots I’m sure your sponsors
too did some photo shoots how was that like did you see your body continue to
progress but all the fats and the sodium by the time I had a photo shoot
everything was just bubbly bro I loved it I loved the way I look at the
photo shoots and the next day which was reassured me that going forward I know what I
need to do you know the night before the show yeah like it just it was like
plain sight like this is exactly what you need to bring 100% Brandon Hendrickson
so like I said man it’s it’s a learning lesson I’m not like I’m happy for Ray
like he’s on my darc sports team yeah we’ll keep it in the Wolves like and he’s got a
daughter who’s I’ve watched her watch him compete for
so long going from the bottom to the top like I’m happy for him and his family you
know that’s that’s that’s great he they rewarded the best man on that day he was
the best man on that day like I can’t be mad at that because I didn’t bring 100%
me so I had no animosity to anybody who placed higher than me um I’m just it’s
Redemption time bro okay Yeah right after finals French Siempe
he was like yo do the Arnold so I’m like cool mandus let’s do the arnold classic
mandus is like okay since it’s the first year for the arnold australia
men’s physique let’s do Arnold Australia the very next week we got
Arnold Ohio Arnold Australia the next week and then my dad’s who is my manager he’s
like well since we’re kind of doing the tour I want you to keep going to do the
Arnold Brazil mm-hmm well now we’re doing the Arnold Brazil yeah Australia
Brazil build up that momentum get those three Arnold titles and then and then go
back to the Olympia and go back for what I came for and to me that’s really cool
to hear because about you know the 90s era of bodybuilding 80’s 90’s the guys
would do so many different shows tours across Europe and that allowed so many
different people to see the fit to see the physique that they admired and wanted
to see and and I know you’re a competitive guy and I look I know you
love to battle it out and I think it’s great to see that you’re going to to
keep doing that so no that’s awesome man I’m really happy to hear that and I
think you know I feel I I think that’s you’re the person that’s gonna have the
attitude like that that positivity that motivation and redemption and you know
everyone’s super stoked and was really excited to see you on that stage but um
one question on the side note so have you been able to have some cheat meals
and kind of get some fun back in the diet a little bit or what hey you see
my cheeks bro what’d you eat dude I think the only thing I have left to
eat is pizza I had macaroni cheese hot dog
burgers like loaded fries I had chicken enchiladas which I have been looking forward to forever actually a fan shout out to my fan of Carlos Carlos’ wife she made a
big huge platter of chicken enchiladas with the red and green sauces and they
delivered it to me on Tuesday after I got back like I’ve been going crazy
eaten all the snacks I wanted during the day I’ll still eat my my clean meals
from eat clean Chicago but at night man I dont care I’m just gonna eat whatever I
wanted I’m gonna do that for a week enjoy myself and then we’ll just back on
the grind next week well good stuff man that’s awesome in here super stoked for you
man enjoy yourself and we every one at Muscle & Strength was super excited and
we’re all big fans and we’re rooting for you next year bro thank you so much bro
waves don’t stop yeah that’s right alright catch you later man

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  1. Time Stamps:

    (0:29) – Recap of what Brandon took away from Vegas

    (1:14) – Do you think you brought your best?

    (8:04) – After you fed your body some fats, did you see it continue to progress post-show?

    (9:26) – It's redemption time bro

    (10:50) – What have your cheat meals been post-show?

  2. Him placing 4th just shows how good people are now a days!! Big up Brandon tho!! He Will be back stranger then ever next time!

  3. All these people who smash the physique competition are really inspiring,, so inspiring that Iโ€™ve started to log my fitness journey on YouTube n IG to commit to a public transformation where anyone can tell if I have fallen off!! Intense shit but itโ€™s what it is!! Come support the journey please n show some love !!

  4. You learn a lot more from losing than you do winning. Take the lesson and apply it to next year. Good luck Brandon in your future contests.

  5. All I hear is excuses this dude was talking so much shit leading up to the contest now it's all "muh rice , muh carbs" stfu you looked like dog shit on stage , respect to Raymont his always humble never talks shit a true champion

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