Brass Instrument Practice Aids, Exercises, and New Trumpets from Kurt Thompson

Brass Instrument Practice Aids, Exercises, and New Trumpets from Kurt Thompson

hey it’s Kurt Thompson here trumpet and this is just an update right before we get into October 2019 and I wanted to make you aware that I have a lot of little cool practice aids practice exercisers practice gadgets to help you the brass player and get better we’re gonna talk about that just a little bit this is not going to be a lesson on each practice aid that I have here that will come later when you actually get the practice aid also I got a couple of new instruments that I’ve been developing and I think you’re really gonna want to lean forward and pay attention on this I don’t have many of them in fact the one jazz horn that I have I only have one I have another on order and I got a couple of Piccolo’s and I also have a flugelhorn coming with a copper Bell copper copper rose brass mix I think you’re really going to like it to think for those of you that like flugel or looking to have something nice without breaking the bank you’re gonna want to pay attention to this actually I don’t have the flugel in hand but it’s coming it should be here in about a month so we’ll talk about that when it gets here but I do have the double bell jazz horn and my piccolo is I want to talk about please go over to patreon become a supporter support my channel and my work and what I’m doing I really need your help thank you so much this is Kurt Thompson but first without further ado let’s get to the gadgets practice aids and exercisers many of you have probably seen this one before I have a tutorial on it like the cheek master you’ve probably seen it before I got a couple tutorials on it it actually does work there’s one problem this this little guy here is about 50 bucks on Amazon and I’ve provided a link in my other video so that has kept quite a lot of you from becoming involved in this particular technique I have got a suitable replacement for less than half the cost I call this the sizzle jack it’s a replacement for the facial flex that you saw on a couple other tutorials on YouTube this does the same thing you put this in your mouth and you squeeze
and there’s a certain way to do this and I describe that in a tutorial that will accompany this this is a substitute for the 50 dollar version and you’re gonna save quite a bit of money on this plus you’re gonna get a tutorial to go along with it so this is the sizzle jack the sizzle jack it’s up on my website right now you can get it many of you see me do the tutorial on the expand-a-lung works well I got a got a nice in-depth video on it actually don’t know if you’ve seen the tutorial but you’ve seen my review of it it’s called the expand-a-lung it ranges in price from 35 bucks up to 50 and this is a inhaler restriction device so the way we use it and it puts a drag on your inhale which puts a load on your diaphragm as the diaphragm pulls down so that’s what you’re using it for I found a suitable replacement at a significant savings and I’m not exactly sure what the name of this one is going to be yet but it’s gonna involve sizzle maybe like the sizzle restricted inhaler that’s probably what I’m gonna call it because that’s what it is so it has three levels so you just put it in your mouth and you inhale but of course it puts a drag on your inhale and there’s different levels so that was the first one you can go to the next one that significantly reduces the amount of air you can pull in and the third one is the most restrictive
you can’t really get a whole lot of air so I have a replacement for the more expensive expand-a-lung I have the sizzle restricted inhaler and you’re gonna save a lot of money plus I’m gonna have a tutorial on how to best use this and increase your breathing capacity and your the first stage of compression actually so this is a restricted inhaler look for that on my website it’s there right now next I got the sizzle bite the sizzle bite and by the way for those of you I’m not jumping up into the camera you can see close-up pictures of these on my site I’ve been studying and actually experimenting on myself over the last couple years of increasing all the face muscles here because they kind of all sync up together right so if you make one part of your face stronger it’s gonna affect the other part especially from your nose on down and I have determined that working your your biting capacity can actually help out being a brass player can give you more fortitude more endurance I wouldn’t say it by just chewing on this you’re gonna start playing double C’s and triple C’s but it adds to the fortitude of your face to strengthen the musculature and the physiology anything we can do that can just push us in the direction of getting better we got a try because almost all of us don’t have that natural gift that Maynard Ferguson had just say somebody like Bill Watterson Dave Steinmeier I mean can you go out to a jazz club tonight if you’re in New York and LA and here’s someone play like that no they just don’t have the range and the ability and the chops and the smoothness you can hear some very good players some very good bone players let’s see Bobo and øystein come to mind for tuba players and low brass David childs and some others so most of us just weren’t born with this natural talent you know they had to practice but they had the natural talent that’s why I’m introducing these practice aids and devices anything that you can do to to push you in the direction of better musicality and for us brass players that a lot of unfortunately for us brass players that means a lot of physical work brass playing there would be nice that we could just work only on music and technique but you know like a piano player do you see a piano player doing finger weights and all these crazy finger exercises I know Franz Liszt made it may have done that I heard that he worked some crazy trills with his fingers but for the most part piano players don’t really have to that’s the bad news about being a brass player but it’s there’s also good news that means there’s things we can do to help us even the score with people like Maynard Ferguson and Maurice Andre right got these two guys and it’s not accidental I got Maurice Andre and Maynard Ferguson behind me the two of the best brass players regardless of what brass instrument that ever walked the planet Earth so this one is designed to chew you can put
it in both sides of your mouth and I’ll have a tutorial on this one it will accompany this practice Aid this is the sizzle bite next up we got this sizzle Chomp the sizzle Chomp looks like a mouth guard for an MMA fighter or hockey player or football player I take this little plastic knob or spacer out it allows me to get a little bit more of a chop this is a different action than this the sizzle bite
there’s just a different action that’s happening when you put the whole thing into your mouth so this is a sizzle chomp it will come with a tutorial on how to do it but you might just think you put it in your chew it a couple times no or you might think well I’ll keep it in my car and I’ll chew it all day you know there’s a thing called TMJ and I’m not gonna spell it out for you but you don’t want to screw up your your face your jaw and everything cuz then you might not be able to play I have a specific way to do this it’s like all these little practices and devices are like seasoning like a little bit of cayenne like a little bit of paprika salt pepper dill even jalapenos a little garnish this is not this is not the main course your instrument is the main course this is just like a little spice a little seasoning and you have to make sure you do it the right way and you do it in small amounts so this is a sizzle Chomp again you want to see close-up pictures of this you’ll find it at my site it’s also all these are for sale that means you can click on the link in my description actually I might put several links for each item but you click on that you go right to my site and you can buy it and I’ll ship it out to you right away next is a wacky one I call it the sizzle cheeks sizzle cheeks it is just another way to contract your chops from remember we’re trying to get the contraction and our musculature hit from all kinds of angles if it didn’t matter then I wouldn’t be doing this and I would just give you a golf pencil like when you play miniature golf and I would just tell you to hold that in your lips for 30 seconds a day that way your band director and for you older folks the way your band director probably did when you were in the seventh grade that doesn’t cut it in fact for a lot of people that’s made them worse so you have to hit your face and your the physiology from a lot of different angles in different ways otherwise just do the pencil exercise how many of you are playing like Maynard or Maurice Andre just by doing the pencil exercise you’re not because that your face gets used to it or you get worse because you lose your flexibility so you have to have something else so we got the sizzle cheeks this is hitting your your your squeeze and contraction even different than the sizzle jacks it’s a cool little device you can see close-up pictures of it and it’s on my site to buy and for you to get better and last and least here is the sizzle lips now when I first saw this I laughed because you know I think some people use this as like a party joke or something like that and you can use it for that probably because it’s just ridiculous but I got to thinking what happen happen if you put this in your mouth and you try to squeeze on it and you know could you get some value out of it as a brass player it looks ridiculous it looks stupid but the thing is it works it works I mean it works different than the other ones I just showed you so here we go the sizzle lips
crazy it kind of feels good when it goes in I feel like it gets the muscles right underneath your chin better which is where you got that leverage and I believe these two guys are were born with that natural leverage right under here it’s that shelf for your mouthpiece so this actually I feel like this actually works the muscles right under here from the chin up to the lips it’s a crazy stupid weird quirky looking funky device it’s like a plastic rubbery thing but it works I’m showing you stuff that could look silly to you but it works it does work and this again is hitting and making you contract your chops at a different angle in a different way this is like a weightlifting belt the backbrace belt and this is my I call it my restricted inhaler it’s actually in the course some of these are are in the course some of these practice aids I might put in the course as a bonus my 16 week course and so this one we’re gonna reuse in it it has velcro don’t know if you can hear it velcro this is extra large so it should fit most people and I’m also going to include extra velcro straps that reach out about another three or four inches five inches on each side so if you’re bigger than me those extra straps will be able to accommodate you and you might want to just let me know if you’re bigger than I am I’m pretty big guy and I can actually use this for this particular technique but I figure there might be some people bigger than me and I do have the extra velcro straps for you to put around your torso now I’m not gonna exactly show you how to do that because that’s part of the tutorial that you’ll get with this we’re using this for is restricted inhaling and to develop your physiology to be able to pull in more air against a restriction or against a heavy load so that’s what we’re going to be using this for this is actually available now on my website and this isn’t I don’t want you to use this for going to the gym or for if you have a low back problems or anything like that because you want to get a better quality one for that for going to the gym and for like a back brace I would recommend spending between 50 and up to 80 bucks for a good quality one this is not that kind of quality its we’re only gonna use it just for this specific exercise that I’m going to be giving you and then you put it away it’s just this is good for that but this is not the 60 or $70 quality kind of back brace or or back support you would take to the gym so that’s just my heads up on that so this is the restricted inhaling belt so we’ll talk more about that another cool device I got is I wouldn’t say this is a practice a this is more of a performance enhancer I’ve been working with machine shops and also investigating what metal is the most dense that we could wrap around our mouthpiece where it inserts into the instrument and you keep in mind the middle has to be dense otherwise it would be too big and you couldn’t get the mouthpiece in you know what I’m saying if it’s like aluminum you’d have to have a whole bunch of it to accomplish what we’re trying to accomplish what are we trying to accomplish with these weights we’re trying to stymie the lost vibrations and sound that happens at the insert of your mouthpiece interior in your brass instrument and send that energy and vibration through your horn as opposed to have it dissipating right at the insertion of your mouthpiece into the instrument by having a weight right there you kinda dampen the vibrations and it are there so they’re not lost and they’re set on through the horn now you need something heavy and dense and what I came up with was tungsten I didn’t even really know about tungsten I’m gonna be honest with you I didn’t know too much about it but I was impressed tungsten is twice as dense as lead it’s almost right up there with gold it’s just about right up there with gold as far as heavy like this this little guy here is about three ounces so it really works now you what if you say well Kurt I already got one of those megatone mouthpieces you know the whole thing is like a big a big hunk of metal well if that’s the case look at where the the mouthpiece inserts into the horn uh-oh you see the mouthpiece where it inserts into the horn is not heavy weighted right the heavy weight comes into into the bell part of the mouthpiece and not not the shank the shank is where we need the weight so if you went out and spent $200 or $150 on a mega tone for whatever instrument that you play on it might color your tone a little bit differently but let’s face it you’re not getting what we’re after here on adding the weight to your mouthpiece we’re trying to dampen the lost vibrations and send those vibrations through your horn so number one you get better slotting you get a better tone and more often than not you’ll notice a little pop in your range that’s what we’re trying to accomplish by adding the weight and I’ll show you some of the instruments where I’ve already placed the sizzle weight on now tungsten is not cheap the other devices I showed you are gonna be pretty nominal in price this one is not these are relatively expensive and then to drill out tungsten it’s quite a feat because a lot of times drills are made out of tungsten to drill into other metals so this was actually tough this was not something that you can accomplish just on your home drill you actually have to put a lot of lathe and it’s actually pretty tough it was kind of a long drawn-out process so I have these sizzle weights for every brass instrument from tuba to baritone euphonium trumpet to cornet to French horn so you know and you’re gonna see me demonstrate some of those today I’ll just show you how they fit on the horn this actually is heavy so it really is heavy and we’ll talk about
it I can just put it on the scale let’s just I don’t know see okay see if you’re gonna see it on the scale this one’s around I don’t know I don’t if you’re gonna be able to see it but this one here is around two and a half three ounces and that’s what the hole drilled out so watch it see that this is this is not light folks there’s some serious weight there it should have gone down about two and a half three ounces so and then the trumpet ones and the French horns are a little bit lighter they’re around an ounce and a half or so now how did I get that idea I got the idea when I got my Curry sound sleeve and I got it years ago and I put it on I you’ll notice that most of my videos I don’t have it I think all of them I don’t cuz I put it on my mouthpiece and I couldn’t really feel like it made any difference the reason it doesn’t make any difference is it’s not made out of tungsten May I think it’s made out of aluminum or could be steel is just not heavy enough this thing right here for trumpet the sound sleeve doesn’t even weigh an ounce yeah let’s just see if you can find it but I believe it weighs about three-quarters to a half an ounce nothing so the problem is when you put this on your trumpet shank it doesn’t do much it’s only a little bit of a weight maybe it does a couple percentage and so I started thinking what if you had a more denser weight that’s how I came up with this idea what if he had a denser weight that was actually heavier that actually could make a difference should somebody try that and so that somebody happened to be me I found out you can’t just use steel or aluminum or nickel it’s just too light it doesn’t make much of a difference so not to slam Curry but they’re their products yeah they look kind of stylish and good but you won’t really notice much of a difference if you buy their typical weight the weight that I have is 50% heavier than this guy and you’ll see it on the trumpet but it’s like half the size so the one I have is a good ounce and a half but it’s half this size this is about a half comes out to about a half ounce three quarters of an ounce it doesn’t really do anything but you double this and then now you got something and I’ll show you that in a minute now just to recap on stuff that you already know about if you don’t have the sizzle pipe boy are you really missing out I mean I do this I don’t know at least every day sometimes I miss a day but it’s pretty much every night I try to do it or the morning just depends now I have my big bach 1 mouthpiece in this one I also have a French horn mouthpiece another one just for kicks just trying to get up my French horn chops a little bit but the amazing part of this is you’re going to increase your sound open up your sound and it’s just gonna feel like when you blow your horn now I have this mainly geared towards the trumpet players right now it’s gonna feel like the horn blows easier and your sound it’s gonna be better really if you don’t have one of these now you can do this on your horn but there there are some kind of pains about that with the with the slide grease pulling out scratching it up this one’s mobile you can take in your car and be doing it at stoplights or in traffic and since it’s open by the way this is extra super extra large for its 0.495 so big a lot bigger than any trumpet that you’re gonna play on that’s another thing you get used to doing this and the trumpet feels I don’t want to say feel smaller or just feel like you mean to put more sound through it so don’t forget about the sizzle pipe if you don’t got one of these don’t complain that you have a weak sound that your sound is not big okay you’re not able to play higher that your sound is not darkened resonant don’t complain about that if you’re not using this you better get the sizzle pipe and you already know about these you should be having fun with the sizzle rims tuba trombone euphonium trumpet and French horn in fact I’ve had several people buy the combo pack that’s where you get all these and you know I have a tutorial on that where you actually buzz and in different ways and different amounts throughout the week depending on what your instrument is on all four rims tuba trombone euphonium trumpet French horn will work if you’re not quite sure just buy the one rim of the mouthpiece that you play on there is absolutely no question in my mind that the rim buzzing is almost essential now in fact I’ve actually put it into my 16 week revised course I’m revising my course this year for the 10 year anniversary the rim buzzing is going to become part of it it’s going to be required just because I believe in that much I proved it to myself it will pop up your range it will crease your flexibility to help out your tone I’ve already had this on my site for quite some time but just a reminder the sizzle rim if you don’t got it better go get it I’m gonna introduce a couple of new horns for you I only have one of these right now but I have another one on the way this is the sizzle jazz duo duo for double bell right and then you can see that it has a rotor in the back to switch you over to the second horn this is a pro quality horn mono valves the tuning is great I could almost say that you’re playing on a Bach Stradivarius it kind of has that same kind of feel it has a darker warmer sound I wouldn’t use this for playing lead trumpet but it would be ridiculous that you don’t need two bells for lead trumpet but this is perfect for you jazz trumpet players perfect if you play jazz trumpet just think of the possibilities you could do and play with this horn in fact hey go ahead and take a listen [Music] [Music] okay we got a keeper there I believe alright hope you liked listening to me on the sizzle jazz duo and double bell trumpet I only got one right now if you played jazz trumpet and could think of some amazing things to do with that horn you better hit me up right now I have a feeling it’ll be gone the one that you saw is only what I have I do have another one on the way if you are interested you need to contact me right away I only got one brand-new ready to ship I got two Piccolos two Piccolos two Piccolos silver flavored and brass flavored so let’s see what do I got in stock I just got these two right now they’re in stock they’re ready to ship they’re brand new they sound great and I got two more I believe I got two more of these I’m not sure if I got two silver now these are rotaries I also got a piston version and this is the sizzle Andre Baroque style piccolo trumpet gorgeous horns are they somebody asked me a student asked me if it’s as good as the P 5/4 or the Selmer or a scherzer so no let me be honest I mean this first off the price tag is not 3500 the price tag is not 4500 the price tag is not 6,000 so no I would say that these horns are not as good as a $5,000 scherzer or a $3,800 Schilke P 5/4 no it’s not not that good but these are an advanced piccolo for just about everything in fact just to see how good they are and how well they play in tune for the most part go ahead and check me out check it out [Music] [Music] The Andre Baroque folks I’ve developed it you’re gonna benefit from it [Music] all right I got my euphonium baritone here you know some people ask me when I say that my 16 week upper register courses is for all brass players I do get comments like well if it’s for all brass players heard how can we never see you playing a tuba how come we never see you playing the French horn and you know on and on and on I’m like they’re kind of heckling me a little bit but I started thinking about it I was like well here’s the honest answer I mainly play trumpet most of my students happen to be trumpet but that doesn’t mean I don’t also teach the other brass instruments and that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to play these I have put in my time and paid my dues and learn how to play the other brass instruments so but I’m going to be honest I don’t play baritone every day I don’t play tuba every day maybe once a month maybe once every couple of months I mainly am spending time on the instrument that I’m the best i which is trumpet but that doesn’t mean that i don’t know how to teach this guy in fact when it comes to brass plane really there’s a lot of things that are very very close to the same or compatible as far as improving your chops your embouchure your tone your endurance your tongue your flexibility all of it cross crosses over really it really does all cross over so that is why I say my 16 week brass upper register course is for all brass players in fact I just had someone recently graduate from the course euphonium he’s a euphonium player named Riley he’s a pretty kick-ass player sounds good got a good improvement out of the course it was worth it for him and now he’s I’m gonna be studying with I believe Steven Mead um over in England so I mean guy’s a good player and he also got good results he’s a euphonium player so my course does work for all brass players and notice look I got the Sizzle Weight I got the Sizzle Weight on there and but you know here take a listen [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah I think that’s I hope you like that and then see that I can play a little bit of euphonium baritone right so you’re probably thinking oh you can do that but you can’t do the the tuba well as a matter of
fact I can take a close look I got the Sizzle
Weight on the tuba [Music] I don’t play tuba all the time but I can certainly teach you how to become a better tuba player better breath support better attack better articulation and yes better range let’s face it low brass players look at it it’s I would say maybe it’s a more smaller bore tuba I mean you could probably get it for under a thousand bucks but let’s just face it when it comes to playing low if I go out and spend $12,000 on a miraphone brand new miraphone tuba guess what I can play just as low as you just as loud and low as the best tuba players on the planet Earth [Music] [Music] playing low on a low brass instrument is about the instrument not so much about the player maybe a little bit about the player not so much it’s about your instrument now what about going higher going higher is about the player not about the instrument you can play on the most amazing miraphone tuba or Yamaha or whatever tuba that you want to get and spend ten thousand dollars or spend fifteen thousand dollars and guess what the upper register your tone everything your endurance is about you the player and your strength not about the instrument popping out pedals and double pedals and blatting and playing low and actually maybe you see not just Blatty but sounding good it’s more about the instrument so I’ve seen some low brass brag and brag and brag about all they can play low they could play pedals it’s about your instrument folks don’t take too much credit for that you brag when you can play the double highs and the triple highs okay you know when you can get up there like Bobo like Oystein then you brag if you’re popping out double pedals and you’re bragging about that there’s nothing to brag about that it’s your instrument okay take a listen yeah I’m gonna do a little bit on tuba [Music] [Music] TUBA! hey you hope you enjoyed Tuba and yeah so no I don’t know I don’t do tuba every week I don’t do it every month but I certainly know how to play it I know how to teach it I know how to make you a better tuba player that’s 100% the fact now what do we got here trombone now you have seen me play several pieces with the trombone a lot more than tuba but I again I don’t play this all the time look I got the Sizzle Weight on it better accuracy better tone a little bit better range it works and so yeah go ahead take a listen [Music] I also can play and teach cornet it’s about the same as trumpet not exactly and notice got a Sizzle Weight that works with cornet let’s see if this guy’s warmed up [Music] I’m just showing you this mainly to let you know that there is a Sizzle Weight that will fit your cornet mouthpiece French horn and look at this the Sizzle weight on the French horn I got one for the French or most of you don’t see me play French horn that much and that is true I don’t play French horn all the time but I do teach it I do teach you how to get better [Music] Hey you know what take a listen let me play something a little harder than that [Music] [Music] okay I hope you enjoyed this in-depth discussion about practice aids practice devices I’m giving you tips and tricks and exercises and all kind of trying to get your brain thinking and turn the light bulb on I’ve got new instruments that are gonna be much more affordable than the typical brand name you’ve seen me post a Wanted piccolo ad for quite some time I really wanted to get involved in piccolo I didn’t have $4,000 in my pocket or my bank account or 5,000 for a Scherzer I just didn’t have that extra cash to go put down on a piccolo now I got a great piccolo it’s gonna be either half or even one-third the cost of some of these brand-name Piccolos and it’s a decent horn as you’ll see the the double bell jazz horn I only got one right now you better grab it the holidays are coming up can you imagine what you’re gonna do with it and all the possibilities and then let’s just face it if you’re listening to this and you already can play amazingly high with a big open sound with the gorgeous tone flexibility you can do the whole world of trumpet or brass instruments from classical to jazz to rock to commercial you can do it all well then you don’t need to get any of this stuff you don’t need the sizzle pipe you don’t need the sizzle rims you don’t need these other practice aids you already can do it all but for the rest of you if you’re wanting an edge all these give you a percent edge here you get one percent here two percent there three percent there and of course you got to practice your main instrument but this will all put the thumb on the scale and tilt the odds in your favor to becoming a better brass player and now and let’s just really think about it why not try why not get these and just try you don’t really have much to lose so I’m Kurt Thompson TRUMPETSIZZLE.COM Go out there and you can always click on catalog when you get there and you click on catalog and the whole thing comes down or you can search my site for a specific item but you click on catalog and you could scroll through for all these items I’ll try to have the link in the description below we’re getting into October of 2019 and NOW is the time to go ahead and get involved in this stuff also don’t forget about all my courses courses to make you better more quickly [Music] I’m Kurt Thompson I hope you enjoyed this by the way it wouldn’t hurt a little bit if you wanted to support this channel that would be great um I got my some people kind of throw me a bone from time to time it’s really cool I do a lot of work if all this is pretty much for FREE and it takes a lot of time to do all this so anyway it’s just a thought hope you’re having a great day that you enjoyed this you got something out of it and the light bulb came on for you bye for now please go over to patreon become A supporter support my channel AND my work and what I’m doing I really need your help thank you so much this is Kurt Thompson [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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