Breakfast Egg Muffins – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

Breakfast Egg Muffins – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

today we are gonna be talking about
breakfast and I know if you’re a mom like me or if you’re really busy
you’re running out of the house you’re trying to get your kids ready for school
and that’s really really busy in the morning but you want them to have
something healthy and we all know cereals are not healthy
toast is not healthy you definitely don’t want to be giving your kids
Nutella which is just full of sugar so I wanted to show you one of the staples
one of the main things that I cook on Sundays I get it already so that for the
rest of the week my kids have a super healthy yummy breakfast that’s really
easy and quick for them when they run out the morning and these are called
protein breakfast muffins let’s get started so to make our breakfast muffins
all we need are four eggs 1/2 a cup of Greek yogurt make sure it’s plain
unflavored half a cup of unflavored protein powder and then your veggies of
choice I have some yellow peppers here I have some green onions I have some
spinach that’s chopped up and a little bit of cheese that I’ve graded already
and then over here I have some spices that I like you can choose whatever
herbs you like but I have a mixture of some garlic some salt some pepper and a
little bit of parsley in here so whatever it is you like for your flavor
go ahead and add it in it couldn’t be easier I’m gonna show you how we put all
this together takes 5 minutes now you’ve got breakfast for the week so we’ll
start with our eggs let me just crack them right in and then you want to add in your Greek
yogurts just dump it right in there you don’t have to worry about an order
everything will get mixed up nice and easy we’re gonna mix this up just a
little bit and then while we’re mixing it up we’re gonna add in our unflavored
protein powder what is so great about using unflavored protein powder is it
gives them that muffiny flavor that muffiny texture but more importantly
it’s full of protein it’s very very filling your kids are gonna eat or
you’re gonna eat just one and you’re gonna feel really full it’s going to
keep your blood Sugar’s your glucose levels nice and low for the rest of the
morning and there’s lots of really great research that shows when you start your
morning off with a nice protein breakfast you’ll actually eat less
throughout the day you’ll be less hungry you’ll be less snacky so it’s a perfect
way to start your morning now I’m gonna add my spices my herbs in here and keep
mixing and then you just dump in your veggies and you can really use anything
I’ve used kale I’ve used mushrooms sometimes I’ll put some ham in here or
if I have leftover bacon which the kids really like and I’ll dump that in as
well onion and my trick with the cheese is I
don’t put it in my batter you’ll see that once we pour this into our little
baking dish I’ll add some cheese on top afterwards so that it looks really
pretty you can see what your batter looks like it looks yummy and great it
doesn’t have to be mixed perfectly even if there’s a few little chunks it’s not
a big deal it’ll all taste great and once it’s cooked and I’ve pre sprayed
with some olive oil my pan I have a little heart pan my kids love make sure
that you’re not using a canola oil using olive oil spray or
use a coconut oil spray for example but try to stay away from from your canola
oils that are not very healthy for you so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re just
going to scoop a nice big scoop in each one just like that so pretty and so yummy and you want them to be not quite all
the way full to the top because they will rise a little bit and here we go
just look amazing and then you just put a tiny little bit of cheese right on
each bit so that it looks great and the kids get that cheesy flavor or you if
you’re the one eating it and here we perfect now we’re gonna pop this in the
oven at 350 degrees for about 10 to 12 minutes okay so it’s been 12 minutes it
smells amazing in here I’m gonna pull our little breakfast muffins out of the
oven and I’ll show you how they turned out look at these are these not adorable and
so healthy for you so filling let’s get them out of the pan and have a look and
see what they look like all right so we’re gonna pull one out of the pan here
and pop it on our plate look at this nice and fluffy super yummy super
filling full of protein you have your protein from your eggs you have your
veggies in here tiny little bit of cheese and your extra protein powder and
they make the most amazing breakfast muffins you’re going to love them let’s
try a little bite and see how it tastes mmm there’s just how you start your
morning’s right here it was just so good you guys like comment please do
subscribe so that you get our next recipes and let me know what versions
you want take some pictures let me see what you’ve come up with for your own
breakfast muffin thanks guys

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  1. What other alternatives can be use instead of Natural NutraLean ( Is there in the market a protein powder that can be use to make this dish ) I checked the web site for Natural NutraLean and is out of my reach…

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