British Real Life SuperHero (Bodybuilder Lifestyle)

British Real Life SuperHero (Bodybuilder Lifestyle)

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  1. The common point of people who succeed in success in muscle training is that they are not muscle tracing historical length nor a great deal of knowledge but have guts outside the territory.

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  3. Horrible freaking deadlift form, wtf I will never understand how accomplished fitness athletes can have some of the shittiest form…

  4. Retarded lazy people who say its steroids, get ur mind right Though the muscle doesnt grow up without lifting. Nothing is grown on trees

  5. Slow your role down now fellows. There is no superhero here just a good fellow with a mountain height of motivation and determination to achieve his goals daily. There is no steroids either, just hard work DAILY.

  6. Does he save lifes, stop property loss, or otherwise improve his surroundings to get the title "super-hero?" Seems a little over-stated for someone who only eats and picks up things…

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  8. What a waste of time, food, energy, brain cells and Oxygen. A completely useless person. Like all of them he will hit age 40-50, lose his disproportionate mass and quickly realize he didn't learn a trade in all those hours at the gym sweating with other useless idiots and has zero relevance in the world.

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