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  1. Each time you have an idea, first it started with an image. Quarks spin billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming protons and neutrons. We consist of 7 billion billion billion atoms, each one spinning as fast as the quarks within them. Therefore, We are 100% light images, brilliant and strong and taught to forget this. The physicist Barbara Brennan wrote the book "Hands of Light" to say that we are eternal, holographic, multidimensional and electromagnetic energy and light beings.
    Our thoughts are literal images that vibrate us into what we see. It is fair to say that all these spinning quarks are projecting us into this movie we call life. So each quark must be like a movie projector, spinning that reel of images into fields of electromagnetic energy that reflect back to us what we think we see, what we want to see, what we imagine we will see, what we believe we will see.

  2. Why can't someone with no arm… simply picture having an arm, believe they have an arm… and presto.. they got an arm!

  3. What the hell Bruce?! I’ve been cruisin’ along. Making sense of what you say. Watching for your new videoz. Thinking you were a factual man with no agenda…. but low and behold…. You decide to talk “stupid” and throw Trumps name in there??!! Completely judgemental. No need for it, to support your point…. just threw it out there. Ok. Guess what? That one judgement, in less than a sentence, made me wonder, how stupid are you?? It wouldn’t matter who our president was! You actually think, your stats and studies, are going to convince anyone that Trump, personally, nobody else mentioned, just Trump…. is stupid! I like what you say, but for someone so smart? That was the most stupid statement you could have made!! Makes me think twice… about myself… for listening to you!! How arrogant! How insulting! How STUPID!

  4. For all you fellow commenters. Bruce speaks some good vibe shit. And, from what he says he’s a scientist… telling us about energy, and our minds. YAY! Loved it too! All about it, still. But, he had the audacity to give a public message, and make it subjective… like nobody was going to notice? He made a good study, look bad! I’m embarrassed for him. C’mon? Am I alone in this? Nobody noticed that he’s an ass with a good message, positively to bright to think ANYONE in the UNIVERSE, would very accidentally, with their 5% conscious mind, think that he could play his opinion…while expressing universal/personal communication?? WOW! Made me think twice about thinking!!

  5. Pre-ordained by our genetic material so pharmaceuticals can be sold to you for the problems we tell you are wrong with your genetics.

  6. 22:40 Bruce you're SO right! I'm in the university phase on my life and I promise you I'll show the world what you have been trying to explain for over 30 years. We need to help this planet guys!

  7. Michael Jordan many times that his father would teach him to turn negatives into positives, after his father was murdered he said that to get over the loss of his father he would cope with it by turning it into a positive " atleast I had him in my life for as long as I did some people never have that opportunity "

  8. Pirates used the nocebo effect alot . They send a enemy a letter with a black dot and under was written a time/ date you would die. Belief in that. They would watch the time/date. Would have a accidents on time/date from fear.

  9. This is exactly what Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev was speaking about …taking control of own chemistry through yoga or meditation .

  10. Payment is nil for this period you are give it it is very complicated what you do and get benfits energy, education skills , marriages efficency ,business talent ,meditation talent you received this is you getting rare on Earth this is new subject for this benfit for giving to individual no plesent ,no positiveNess , no encourage, no happy you created what is your openion .you are not in positiveness why you feel the subject is stuff feeling. You cannot follow the reality in your life .when you do it work in positiveNess then I feel happiness . Yshk viswanatham MscBed.

  11. Sad how no one can do a single interview anymore without mentioning Donald Trump. Practice what your preaching Dr Lipton and you never would of had to mention Trump.

  12. What about mental illness? Can someone who has bipolar disorder or schizophrenia for many years, can that be reversed? So curious to know.

  13. I just hope that he dies by natural causes… So many Doctors & CDC workers suddenly died after they discovered the truth about the pharmaceutical industry… Great guy &great knowledge.

  14. There’s a reason God says we must renew our minds daily and to think and meditate on what’s good and positive. Change your mind, change your life!

  15. Brother Dr Bruce Lipton

    Thank you for teaching us 

    Therefore, by their fruits, you will know them.  Matthew 7/20

     By their fruits, you will know them.  Maybe harvesting thorny grapes, or thistle figs?  Matthew 7/16

     That day, you will know that I am in my father, and you in me, and me in you.  Jean 14/20

    God Blessed  , Dieu bénit 

    My Vision with God

    Date 05/01/1981 

    City ,Clermont Ferrand 

    Province , Puy de Dôme 


    Ferrier Richard , Student , Servant ,

    The Holy Bible

  16. Love listening to him but I’m a huge trump fan!!! Shame on you with all your knowledge and you still had the need to throw out your negative thoughts. Stick with what you know and keep your ego to yourself ❤️

  17. He and others have the courage to talk about the healty benefits how the God created us from the first day and going against the Pharmaceutical industry. More peoples need to take example from him and others. The TRUTH about everything in this planet CAN BE HIDDEN to infinity. 🙏🙏🏼🙏🏼

  18. Hi Bruce,I just wanted to say hi to you we spoke a couple weeks ago with a gentleman and I don’t even know how that happened. You guys are on YouTube and I was just reacting like I always do when you guys heard me it was funny and then we talked for a while you’re amazing I love you and Joe and Gregg there to my other favorites and Susan Mortar.

  19. One's thinking and choices highly impact one's reality based on my own life experience. Over time biology follows belief and the environment. Few years ago I attended Bruce Lipton's lecture on Epigenetics and his experiments in biology supporting it his theories. Talked with him after about my my own life experiences. My enthusiasm and love plus my dreaming gave me what I wanted… and looking back I had no idea that that's how it works. I have read his "The Biology of Belief", and "Spontaneous Evolution". His enthusiasm in the subject is impressive, exciting, and inspirational.

  20. Jesus! People will believe anything, even those who claim themselves to be educated, they will use their education to spew pseudointellectual/ pseudoprofound nonsense.

  21. I'm surprised this awesome man is still alive . Thank you Mr Lipton for sharing your knowledge ❤️❤️❤️ blessing for everyone in here,


  23. Thank y'all. This is very true. I've had countless elders pass from cancer. I'm grateful for my health. Just wish others knew this type of faith.

  24. It's really annoying that you don't have the entire show here. Hopefully you will do it like everyone else does: Tom Bilyeu, Lewis Howes, Ed Mylett…Love Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden; they are advanced in their thinking! I've been to two Dr. Joe events and one of Gregg's, would enjoy seeing Bruce live as well.

  25. how sad that so many people will say this isnt even true he doesnt know what hes talking abouyt and then go back to their tom delongs full disclosure videos… ridiculous

  26. The teaching of Buddhism 'what you think you become' ❤️ thank you Dr. Lipton as this is to proof that it actually true but Dr. Lipton bring out in scientific way.❤️❤️❤️

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