Brutal Six Pack Abs Workout (6 MINUTES OF PAIN!)

Brutal Six Pack Abs Workout (6 MINUTES OF PAIN!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So, I’m a little bit up close and personal
here, but lately I’ve been bringing you behind the scenes, so I figured; let’s keep it rolling
her eon a Washboard Wednesday. I want to take you through a real time, follow
a long ab workout that I do every single day, or at least it’s like what I do every single
day. You see, we have our ab shuffle feature built
into all of our programs, so when you purchase one of our Athlean-X programs and you go online
into your portal you have the ab shuffler here available for you. What it does is, it allows you dictate the
level that you’re at so you could be a beginner where you just train a few times a month,
or train a couple days a week, or train four to five days a week, or “I’m Athlean”. In this case we’re going to take a workout
from the guys that we call “at max level”. Four to five days a week that you’re training.
I hid that, and basically I could choose the equipment that I have available to me at the
moment. Basically, if I look at the equipment – let’s
just go with a home workout. We’ll go completely equipment free. Here I’ll select “no equipment”,
I hit “Start”. Now it brings up a shuffled workout. We have a 6:30 ab workout here. One down,
two up. So if you want to look at what they look like before you do them, great. You click
on the exercise; one down, two legs go up, one comes down, two legs go up just like a
“heels to heaven” with a little bit more difficulty because you have the extra weight of one leg. We’re going to do those for 60 seconds. Twisting
Pistons down here on the floor, again, a rotary ab movement. There’s a specific reason why
these exercises in these categories are in this order. I talk about this 6-pack progression, that’s
what we call it here, but the idea is there’s a sequence you should train your abs in. I
believe you should start on your lower abs, make sure you hit your obliques, have bottom
up rotation and top down rotation movements, mid-range movement; they’re all here and every
single one of our shuffled workouts follows that order. Hands free knee tuck. Here, more of a mid-range
movement. Back and crunch in. next, starfish crunch. Arms out, legs out, right here, up
and rotate so we’ve got a top down rotation. Then we have our 90-90 crunch. Just a regular
90-90 crunch. Keep those legs up, sometimes you can put a medicine ball up for extra challenge,
right up on the end of your feet. But this is a no-equipment workout here so
you don’t need to. Then you have one last, little 30 second rest period, and you’re going
to come back with the starfish crunch, which is probably one of the hardest ones in this
workout, for 60 seconds. All you do is hit start. I’m going to get myself in position over here.
All of these, again, equipment free. I should be able to do them right in that spot over
there so you don’t need a lot of room. She’ll start emceeing what we’re doing and we’ll
get it going. But you’re going to follow along with me. So we’re up, one down. Up, and one down. Much different than a regular
“heels to the heavens”. Two up and one down. Oh, man. 30 seconds. I hope you’re down here
doing these with me, because we don’t do this all that often. 10 seconds. Remember, final
up movement. Twisting pistons, 60 seconds. Rotational ab
movement, a little bit explosive. Halfway. 30 seconds rest. I could use those right about
now. The rest periods are all determined with an algorithm, believe it or not, that I spent
days and days and days figuring to make sure that after a certain combo, and certain length
of time of exercises that I would give you guys a designated rest period. It’s shorter, the harder the difficulty level
that you pick. It’s a little bit longer if you start off a beginner. Hands free tucks,
60 seconds. My mic just fell off. You can see the countdown right there on the screen.
It just tells you how much you’ve got left. Four, three, two, one. Legs out, arms out.
Up, and rotate. Up, and rotate. 90-90. Top down movement. I am not looking forward to
the other starfish crunches at the end. 10 seconds. Last 30 seconds to rest, last 30
seconds of starfish crunches. You see, the rest always seems to come in right when you
need it the most. Remember, if this is too hard for you, there’s
other levels of difficulty. We can get in really, really easy, you can start adding
equipment into it, with the hanging bar, bands, and you could do the Athlean-X program guides
that’s right in there. That’s one of the things available inside
your portal. Last 60. Arms out, legs out. I think I look like a dead starfish
at the moment. I’m looking at the clock right
here. I’ve got 40 seconds left. Woo! Shake them out! Shake them out! One more. 6:30; that’s all it takes. Oh my God. My abs
are fried. This is exactly why I tell you guys, you don’t have to work out forever
to get a hard workout in. if you do the right exercises and the right sequence you put them
all together; you can make a real hard work out in a real short period of time. Hopefully this gave you an example of that.
Again, behind the scenes, this is what I was doing tonight. So I flipped on the camera
and I wanted you guys to follow along with me. You can get access to this exact tool with
the Athlean-X training program available at In the meantime, if you liked
this video, make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. Give this one a try yourself. You can follow
along right there with me. It’s a great, great workout. All right, guys. See you back here again real

100 Replies to “Brutal Six Pack Abs Workout (6 MINUTES OF PAIN!)”

  1. Jeff: the rest period comes in when you need it the most.
    Me- 20 seconds into the workout.
    "Wheres that 30 seconds rest"!!

  2. tomorow ill start this one exercise bc it harder than other ab exercises on this chanell. those other exercises are to ez. I AM ALREADY MOTIVATED so no need for likes

    wow my abs actually got sore wtf.

  3. ADVICE NEEDED: I've been doing this for about 3 months now on most days unless injured. Went from no core strength to decent abs with slightly visible outlines.

    Only issue is the twisting pistons kill my toes when I do it (barefoot) causing injuries. Also I started hearing a click when doing hand free tucks next to my left pelvis and don't know why. Any tips?

  4. Can you really get better abs working them.out every day? I do every other day cause I thought one must let the muscles rest for 48hr anybody has an asnwer?

  5. what am i doing wrong? when i do hands free tuck movements. my hips/hip flexors fatigue and tired quickly. what can i do to remedy this issue

  6. I weighed 76 kg around 13 months ago. Around 6 months ago i started doing these ab workouts as well as other workouts using two dumbbells as well as calisthenics and am now 64 kg with 9% body fat and a six pack to show. These workouts definitely work. I like to mix up all of Jeff's ab workouts ( e.g the 6 pack ab promise workout and so on) and maybe missed 5-6 days in 6 months, so as long as you go hard, your abs will too. Good luck.

  7. By far the best ab workout I've ever come across – its quick, its efficient and it has wicked mean results – for only 6 minutes – what else are you doing with your time?!?!?

  8. guys get this done and eat well i can’t stress enough how much this helps i’ve been doing this for about 3 months every time before bed alongside eating right and now i’m as ripped as him 💪🏾🔥enjoying results a lot

  9. Jeff, I can't stand you. I'm yelling at you through the entire 6:30. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING IT. You're a great resource.

  10. Every time I do this workout I scream out "you said 30 seconds star thing at the end!! You lied to me Jeff!" Lol

  11. Two down one up—-60 sec
    Twisting pistons—-60 sec
    Hands free tucks—-60 sec
    Starfish crunch—-30 sec
    90/90 crunch—-60 sec
    Starfish crunch—-60 sec

  12. I highly recomend this. I've been doing this workout on average 3 or 4 days a week for 2 months and have noticed new definition in my abs, got rid of my love handles.

  13. That was definitely brutal, hardest one I’ve ever done! Just finished haha. Going to continue this as often as possible. (Daily)

  14. I’ve been doing these three times a week for about two weeks I’m not that fit, but I seem to not really be getting that much of a burn from this? Just exhausted and tired I’m not sure if it’s really helping me

  15. way too easy, i don't even have any showing abs, and i did 7mins abs before this….i'm very lean so that's not the issue. What's with the fake struggling jeff ?

  16. I'm gonna do this for 90 days.
    Keep updating every day (Sunday rest day) :
    Day 1 : ✅ WOW this is not easy at all
    3 week I haven't done it, the important is that I came back so here we go again !
    Day 1 : ✅
    Day 2 : ✅
    Day 3 : ✅
    Overtraining but I won't stop !
    Day 4 : (rest)
    Day 5 : ✅
    I will do it just 3 times per week cause I wanna incorporated some strength abs training
    Week 1 : Abs training x2
    Daaamn the second workout I did so much better I'm progressing !

  17. Great ab exercises. I substituted the “Twisting Pistons” for “Mountain Climbers”. I love the “Starfish Crunches” and the overall routine. Thanks Jeff 👍

  18. When I do a lot of exercises lying on the floor my tailbone starts to hurt especially the ones like the hands free tuck where you're pivoting. Am I lying on the wrong spot or is it just a bad idea to do this on a hard floor

  19. One two down ups:60 sec
    twisting pistons:60 sec
    Rest:30 sec
    Hands free tucks:60 sec
    Starfish crunch:30 sec
    90/90 crunch:60 sec
    Rest:30 sec
    Starfish crunch:60 sec

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