Brutal Triceps Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

Brutal Triceps Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, The Sore in Six Minutes series continues today. This time we’re hitting the triceps. For all of you out there that say “I just
can’t get my triceps to even remember that I trained them the day before.” No more. You see, with the Sore in Six, it’s just six
minutes. I’m going to give you a routine that makes
your triceps remember that you worked them today. You’re going to start feeling that as soon
as tomorrow and the key is choosing the right exercises and doing them the right way, with
the right intensity. As you can see, I already just did. Here’s what we’re going to do though, to make
sure that you’re feeling the same way. You’re going to grab two pairs of dumbbells. The first one is going to be a weigh that’s
lighter than what you would normally use on a dumbbell line extension. Here’s why: you’re going to do six minutes
straight of this stuff, okay? So I chose 20lbs here, which is probably about
half of what I usually train with. We’re also then going to take the weight that’s
double that weight. So you are going to use those 40lbs, but you’re
going to use it for a different exercise I’m going to get to. But you’re going to start off here on an incline
bench. Now, why the incline? Because some of you that train that have bad
shoulders, if you’re trying to get your arm all the way up here, to this much elevation
could become a problem. So if we’re trying to stretch the longhead
of the tricep and get a good stretch on an extension – like I’m showing you here – this
is where I’d have to be if I was lying flat on my back. If I had the same position here, and had this
bend in my elbow and I’m on an incline I don’t have to elevate my arm up as much, so it’s
easier on the shoulders. So to be more universal here and still guarantee
a great workout, we’re going to set it on an incline. You’re going to do the first exercise in 21
style. So you’re going to do the first seven reps
at the top part of the range of motion and rep them out, but make sure that you achieve
that contraction. Remember, the arm will be slightly back beyond
vertical to make sure the triceps are fully taking on this load. Then we’re going to drop down to the bottom
half of the range. The bottom 1/3, and rep out for seven there. these are all done for about two second a
rep. so you should be 28 seconds in, or so, for the first two portions of that. then you’re going to go into a full rep. the
full rep is done more with the classic Sore in Six Minutes one second up, three seconds
down, focusing on the tension with the eccentric. Remember, that’s the whole key to the Sore
in Six series; making sure that we’re not avoiding the eccentric contraction, really
trying to prolong it. We’re seeking it out, and you can see me doing
that here. As soon as I do that I stand up, I invert
my body on the same incline bench, and now we’re going to do a kickback. Again, here we’re going for peak contraction. You can get the arm back, behind my body. I’m trying to contract as much as I can. I realize, you’re going to be a little sore
and tired at this point, but that’s okay. Keep going for as long as you can. You’ve got one minute to rep out as many reps
as you can and when you feel like you can’t anymore, see if you can hold that rep in that
final contraction for the duration of that second minute. Now, here’s the fun part because here’s where
we actually drop those light weights, and we go and grab those heavier weights. Now, with the heavy weights we sit back and
we adjust this bench to now be flat. We lay on our back, back into another line
tricep extension setup. What we’re going to do here is, we’re going
to allow our chest to help us with the concentric and turn this into an eccentric only exercise. Again, to load up on the eccentric on the
triceps. We’re going to press up like a dumbbell bench,
and we’re just going to let our elbows drop down. Sort of ‘French-pressed’ style toward our
forehead, or a little bit beyond. As soon as it comes down drop the dumbbells
on your shoulders, pull your elbows back down, put yourself back in position for a press,
and press them up again. So concentric with help, eccentric triceps
only. You keep that thing going for as long as you
can. That’s the first round through. You take it one more time through all the
way doing your best to get as many reps as you can and that’s what produces soreness. Now you get to see me put myself through the
torture in real time. So there you have it. Another Sore in Six in the books. This time the triceps, next time, who knows? I’m reading your comments, I’m looking for
your request, and I’m lining up the Sore in Six Minutes workouts to make sure I make them
for you, but keep this in mind: the goal is not to string as many of these together into
a single workout as you can because we’re not going to be talking about Sore in Six
at that point. We’ll be talking about Sore in 6000. That might be how long, and the number of
days that you’re sore because there is a limit to what your body can adapt to. What we’re trying to do here is break those
plateaus, convince yourself that you’re not one of those that can never feel X, or Y,
or Z muscle group ‘sore’. Now you can if you attack it the right way,
but you always have to prioritize a recovery. Especially as a natural lifter. In the ATHLEANX training system we manipulate
those variables in the right time, at the right place, with the right exercises to help
you to see those gains, and not interrupt your progress by shooting yourself in the
foot by doing the wrong things at the wrong time. If you’re looking for that complete training
program it’s over at In the meantime, if you like this series,
and if you like this particular series and you want to see more of it, again, let me
know what you want to see below and I’ll do my best to cover it. All right, guys. See you soon!

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  1. Minute 1: Light Weight Incline 21 Style

    Minute 2: Light Weight Kickbacks

    Minute 3: Heavy Weight French Press

    Minute 4: Light Weight Incline 21 Style

    Minute 5: Light Weight Kickbacks

    Minute 6: Heavy Weight French Press

  2. can you please take a video for complet body workout like bieceps,triceps,shoulder,
    back,thigh,calf etc without no eqipment

  3. Jeff I wanna thank you. I used to be an obese kid weighing 184 pounds when I was only 10. I’ve been following your videos and I’ve managed to burn the fat and now over the course of three years I now weigh 120 and look good.

  4. Your thumbnails are so misleading?? Working out is not about being sore it’s about progress and being able to train everyday not 3-4 times a week

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