Budget Grocery Shopping w/ Pro Bodybuilders | Fouad Abiad’s OG Grocery Hauls

Budget Grocery Shopping w/ Pro Bodybuilders | Fouad Abiad’s OG Grocery Hauls

we are almost at the grocery store here
in Windsor where I live and we’re gonna work on letting you guys see what I used
to eat coming up when I didn’t have a good job I didn’t have any money I’m
basically gonna show you guys how to get big on a budget all right so bananas are always a must
they don’t have to be organic you can get regular bananas not the most
expensive fruit but I always kind of the made room in my budget for a little
bit of fruit so when I first started out I was bouncing and bouncers in this city
make like minimum wage I used to take money at the door and shit let people in
and kind of make extra money that way but no there wasn’t a lot of money to go
around but I just made sure you know I’ve it’s not that hard like it really
isn’t like potatoes you can get a five-pound bag of potatoes for five
bucks so I made that shit go a long way like I ate a lot of potatoes I ate a lot
of oatmeal I ate a lot of rice like a bag of rice you can get big big bag of
rice for ten bucks so these are the kind of things you want to look at when
you’re trying to get big on a budget you got to find what works for you and these
are the cheapest foods so we’ll grab a bag of potatoes five pound bag of potatoes five bucks so same thing when you’re buying chicken
okay you’re gonna buy the cheaper cuts or the cheaper brands so like this is
the grocery store brand they’re looking at $15 a kilogram
7.50 7.50 a pound same thing with the chicken thighs but if you get into the
more expensive stuff you know you’re talking about the more prime cuts of
chicken breasts this is 25 dollars a kilogram or 12.50 a pound so you want to
keep you want to look at like drumsticks chicken thighs ground chicken ground
turkey maybe not the highest end cuts of
chicken breast that’s where you’re gonna live if you’re if you’re buying chicken but more importantly you’re probably gonna live more in the beef
area because ground beef is gonna be really cheap in comparison to chicken
so if you come over here if we get into like a value pack which
is probably what I would have bought back in the day you’re looking at $12 a
kilogram or $6 a pound so you’re saving a couple bucks a pound
this is probably what I’m gonna go for most of the time and it also honestly in
the offseason probably what I eat most of anyway it mixes well with rice potato
pasta whatever you’re making this is gonna be my go-to so we’ll get some
ground beef we’ll get some chicken let’s grab some chicken breasts or some
chicken thighs listen when your body building and you’re worrying about money
you don’t really have the luxury of being like oh I can’t I gotta eat the
leanest cut of this or the leanest cut of that when you’re trying to come up and
you don’t have a lot of money you’re like okay if I have to buy the ground
beef and I have to strain it then that’s something I’ll do oatmeal is always a must and this is
four bucks okay so this bag last you a week if you’re eating like a lot of
oatmeal you’re eating a couple cups a day this will last you like a week or
more so you know it’s only four dollars carbs are the cheapest if anybody tells
you you know carbs are expensive then they’re buying the wrong carb okay I
never spent a ton of money on like really really expensive spices and spice
mixes and shit I would grab a big container of salt and a big container of
pepper that shit would last me forever it’s a minor expense but something you
got to think about okay six bucks for this big-ass thing right okay this is a
little bit more expensive but I have to make my food taste good somewhat so I
grab the peppercorns with the grinder it’s like seven bucks for this but this
is going to last you forever like this is it’s a lot of pepper
so I’m not worried about this I’m gonna have to buy once every fucking two
months pasta is fucking cheap now if you’re
gonna buy rice pasta you’re gonna spend a little more but you don’t want to you
don’t have to do that if we go over here like this is crazy look at this four of
these for five bucks so in the offseason when I’m growing I’ll usually smash one
or two of these a day okay so this is five bucks okay and one fifth of the
package is 63 grams of carbs so you literally most for most people most guys
you know 200 pound bodybuilder 220 pound bodybuilder for most guys this is 5
meals so you literally bought 5 meals for $1.25 okay this is how you
save money oh we need some pasta sauce this is gonna sound gross to you guys but
I didn’t care back in the day but I used to get this big jug of like prego pasta
sauce and they used to have it at all the grocery stores I don’t see it in
here anymore so I live down here somewhere you know these aren’t as good
but you’re at 2.99 these are the types of pasta sauces I used to eat back in the day
these ragu over here even better 2.50 I lived in the 2.50 area
somewhere okay so we have rice we have all these different types of rice and
they’re 10 bucks I mean look at this is insane all right got like the 17 pound bag of rice and it’s ten
bucks this will last you fuck man this could last you a month depending on how much pasta you’re eating you come in here and you get like you know chickens on sale
buy fucking ten packs of chicken don’t worry about it if fucking portion them off
what I used to do actually to be honest with you is I would go to a butcher and
I would get big bags of fucking ground beef and I would have them portion them
into one-pound bags and it would freeze the bag now when I look at this for some reason
I don’t believe this is actually olive oil
it looks like fucking canola oil with a olive sticker on it so I like people to
fool me if you’re gonna fool me you got to do a better job so to me this looks more so
I’ll spend a little bit more money this one’s $8.99 or even this one here
is $9.99 it’s organic so it looks pretty authentic to me this looks like a you
know straight from Italy so oh so you know but again like okay it’s ten bucks
it’s a lot of money to spend on one item but this item you know depending how
much fat is in your diet this could last a month so you know we’re talking about
buying weekly but some of the items I have in here are gonna be monthly
purchases like you’re not gonna buy this weekly you’re not gonna buy this salt
weekly most of the weekly stuff that we’re buying is the meat the oatmeal the
bananas you know the rice even is gonna last more than a week too I have to be
honest with you guys nowadays I can no longer eat like shitty tuna I have to
eat like a little bit like the nicer tuna the tuna here is the 1.49
on the bottom there that’s probably what I would went for back in the day I can’t
eat that anymore I just I can’t get it down so now I’m in the the flaky white
tuna it’s got to be albacore so I’m probably here so it’s 3.50 which is not
much cheaper than you can probably get a chicken breast for so I’m not really
saving myself money by buying tuna anymore and I don’t think you would be
either unless you’re down at the bottom if you’re gonna spend 4 bucks on this
you could probably get a chicken breast for 4 bucks if you’re not a good cook or if you’re
cooking with less than the highest quality foods condiments are a must like
one of my meals back in the day man that shitty can of tuna with some baked
potatoes in Italian dressing and mash all that shit together and that was a
meal and it’s cheapest as fuck cuz the tuna was cheap the potatoes are cheap and
then you get a bottle of Italian dressing for like five bucks so
condiments are an absolute must if you’re gonna get your food down so for
tuna you know you’re looking at Mayo this is five bucks we go with this mustard is always a must if you’re gonna
buy the frenches you’re gonna pay a little more this one’s a dollar
ninety-nine I’ve never eaten the no-name ketchup
I’m a sucker for marketing so I’m going with the no sugar added Heinz three
bucks if you’re gonna be eating a lot of
chicken you know drumsticks thighs or cheaper cuts of chicken breast barbecue
sauce is a must you’re gonna be dousing it so this is a
dollar ninety-nine because we’re not rich we can’t afford fresh organic
vegetables unless we go to like a market you know if you go to like a farmers
market you can probably get cheaper vegetables and stuff there but if you’re
just going to try and pick everything up here frozen vegetables probably cheapest
bet so this is what I was using for vegetables back in the day I don’t know
if this counts as vegetables it probably doesn’t it’s like really just like the
sugariest worse vegetables you can find but I’m just being real man this is what
I ate I’d mix it with my rice mix it with whatever and help me get my food down so egg whites are super super popular right
now I mean they’ve always been popular but if you’re gonna do egg whites if you
have to if you if you have a little bit extra money you’re gonna be over here
this is like the grocery store brand it’s three bucks for a carton so that’s
actually a pretty good buy like if you think about it that’s three bucks for 50
grams of protein so you’re looking at 3 bucks if you’re eating usually if you’re
200 to 250 pound guy you’re eating 50 grams of protein for a meal three bucks
for a meal is pretty good so throw in some egg whites and then you always got
to have eggs because eggs are probably like the best bodybuilding food ever you
know these are $4.99 so the only thing we’re missing now to complete my diet it
would be some peanut butter so let’s grab that
so we’re still gonna look for the cheapest one so what I used to do is
just grab this one this Kraft one is just peanuts there’s nothing else in it so
yeah peanut butter is a must it’s a little bit more expensive because we’re
not buying the regular shitty brand we’re buying like the natural just
peanuts so you’re gonna pay $6.99 for this but it’s still better than paying
$6.99 for this and a little bit more in this one this is probably a better
quality brand but I don’t give a shit when I’m trying to save money
I want more so this is more okay guys so that’s our bodybuilding on a budget we
got our eggs our chicken thighs the ground beef we got all our stuff we need rice
pasta everything we need to get big now we’re gonna check go to the checkout see
where we’re at but like I said these aren’t all weekly items so I’m gonna try and
ring up the weekly items first let’s see what that comes to and then I’m gonna
add the other things in that we’re gonna that are gonna last a lot longer like
this jar peanut butter or you know this bottle of olive oil that will last
probably a month so let’s see what our weekly food comes to we’re gonna try and
stay under 100 bucks and then we’ll add in our ancillary items that are probably
gonna make a total a little more but they’re also gonna last a lot longer
than a week see that’s what I’m saying so you can buy
your weekly food for a hundred bucks and that food will last me you know a little
while like three days four days and then we’re gonna get into some of this stuff
which is gonna last longer but we’re gonna need anyway so you can go ahead
and add it so the final total is 130 476 I should go I should be on The Price is

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  2. Food seems so expensive in the US, in the UK I can get frozen chicken breast for about £4 a kg and pasta for about 30p a pack if you go really cheap

  3. Fouad you are arab….. I expect a little more flavour in your food than shitty salt and pepper
    Something cheap like Tumeric or Zaatar or maybe even cumin or grama masala will do the trick

  4. I wanted to move to Canada but now looking at the prices, fuck Canada is expensive as shit and i come from Australia, also a expensive country.

  5. fuck me america is expensive! come to the uk and I could genuinely get double that shopping and still be a little bit less money!

    3.50 for one tin of tuna?! you can get a 4 pack for that price here,

    1kg or mince for 12? can get that for 6 here..

  6. OMG, I didn't realize that Felice Navidad lived in Windsor! Wow. The armpit of Ontario, right along with Chatham and Tilbury.( A big LOL!) Although, it does have a lot of stripclubs.(Something that Felice is probably well aware of. How is Studio 4 doing, Felice?)(lol!)

    Well, Fouad(Felice), that explains a lot. I guess I've been too critical on you in the past. I just didn't realize your living conditions. Although, Riverside can be quite nice, even though you're looking a Detroit across the filthy, polluted river. You should try moving on up in the world, perhaps into civilized, Southern Ontario.(LOL!) Nice to see you are still eating(bad) so well!

  7. $100 a week is a lot still.. I live in Israel here it would be more like $150 at least.. Can't really afford to eat like that:( $600 only on food when the minimum wage is probably around $1300 and half of it is rent.. Even when I save I have money only for food and rent nothing else.. Not to mention that you need a car to carry groceries and to pay bills and what not.. What would you suggest for me?

  8. even though his arms are bigger than my legs, I think I could take him in a VERY unfair fight? LOL, then again maybe not? Looks like a good solid guy! Thanks for the vid.

  9. That fancy French sea salt ! 👌 Not really a budget item, but it does last a while, because it's salt. 😂 Overall, a great video. It is easy to spend $$$ at the grocery store. But as my man shows us, it's also not impossible by any means to buy nutritious & filling meals on a small budget.

  10. Here is Canada if you find a lower price on a product elsewhere, Walmart will match it, plus they have their store brand. Honestly, it would cost about 40% less when shopping there. Okay okay, no one WANTS to shop at walmart, but when you need to, you need to.

  11. If you have a Laptop or Desktop you could look into Couponing.. Or a Family Dollar Name Brand Foods For a lot less than the Supermarket….

  12. WHAT KIND OF POTATOES?! WHAT KIND OF GROUND BEEF?! Bro why you leave out the important details? Red potatoes? 80/20 lean beef? Why is it that hard to put that in the video??

  13. The sizing he did with his hands for the bottle of Italian dressing was the size of his entire torso

    Must have won it from a carnival

  14. Man this guy looks so tired and unhealthy
    Bags under his eyes and just lethargic
    Food he’s eating is so nutritionally deficient
    Bunch of factory farmed muscle meat and gmo carbs

    Prob has enlarged heart and liver

    Being big isn’t good for longevity or organs

    He’s a nice guy
    Hopefully he doesn’t keep doing this forever

  15. Fouad does it right, he doesn’t try to make things complicated, he just wants his food to taste good and do what it needs to do. I love the videos with him in.

  16. He was way over paying..

    $2.99-$3.99 for 10lbs potatoes
    $1.00 for pasta sauce
    900g bag of pasta for $1.00
    $3.99lbs chicken breasts

    Those are decent sale prices up here in communist Canada

  17. That would be around $50-$60 in Texas. I couldn't imagine paying that much for basic ingredients. Bodybuilding is expensive up there!

  18. so basically for a person that just wants to eat healthy, not get big, around 400-500$ month – buying less of some stuff like rice and pasta and diverting that money to quality

  19. 6 bucks for 750g salt???
    In Denmark, prol the country with the world's most expensive groceries, it costs 0.37 usd for 1 kg lol

  20. Pragmatic, well explained rationale and the narrative is coordinated so the variable considerations are all worked into the recipe for balance. Removes the unnecessary goobledegook from the shopping experience and winnows it down to a very 'digestible' and well-formatted dietary game plan. It also creates the essential mind-set of shopping appropriately with the emphasis on an algorithm that makes the foods harmonious as to taste and structure. Very cut & dried, but very interesting and well conceived.
    Very well done with no frills.

  21. I don't know where you live but meat especially and a lot of other things are Really expensive there!! I'm sure I could shave at least $40 US off that total here in South Dakota.

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