Build An Exercise And Nutrition Plan For Fat Loss And Muscle Gain | Nutrition And Aging

Build An Exercise And Nutrition Plan For Fat Loss And Muscle Gain | Nutrition And Aging

OK, so like me, you’re an aging male and
you’ve decided that you want to put together a plan to slow, stop or even reverse the aging
process. But you know that putting together a plan
is complex, it’s confusing and it’s time consuming. But in this series, I break down that process
for you. This is Lance, and I’m back with the third
video in this series. In the first two, I identified what I think
are the 4 primary elements of an action plan, optimizing your hormone health, losing weight,
exercising and eating good food to support this plan, and I went into detail on the first
element…optimizing your hormone health. If you haven’t watched those videos, I’ve
put links to them, along with the final video in this series, in the description below. In this video, I’ll be covering the second
and third components to the plan…weight loss and nutrition. I’ll be talking about optimal body fat percentages,
the effects of excess body fat on the hormones, and the benefits of lower weight. I’ll also be talking about nutrition, both
the types of foods that your need to be eating, and the types of foods that you need to avoid…spoiler
alert, highly refined and processed foods…and some of the benefits of good nutrition. OK, so the second component to any man’s
plan to turn back the clock has to do with your weight. If you’re overweight, then you need to lose
that extra weight and get your body fat down to 15% or lower. And when I say lower, I mean down around 10%
to 12%. 15% is the maximum amount of body fat that
you can be carrying without being into the “overweight” zone. And you don’t want to be just barely under
the “overweight” zone…you want to be a lot under it. In your plan to optimize your testosterone
levels, losing weight is one of the things that should be at the top of your list. All that extra fat consists of adipose tissue,
and adipose tissue secretes an enzyme called aromatase. And aromatase converts your hard-won and increasingly
insufficient levels of testosterone into estrogen. You heard me right…your fat converts your
testosterone into estrogen. And higher estrogen levels can make your body
more prone to adding excess weight as fat. So it’s like a double whammy. All that excess fat that you’re carrying
converts your testosterone into estrogen before it has a chance to works it’s magic…and
then that estrogen makes you more likely to put on even more fat, creating even more aromatase. It’s an endless cycle…and one that you must
break. Because as you lose weight, as you lose the
fat, you are creating less and less aromatase. And as you create less aromatase, you stop
converting T into estrogen…and you become less prone to gaining weight as fat…and
more prone to gaining weight as muscle. But losing weight isn’t just good for your
hormone levels…it’s great for every aspect of turning back the clock. I know you’ve all heard the statistics about
obesity…how it shortens your lifespan, how it make you more prone to stroke, heart attacks,
diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, sleep apnea, kidney disease…the list goes
on an on. Losing weight make you less prone for all
of these risk factors and can not only extend your lifespan, but can extend that period
of your life in which you are active and perfectly capable of enjoying life to the fullest. There seems to be a movement in the US…and
in the world at large these days, to make being obese OK. I constantly see items on the internet and
in the news about everyone’s right to have whatever type of body they want. About a seeming propensity to celebrate the
slim, athletic body and not the overweight one. Phrases like weight privilege, thin privilege,
fat shaming and countless others have entered public lexicon. Now, while I agree that everyone has the right
to have whatever type of body that they choose, and that shaming a person just because they’re
overweight should never be tolerated…under any circumstances, the fact remains that for
every action there are consequences. And some of the consequences for being obese
are a statistically shorter lifespan, a propensity towards diseases like diabetes, metabolic
syndrome, stroke and heart attack, and many of the others that I mentioned earlier. But also things like having to pay higher
rates for health and life insurance, because of the aforementioned risk factors. Like having to pay more for any airline ticket,
or not being able to easily find fashionable clothing that fits. And the simple truth is that many people are
more attracted to people who are lean, fit and athletic. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Lean, fit and athletic is the way that nature
intended us to be. Now, I’m not going to pretend that these
methods will work on everybody. Every body is different, every body processes
nutrients, and exercise differently. And there are bodies out there that will resist
these methods. But by and large, the vast majority of people
out there will benefit from these methods. So, how do you go about losing weight. Simple, eat right and exercise. Now, I realize that might seem overly simplistic,
but in essence, that’s what you need to do. You need to be burning 500 to 1000 more calories
than you consume, on a daily basis. And you should be doing this by consuming
fewer calories, by eliminating junk food from your diet, and by burning more calories than
you currently are, by exercising. So let’s tackle nutrition first. You need to learn what foods are healthy and
good for you, and what foods are unhealthy and undermine any attempt to turn back the
clock. Because in my estimation, and this is totally
my own opinion, 90% to 95% of the food that is available to you to eat is unhealthy. It is processed and refined to the point where
it’s full of chemicals, food coloring, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics…the list goes on and
on. I posted a video earlier on “The Top 3 Reasons Aging Men May Be Overweight” in which I go on at length about the problems I have with our
food supple, and I’ll put a link to that video in the description below. So, what foods are healthy? Organic, whole foods that you prepare yourself. When you sit down to eat a meal, ideally,
it should be a meal that you made from scratch, from organic whole foods only. And here’s the thing…learning to eat right
is not only going to support your effort to lose weight, it’s also going to support
your effort to optimize your hormone health, it’s going to support your effort to get
fit and put on more muscle mass, it’s going to clean out your arteries and improve your
heart health, it’s going to improve so many aspect of your health that it’s almost impossible
to list them all. In my humble opinion, learning what type of
fuel your body needs to run most efficiently is the single most important thing that you
can do to optimize your health and to live a long, and active, life. And I’ve already posted a number of videos
about how to do just that, and I’ll be posting a lot more in the future. In the next video, the final one in this series,
I’ll be covering the final component to an action plan…exercise. I’ll also be going over a bunch of strategies
for addressing secondary elements to that plan. In the description below I’ve put links
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  1. Love how you phrased the consequences fro being overweight and in the end its a choice (most of the time). Great video

  2. Lance – my birthday is next month…the number is a bit higher than I'd like it to be…thanks for this series 🙂

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