Build Chest Muscle at Home (CHEST OVERLOAD TIP!)

Build Chest Muscle at Home (CHEST OVERLOAD TIP!)

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  1. Jeff….other workouts with just body weight, are religious with stretching. I am currently doing your AthleanXero program an I am very impressed an am glad to be a member, but nothin that I've found said anything about stretching. I was wondering if with the type of workouts an progression you put us through doesn't require stretching. If so can u put together an Athlean Xpandable stretching routine together for us.

  2. Jeff, what do you suggest for macronutrient ratios? 40C-40P-20F?  60C-15F-25P?  I know you don't "track macros", but if you did, and you were to give advice to someone who does, what would you suggest?  Also, how do you determine someone's daily caloric needs?  The Jackson-Pollock equation that I know doesn't take muscle mass into account, and therefore can't be wholly accurate.  If one of your baseball players wanted to know how many calories to eat, how would you calculate that?

  3. Can you do a video on how to progress into a full hanging muscle up? I can't get the snap down. What do I need to bridge the gap? Thank you.

  4. Can you do a video on how to progress into a full hanging muscle up? I can't get the snap down. What do I need to bridge the gap? Thank you.

  5. nice tip!!! thank you! I am progressing with thhe Athlean-X program each week getting stronger and starting to show changes! Cheers Jeff!!!

  6. Hey jeff, any other good bodyweight exercises would be helpful too, say for legs for example, other than pistols and jumping squats which are well known. Thankyou kindly keep being a hench 

  7. Simple,yet very effective. Maybe now I can do a one arm push-up. Hard to do with a damaged ac joint. Thanks for all the very informative videos!!! 

  8. this guy's the most innovative guy out there in the fitness industry. Week in and week out he never seemed to run out of ideas instead, always something new and keeps us all guessing.. A massive respect to you sir, all the way from Sri Lanka 🙂

  9. Hey Jeff, could you do a video on how to strengthen the muscles progressively to get strong enough to do a one arm pull-up? It would be much appreciated!

  10. I love Athlean X express! So many of your suggestions are compatible with my discipline, which is full out Pilates! Thanks, Jeff!

  11. This is by far the most effective way of building muscle and getting stronger without any weights by far! Thank you Athleanx

  12. Thanks Jeff though I can't afford your program but you have helped me a lot to workout with only bodyweight really THANKS MAN!! 

  13. I've always wanted to look ripped, but I can never seem to burn off my fat. It'd be awesome if you could show us some exercises that burn fat faster, and without equipment since I have none. Thanks

  14. I Jeff please advice, do i need to perform abdominal exercise if i want to put on weight . i am 26 now with 5'11'' and 52 kg with a waist size of 28''.

  15. Good, I am having constant problem, on the next day I dont feel my chest burned from the normal pushups(for example I always feel the back), but at the excercises it is challenging and I am feeling contraction. Maybe I should increase the tension of the excercise like you just shown, right?

  16. Hey, jeff! I do assisted one arm push up by resting the other arm on the floor fully extended. It's as if I'm an archer.

  17. Jeff, thanks for the video! Since I've been watching your videos (it's been 3 months already) I've understood that the posibilities of working out are endless. Also, now I'm ready to feel and activate as many muscles as possible when exercising and I understand and follow the concept of not just going from point A to B, but how you get there. Therefore, I've seen the results after 3 months of working out properly and dieting (I was already doing this) and I'd never imagined I could go this far. And it's far more to come 😉 THANKS JEFF!!!

  18. thank you i can feel my arms firing i am 16 years old i wanna khnow if body building exercices hav negative effects in this age

  19. thank you i can feel my arms firing i am 16 years old i wanna khnow if body building exercices hav negative effects in this age

  20. i can do 1 handed push ups with some difficulty just b EXTREMELY carefull when u do them i did them wrong like what twice and it f–ked up my shoulders so b really super carefull with ur form

  21. QUESTION FOR ANYONE: My forearms give out when doing dumbell exercises before the muscle being worked gives out (e.g forearm burns too much when doing bicep curls before bicep feels like its been worked) Any tips to solve this? Also same thing with core. E.g doing pushups and triceps are fine but can't continue because core can't hold me up. Thanks for the help

  22. Hi Jeff, this has always been in the back of my mind. How long does muscle last, if you eat at a maintenance? Will you really lose all your gains from not training for a week?

  23. If you are looking to bulk up, you should search google for Muscle Maker Method. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  24. Sir, with all due respect I've been watching all your videos, indeed they're helpful. I have a personal workout regimen that follows HIT I made over years of training, I simply believe no one can endure or push through, seriously that's how intense I've built it. If you dare complete one week of my training.

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