Build Muscle by Walking – The “Walk” Muscle Building Workout

Build Muscle by Walking – The “Walk” Muscle Building Workout

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  1. Jeff's physique is such a weird MIRAGE of fitness. His bodyfat is so low that with a t-shirt on he looks kinda gaunt in the face and you can't tell if he is healthy or not, but when he's shirtless the question becomes whether he is just shredded or huge and buff cuz at one angle he looks super sleek and then he will do a set or two demonstrating a move and he swells up all wide in the back in a matter of like 2minutes!

  2. But do you notice how swol he gets?! When this guy pumps up its insane! Compare his back from the start vs. the end.

  3. Did you notice Mike Chang and his Sixpackshortcuts Ads are appearing just before your videos begin or 12-15 seconds after they start?

  4. I'm not trying to be rude or anything but it would be really helpful if Jeff starts saying the schedule of a workout like how many times a week or something like that.

  5. Do you have his athleanx program?? he spells it all out in there. I find these videos to be great additions to what he has already taken the time to detail out in his program. keep up the AWESOMEEEEE work jdcav!! one day this freeloader may actually get off his wallet and cough up the $ to buy your program!!

  6. I had a dream that Jeff was in my house , and we trained together .. Imagine how bad I felt after I woke up :/

  7. @superscorpionking90 I don't have his Athlean x program but I've been trying to bury since last month only that my debit card won't work. I'm not saying that he sucks or what he's doing here on YouTube sucks. I think he's really doing a good job. I was just saying that it would help if he gives out schedules even here on youtube.So don't call me a freeloader.

  8. He shouldn't, but you should search for it, cause there are TONS of vids who say the right things regarding that subject..

  9. I think what you should ask yourself is, if different lean fitness models on youtube honestly tell you that you have to eat 6 to 8 times per day with the right macro's and stuff,(not those telsell models) I think you can say that it works pretty great so why search for something else.. people are trying to be innovative but I think its starting to get annoying, also think there is no logic in fasting..

  10. In my opinion jeff's physique is the best. More muscle than that is too much for me. I know some like the BIG muscles but that ain't me :). Great vid jeff!!

  11. I wonder du you have a bench press training program of any sort as im looking to compete in it it would be very helpfull and fun to have a bit of advantage to my fellow competers 🙂

  12. Advanced level : exercise one – push up to row to step left to right. exercise two – lunge to press to step left to right. this would reduce all these movements into two exercises, brutal.

  13. Jeff, Great Video. Simple question, what are the benefits of doing this video? Would you consider this for muscle gain, burning fat, cardio?

  14. Nope, just don't start at age 11 or something like that. I started when I was 15 and I am now 19 and at my expected height.

  15. Idk how old you are, but Jeff is coming out with Athlean Teen soon. I'm sure he'll answer that question then.

  16. Hey Jeff, so would it be better if we do this for the exercises in AX-1? For example, if the workout says renegade rows or fielder curls, instead of doing it like we do normally, we do it like in this video? Or should we stick to the program exactly and do that the second time around or something?

  17. Heeyyy!!! JEFF
    The AX-1 and AX-2 work for baseball player (center fielder)??
    ( I am 17 years old )

  18. hey jeff, i have been using ur program for the last 7 weeks and i have seen a loss of muscle development. would i be able to have a refund as it says on your website the program can be refunded before the 60th day. thank you

  19. Hi , will this program and exercises work for vegetarian ectomorph? Is this exercise safe for spine?

  20. This guy looks really competent, but even though he's in awesome shape and looks great without a shirt on, I'd rather see him wearing a shirt. It's just more professional.

  21. hey Jeff…. My name is Dre…. and what i wanted to know is what is the best way to exercise your weaker side….. to be more specific i have cerebral palsy and im look for ways to strengthen my less dominant side…………..

  22. Im a teenager and I really need/want a good workout but I cant afford this, anybody got a good workout ?

  23. buddy, you should watch other youtube channels, like P.O.G and lifting for life, they give good advice and have good workout videos.

  24. It actually makes it tougher to balance and increase the need of your core. It pretty much makes the workout harder. However if it is too hard to use round dumbells then try doing it on carpet. it should help alittle.

  25. hey jeff im 14 years old. i have been working out properly for about 6 mouths, i have recently increase the amount of times i work out from 2 or3 —> 5 days a week. i have also just recently increased my daily calorie intake from 1500 to about 3000-3500. i work out quads and calves on Monday, chest on Wednesday, arms on Thursday, shoulders on Friday and back and hamstrings on Saturday. is this healthy and ok for me to do if i use proper form(which i do,i have practiced with low weight)? thx

  26. a lot of balance. legs are fried. zero momentum. all of these add up to a hell of an exercise. love your videos, they actually educate the viewer with solid scientific information.

  27. Then it'd be even more beneficial as you wil have to balance the weight, using the core and other muscles s stabilisers. More gains 😛

  28. Why do you match grip on the overhead press and not do a press similar to a barbell overhead press? The match grip is more straining, isn't it? This is a great series of working muscle groups in a short time, otherwise.

  29. M100. I don't like Mike Chang at all, but he didn't make that workout (which is probably why it's so great). You don't need any fancy movements, a short burst of maximal effort is great cardio. Any 'pacing yourself' for a long period of time means you're never pushing 100%, which wont get you any results.

  30. @ATHLEAN-X™ Is this video, Build Muscle by Walking – The "Walk" Muscle Building Workout, considered a burst training video that can be used during the 90 day program???

  31. I tore my lateral and arterial knee ligaments last year 2013 july but now I need some a work program to recover my knee back to the real form

  32. hey Jeff… I have been following your channel for couple of weeks…. I have been working out keeping your tips in mind and I feel very confident… just wanted your advice on some thing I tried last nite…. I did a farmers walk with a trap shrug and locked the shrug on top… got a good burn… just wanted your feedback if this is OK to continue or will it have any long term issues… thanks man… u motivate me every single gym day…

  33. While watching this video Jeff I came up with an idea I pick up a 40lb and hold it in 1 hand while I watch a type this message holding it for 4 mins each

  34. This is SICK. Any day you can play "Terminator" is a good day! My mom saw me sprinting recently and said I looked like the T-1000 (the one from T2) chasing after the car! Sweet.

  35. Hey Jeff here are some videos I’d love to see👍🏼.

    If anyone agrees copy paste so Jeff sees!

    HOW TO WALK PROPERLY(we take thousands of steps everyday, we should do it right)

    HOW TO LIFT THINGS IN YOUR LIFE (like a couch or new appliance, or those big planters you carried through your yard!)

  36. Rows have always been one of my least favorite excercises, but now that I know about the Terminator Row, I think that's about to change.

  37. Awesome video and exercises! What kind of dumbbells are those?! They’re usually round or hex, these are square – a bit more convenient for those exercises.

  38. These old videos are just as great, you're just not playing the camera so much. gonna use this advice before I start exercising again after a long break 🙂

  39. love this guy! LOVE ALL OF THE QUALITY CONTENT HE PROVIDES!!!! (don't love the way he's always saying "guys" 'cause that makes me feel as though he's only addressing dudes. should femininefemales not want to watch his vids?)

    ANYHU, THIS VID WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRICELESS!!!!!! i'm seriously looking for the PayPal button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT TYPE OF WORKOUT WITHOUT THE GYM!!!! FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    and, yeah, i will sign up for his programs … within the year … after i … make up for my last few months of serious slacking and regain my former level of fitness!!!!!!!

    AGAIN, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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