BUILD MUSCLE FAST – My #1 Tip To Start Building Muscle TODAY!

BUILD MUSCLE FAST – My #1 Tip To Start Building Muscle TODAY!

99 Replies to “BUILD MUSCLE FAST – My #1 Tip To Start Building Muscle TODAY!”

  1. Thank you for this Jeff, very helpful information. I've completed 8 weeks of your program, lost 20 pounds, and I am very lean. I won't lie though, I'm having trouble gaining mass although I continue to get stronger. I hope these methods help me breakthrough. Thanks again.

  2. Dear Jeff, could you please make a video, in which you show, which equipment is good and which you use, like what kind of bench or pullup station and so on! This would be awesome!

  3. @Bogdyindahous Professional bodybuilders don't have a problem with cortisol because they are pharmaceutic ally assisted.

  4. Jeff I think your being a bit cavalier with your instruction about negative (Eccentric contraction) I find by using the resistance bands you can fatigue both eccentric and concentric muscle contractions in the right progression thereby avoiding an un necessary rest pause for assistance. An example would be simply walking forward or backward to change the resistance I find this even more effective as an added drop set.

  5. Great tip, tried it today and really noticed a huge diff after 1 workout using just this tip. Jeff is by far one of the best instructors on here.

  6. you know what sucks im a 9 yr old and want to get muscle bigger than my cousins but guess what he somehow got his muscle popped and doesnt even workout but i do so i got to this vid and guess what i dont that big enough barbell to fit 90 pounds only 70 pounds

  7. Does every single set need to be all the way to muscle failure in order to see results? what if I can't go to muscle failure in 25 reps of lets say dips? does that mean I need to increase the weight or increase the number of reps in order to reach failure and see results?

  8. Tried this method for the first time yesterday and I felt like I got a better workout in half the time. My muscles felt a mild burn longer than usual. Very impressed, thank you Jeff!

  9. If I want to do this I may need heavier weight which I could only use at the gym because I want more muscle and shred fat along. just what do you need for this program

  10. Hey ilike your but the proplem is i hit every 2 days but i dont see results i was tranning like one month an week the same time i somke i dont like it and its hard to quick can u tell me what to do to see result please ?

  11. Hi Jeff. I read last month about this research demonstrating that there is no differences between reps to one limit point and reps to failure, what do you think?, thanks Jeff.

  12. I really like your advice Jeff its really working for me. I want to join athleanx after 2 months of using your YouTube advice still got a month to go. I'll be joining soon

  13. Hi Jeff. Love the video. Question for you…if I were training my chest let's say using a chest press what would be your recommendation for training to failure? I can see how on the eccentric it would fail but what about the concentric? Please let me know.

  14. Got a pretty simple push up and pull up program, for 15 minute straight, you do this workout with either one of these movements, you hit failure with good form, rest 10-30 secnds, hit failure again, rest 30 seconds and hit failure again, keep repeating this for 15 minutes each day, and 6days a week, after 3 months, you should have 100+ push ups and 40+ pull ups with a great looking body.

  15. I argue why there's not a lot of videos on eccentric workouts or atleast explaining how beneficial it is on mass muscle building plan..thank you for this video! ECCENTRIC is a great tool

  16. what if when i do curls i bring the dunbell or barbell half way down instead of all the way? will that make a difference?

  17. Just curious, how do you do all the exercises you describe or do you? After watching dozens of videos, if I was even to do just 1 set of all the exercises you have demonstrated and try to do them each once a week, I would need to be working out 12 hours a day. I know that just means you are offering a lot of variety and that's great. But how do I know what to choose, because no one can do all of them with any regularity.

  18. What about going to failure with the chin up bar like you did but then taking some of the weight off by using your legs and keep doing that until your legs are doing almost 100% of the work; wouldn't that be true failure?

  19. Hi Jeff I have been really following alot of your videos lately and have found them very helpful. I have been lifting for about 20 years but I am still learning lol. I was bulked up a year ago at 205 and decided to lean out which I did I am 120 now with a chiseled appearance. I am very happy but always looking for a why to stay Lean but also get the most out of my workouts. I recently have added unflavored bcaas to my program. I take them before and after I work out along with the whey , miceller casein , eggwhite , creatine and glutamine. I take stuff that has no fillers just pure ingredients. I just wanted to see if you could make a video on bcass and the best times to use them for the greatest results. Thank-you for all the very helpful videos. and hopefully I see a video soon . Thanks again

  20. Great advice! I always train to failure but I did not know about the positive and negative reps… cant wait to put "total" failure to practice! Thank you sir

  21. so do you do one set until failure that way in a day or try to go back to positive and so on. if so how many sets usually? btw your channel and advice is awesome. thanks for all you do

  22. I've been working out for almost a year and I've been eating healthy and working out daily but I don't see any results. is there something wrong that I'm doing? I need help

  23. Jeff, please do more video in this style, showing the best execution of each exercise is a huge guide to us all and I really understand the message you have sent in this video. You gain from exhausting the muscle yet you can push it out a bit further by controlling the negative side of the exercise and that is the difference between getting the most out of your workout and just getting results from it. You get more information across by demonstration in this way. Huge thanks man, keep it X rated bro

  24. Warm up —> heavy lift —> heavy static at peak contraction to failure —> reverse pyrimid lower weight each "set" and do static to failure.
    Eat 1.2g protein per lb body weight.
    You will have Massive gains.

  25. WOW! Jeff has come a long way in his videos. Cheers brother, been enjoying your content for years.

  26. A Legend back then, a Legend now. A true inspiration, an example of how professionalism, hard work and consistency bring fantastic results – your channel! I can't thank you enough for all the effort. The best thing I can do is to promise to utilize everything I have learned here, on AthleanX, to the best of my abilities!!

  27. First he was asking us to show some supportAnd now this channel is the best fitness channel in the world right now with over 7 million subscribers.
    Best ever coach jeff😍

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