Build Muscle & Lose Fat At The Same Time | Positive Nitrogen Balance Explained!

Build Muscle & Lose Fat At The Same Time | Positive Nitrogen Balance Explained!

Alright nation this topic has been getting under my skin for a while now misinformation and clickbait titles are the keys to your Downfall and I don’t want to see that happen to my subscribers But it seems like all that’s required the trick most people is a muscled up picture and a cute title and because people Want to believe things so badly Common sense just goes out the window Especially when it comes to the topic of building muscle and losing fat at the same time and I can understand why guys it’s a loaded question that highly depends on many factors such as How much body fat you have how long you’ve been training? Are you manipulating your calories daily with things like carb cycling, or added cardio and my favorite Are you cycling low doses of steroids but claiming natty while making unnatural gains? And I know that that’s gonna rub a lot of you guys the wrong way But I’m not here to lie to you guys alright I’m not here to give you false and expectation and false information as to what’s achievable and you know it’s funny. I finally had a chance to meet a fellow OG YouTuber you guys might know him his name is Omar Funny story we randomly met it in a Chipotle at the Arnold Classic like we just both happened to be there cuz Chipotle obviously is The place to be but you know we talked to each other for quite a while about all the BS that’s been going around on YouTube lately, and we saw eye to eye on a lot of things this being one of them but for today we’re just going to stick to the topic of how a positive nitrogen balance can impact your muscle gaining Potential now a lot of you are convinced that as long as you remain in a positive nitrogen balance You can build muscle and lose fat at the same time Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey But guys how can you forget the fundamentals of fitness to lose weight you need to be in a caloric deficit to gain muscle You need to be in a caloric surplus. They are literally Opposing actions so to clear things up let’s first talk about what a positive nitrogen balance Actually is well I’m not going to go all scientific on you guys But here are the basics you need to know there to processes that are going on in your body 24/7 365 days a year and they are Protein synthesis and protein breakdown now in general when protein is synthesized more nitrogen is Accumulated because protein is comprised Comprised of amino acids which are rich in nitrogen on the other hand when protein is broken down you end up with nitrogen loss because nitrogen escapes from the muscles Here’s the kicker though your muscle building potential is the result of the following equation muscle growth equals protein Synthesis minus protein breakdown so what that means is that when this number is positive You have what is called a positive nitrogen balance and when it’s negative you have what is called a negative nitrogen balance So it should go without saying that you can’t build a muscle without being in a positive nitrogen balance And this is where people get their logic screwed up Therefore they think that this is the only requirement for building muscle And they will try to convince you that even if you’re in a caloric Deficit as long as you are still able to have a positive nitrogen balance you can keep on building muscle while losing Fat now wouldn’t that just be great right well if we dive deeper into this logic guys these people Support the premise that you can positively affect your nitrogen balance by doing specific things like this Having more dietary protein such as whole foods and supplements sleeping more to help maximize recovery avoiding overtraining avoiding stress and anxiety Hydrating properly and supplementing with recovery aiding supplements like creatine Beta-alanine BCAAs, etc and of course by not doing all of these things properly You will be negatively affecting your nitrogen balance favoring protein breakdown instead of synthesis and end up not building muscle mass or even Losing muscle mass now all these points are actually true guys ok Let me just make that clear but with all these things in mind Can you build muscle and lose fat? At the same time and that’s what the question is can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time? while in a positive nitrogen balance or Do you have to go on a bulking phase to see muscle growth then cut for muscle definition? Well the answer Will surprise you and it’s actually no to both the problem with the theory of positive nitrogen balance is that it’s simply not realistic nor Factual guys the truth is that you cannot and I will repeat you cannot build muscle if you are not in a calorie surplus as a natural lifter Your body just cannot synthesize new tissue if it’s busy trying to retain what it already has or is in the process Of burning it now. It doesn’t have to be an extreme surplus Where you end up gaining or storing more fat than muscle as you guys know I’m an advocate for lean gains and all you really need is a slight 250 to 500 calorie surplus to build muscle and keep the fat gain minimal never assume gaining more fat equals more muscle We’ve talked about this, but what if you’re relatively slim But still retain a lot of body fat or our skinny fat as I’d like to say Do you need to go on a cutting phase first lose all that fat and then begin your muscle building phase guys absolutely Not we talked about this in my skin fat video What nobody will tell you is that you cannot build muscle and lose fat at the same time But you don’t have to do that anyways and here’s why Let’s say you’re a hundred and fifty pounds now standing at about 20 percent body fat That’s pretty skinny if you ask me But at the same time you do have a lot of body fat on your body how much fat well 20 percent of 150 pounds is exactly 30 pounds of fat So here’s what you want to do you go on a strict lean bulk phase indefinitely so that 250 to 500 calories Surplus over what your is now you won’t ever need to cut if you do this but why well after a year or so you’ll probably have put on 20 to 25 pounds of muscle which is to be expected for a natural lifter In their first year of training obviously as long as you’re eating correctly Hydrating getting enough sleep and training hard enough those obviously have to come into play here Therefore after a year you could be a hundred and seventy pounds And if you stuck to your meal plan you Wouldn’t have put on any additional fat if any if anything it would be it would be very minimal guys So you’ll still have thirty pounds of fat on you, but if you crunch those numbers you’ll discover You’re now automatically at seventeen point five percent body fat, and it’s not magic guys. It’s just math you Don’t actually lose fat But you appear as if you have lost fat because you have gained more muscle and with all this new muscle on your frame The fat you had seems less And you look more Proportionate and aesthetic and that’s just your first year of training guys now if you keep doing that for three or four years You’ll eventually probably be had 190 pounds and ten percent body fat Without ever having to go on a cut There is however an exception to this rule if you’re a complete beginner you can Theoretically build muscle and lose fat at the same time because your body has never been trained before These are called newbie gains, and it’s a term tossed around quite often in the fitness industry in fact This is why a lot of you guys who hit a plateau in your training Can’t seem to figure out what the problem is and what I mean by that is No matter what training program you use good or bad You will see those newbie gains But if the program is complete trash you will gain 10 20 pounds of newbie muscle But then plateaus super quickly But the reason why you gained that muscle and lost some fat was because all that happened is a new Stimulus was introduced to your body and that stimulus was a powerful one your body had no choice But to lose some fat and build some muscle at the same time to adapt to the new stimulus which was your training But after a few months this in fact will eventually start to fade simply because the stimulus isn’t intense enough anymore and your body Sensitivity to it has gradually decreased That’s when you’ll have to switch things into high gear and start eating more protein in calories in general in order to facilitate New growth, but I do want to say one more thing before we end the video I know you guys are going to ask about some of the major Transformations, you might see on Facebook or Instagram where someone loses a lot of weight and looks ripped and huge But did they lose fat and build muscle at the same time well again guys It’s kind of like a mirage if someone is very big. Let’s say the 35% body fat, and they end up losing 15% of that fat without building really any more muscle Maybe they just improve what they already had they will appear as though they have built muscle because their frame will be much tighter and proportionate with all that lost fat or They jumped on a cycle of steroids Which unfortunately happens a lot in these transformation photos and builds false expectations Which is the reason why this video was made to begin with just Use your head guys the information is clear and my team and I will be more than happy to help you on my website you can use my custom meal plan app to create the perfect meal plan for your goals and choose from my variety of programs designed for muscle gain or fat loss Be sure to smash that like button if you haven’t already and as always guys more good stuff coming soon See ya

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  1. Tired of being lied to ALL THE TIME when it comes to fat loss and muscle gain? It's a touchy subject that people try to explain away with fancy terms like "Positive Nitrogen Balance" and "Body Recomposition" when they show off their epic transformations. Now I will admit that a lot of these transformations you see ARE possible, BUT when you see someone go from FAT to RIPPED & HUGE in only 45 – 60 days…. we have a problem here.
    (5:50)- Why Are You Skinny Fat? | Should You Bulk Or Cut?

  2. Why am i getting ignoret from you Scott, i want a program from you i have rite in Many comments, that i have been training in 3 months and i have lost 7 kilo im now 71 kilo and went from 23,5 bodyfat to 16,4 bodyfat and gaint 1 kilo of muscles but in the mirror it looks like 3 or 4 kilo of muscles. I feel like im stuck i following vshreds 90 Day program, but i want to use your program but i dont know What to choose pls hele me out, i feel like you Will help me a lot, also i dont know how much callories to eat

  3. 23lbs of Fat down, 6.4 lbs of lean mass up. 6 months 16/8 IF 80% Clean eating. Hand and fist portion control. Body weight training 3-4 days per week. DEXA Scan verified.

  4. Respectfully, your explanation of body fat percentage starting at 7:10 isn't accurate in my experience. In 2010-2011, I trained 5x a week and ate clean. I put on muscle, my lifts all went up substantially, and my waistline shrunk. I was able to fit into 31 jeans when I had been wearing 32's and 33's before. I actually needed a belt to hold the 31's up. This is anecdotal, yes, but my experience here aligns with Jeff Cavaliere's explanation. If your explanation were correct, I'd not have lost inches around my waist as I simultaneously got stronger, but that's what happened, because I upped my protein intake and got good rest. I'd have stayed trapped in the same jeans and just looked better aesthetically due to new muscle if your explanation here is correct, but that isn't what happened.

  5. One can build muscle and lose fat at the same time. How? Three reasons: They are two separate body functions, the body is not stupid, and most people who want to build muscle and lose weight are not — in the big picture — in a calorie deficit. They have a calorie surplus. In fact I did it. I was 185. I was lifting once a week, light stuff. I went low carb, keto actually, and up my lifting to at least four times a week and heavy stuff for me… arms and shoulders, legs, chest and back, rest repeat. Regardless of how many calories I was short on a given day my body used my body fat to make up the difference. Hence there was never a true "deficit" just different sourcing of energy. The body really doesn't care where the calories come from, externally or internally. As long as I kept my protein high my body easily built muscle and burned fat by dipping into the love handles et cetera to fuel all energy needs which included running everything and building muscle. I took off 24 pounds that way in six months, built up muscle, and got down to 15% body fat. I'd like to take off another ten or eleven pounds. It would be stupid for the body to ignore on-board fat and inhibit or reduce muscle if you have an external calorie deficit while you also have fat stores. In a primitive world that would make you vulnerable. The body does the smart thing. It uses body fat to fuel energy needs and does not interfere with musculature because you need muscles to run down food. Building muscle requires stress and protein. The body will allot energy for that. If you don't take in enough energy for that it will use body fat to make up the difference or need. Where you can screw up is 1) not having enough body fat to cover the external shortfall, and or, not take in enough protein or stress the muscle enough for it to grow. It is also a point of diminishing returns. At some point you'll get light on body fat and heavy on muscle. Then it will be time to feed another way.

  6. Ok. So I weight 286 pounds. I'm a super fat ass. I'm obese. I cant lift weights and lose weight? Should I just stick to my keto diet lose weight then work out?

  7. this is bro science with “smart” words attached… eat healthy and lift heavy, all these youtubers have eating disorders

  8. Definitely overly simplistic to the point of being wrong. The studies say otherwise as long as certain conditions exist. Obese men, for instance, can lose fat and build muscle simultaneously. Fat itself is stored energy. The body CAN recruit fat to build muscle. The body is also quite clever. Fat burning and protein synthesis are completely different processes and the body can deal with them accordingly. Now. This doesn’t mean that everyone is the same. Fitness level , BMI, age, sex, etc…will effect the end results. But just saying “not possible,” is patently false.

  9. So what has my body been doing? I started at 373lbs almost 2 years ago, now im 280lbs… my body fat has gone from 63% to 44%, my muscle mass has gone from 25.0% to 27.3%? I workout 4x to 5x a week, cardio least 3x a week…

    I just want to know science wise what's happeneing

  10. So if I eat maintenance and workout 5 days a week and Im 20% BF, I can't gain muscle nor lose fat?

    I'm not at caloric deficit, so can't lose fat.
    I'm not at caloric surplus, so can't gain muscle.

    Am I right?

  11. I built 22 pounds of muscle by eating my maintenance body fat down from 17 to 14 and im still going on build muscle anyone?

  12. "No matter what training program you use, good or bad" ("Bad" with V-Shred University) hahahahaha you're also pushing it rough on VShred 😂😂😂

  13. Hey Scott, awesome video man. Have you ever done a video on carb backloading? I’d like to know what you think about it. Thanks.

  14. " tired of being lied to " while this dude lies . LOL . caloric deficit deosnt mean anything . burn 2,000 cals at the gym & them go home & smash 1,000 cals of pure sugar & see how much weight you lose . furthermore , you can lose weight in a caloric surplus . its called CABBAGE . WHAT you eat , WHEN you eat , & how ACTIVE you are . thats all that matters . this caloric nonsense is bullsh*t . enough

  15. Wouldn't being in a calorie deficit cause test and HGH to elevate to break down fat and protect muscle? Then when you DO feed there's a period of rapid muscle growth before the body goes into a fasted state again and begins ramping up sex hormones and HGH?

  16. Carbohydrate is the best-preferred source of energy for respiration when low on carbs(glycogen)body switches to burning fat then lastly the least preferred source is protein(amino acids). So your body only uses protein when enough is not available to carry on its daily functions such as enzyme production, hair(collagen) and many other processes. Your body always finds a source of energy for protein synthesis, even if that be fat. Your body is not aware of calories, digestion and absorption occurs, yes I agree an excess amount of carbs and fats enhance your structure when bulking. Knowing that muscle and fats are 2 very different structures building muscle and losing fat is possible with sufficient protein(120g<) a moderate amount of carbs and fats (30-35% protein, 40%carbs and 25-30%fats), Creating a 10-20% caloric deficit for 6 days with at least one refeed(Healthy) day with 10% surplus in a week. Just some knowledge as a biology student!

  17. Hahaaha ur are so stupid..Jeff cavalier wouldn't ever do a collab with a idiot…u said the direct opposite as him..n he is the gold standard of fitness n ur just one of those regular coppers…then when as u read the comments someone said u n Jeff should do a collab..u talk about positive nitrogen as it is no longer as u claim a myth…u changed ur mouth..soo go back to ur baaaaaaabell n leave the nutrition part to the pros..Jeff all the way

  18. as a beginner you can go on a heavy cut (800kcal) and still build muscle while losing fat, and the defintion of a beginner is training less than 1year. not 'a few months'
    besides that who do you think is watching your videos? advanced people who already have a lifting plan? lmao

  19. for a second i was really worried at this broscience shit youtuber having 2,1 million subs but most of your videos got like 20-30k views lmao, glad low quality content like this dies and nobody watched it

  20. Definitely controversial, I'm still on the fence about it myself, and more studies need to be done.

    But as for myself, and this is only myself. I have stayed the same weight, 200lbs and dropped a from 11% to 10% BF. While keeping a very slight deficit. This happened in a month. I know I'm building muscle… My measurements are increasing, and my BF is decreasing.

    However, I'm VERY sure this is the end of this simultaneous trend. BF is getting too low to do that. Lower your BF is, the harder it gets to lose more.

    I think this "cutting/bulking" happens more frequently with high BF levels. But I be getting a small doseage of boogie gains again, since I had not trained in almost 20 years.

  21. I can't listen to this guy as a nutritionist. What backs up your beliefs scientifically? This is an opinion video by a fitness guy. He does not have all your answers.

  22. Idc who you are if you gain 25 pounds of muscle in a year you’re injecting steroids up your ass😂 also he ain’t even big and not very low in body fat either abs aren’t that visible and look like your titles flop up an down when you run😂😂💨

  23. You can be in a positive nitrogen balance in a minor caloric deficit. Carbs do not "build" muscle. Carbs fill the muscle with glycogen/water. Carbs spike insulin more. Carbs are not necessary for mTOR/protein synthesis. Anyone that has excess fat on their body has calorie reserves; you just have to have the body tap into your fat for fuel rather than your muscle.

  24. Thats for the talk, I was really concerned because some of the protein I was eating was not high in nitrogen.

  25. Scott, thank you for the video. But I have to respectfully not be totally on board with your analysis. It's a bit more physiological than how you explained it. I've been in the health field for many years, consulted many exercises physiologists and health professionals on this topic. Muscle is metabolic active which keeps your metabolism high, therefore, by nature aids and executes thermogenesis. Add Intermittent Fasting into the mix and now you have muscle sparing, growth hormone elevation, weight loss and advantageous muscle growth . . . Thank you for your video.

  26. athlean x clearly states you can build muscle lose fat. plus I've done this many times after taking time off

  27. Scott thank you for this video.  Your straight forward approach is always a good watch and very informative.

  28. I'm a bit irritated I believed this from Jeff for a while. Though there is still plenty of good stuff I learnt from him. I learnt a good lesson here from you though, Scott. Cheers for this

  29. So just to clarify… you can't "loose and gain muscle" but you can gain muscle and reduce body fat percentage?

  30. I have yet to find a video that helps fat people, im talking 245lbs, 30-35% body fat that want to build muscle and lose weight.

  31. Well I just want to say your wrong mate , I’m living proof u can do such a thing lol ,, never touched steroids in my life , wouldn’t no anything about the shit and doesn’t interest me , but get accused of being on it from the results I get ,, I used to be skinny as with a fat get , tried every routine of diet and workouts over the years and I’m 42 now and I fast a lot and eat calorie deficit everyday but spend at least two hours a day in the gym being the hardest worker in the room smashing every muscle group 3/4 times a week and guess what I’ve built and burnt at the same time to look as everyone says ( photoshopped ) in real life .. secret weapon is amino acids , that’s all I take with a scoop of oxy shred … 🤷🏼‍♂️

  32. Let me just use click baity thumbnails and complain about how "others" use click bait thumbnails/titles. Good information but i think taken out of context. Youre packaging Jeff's video in a way that makes it seem its for elite bodybuilders and not just regular people who want to change their lives through training. He even says it in the video "this channel isnt about alarmingly fast anything. Its about results and longevity." the information Jeff gave without the context of accessibility to regular 9-5 working people, would be to a bodybuilder who does nothing all day but train and eat absolutely useless. Yeah for your profession it would be due to the nature of your work. But for the regular guy who wants to get started? Thats a whole other mess they dont have to worry about as much anymore. Instead of focusing on "bulking/cutting" they can focus on adequate protein intake and the quality of calories taken in which is a lot more accessible for a lot of people. Im in the army i dont have a lot of free time to prep and count calories but i can make sure what im eating is high quality food and not processed garbage. The information he gave helped me tremendously and encouraged me to get into fitness (outside the stuff we do already) instead of demotivating me through the sheer amount of fitness information there are out there. Fitness information taken without context is as good as useless i.e :"here use leg extensions to get bigger legs i use it and never been hurt therefore no one else will either" – guy 1 who hasnt seen guy 2 (freshly torn acl) – guy 2. Anyway you always seem to have a jab at the guy for providing relevant information nonexclusive to the body building world, instead of just providing information without inciting drama to someone who genuinely knows about what hes talking about and whos helping people get into fitness (which my country the usa desperately needs). All because it doesn't follow the bodybuilders ethos. (no offense to bodybuilders but i have never seen a pro athlete bulking or cutting… Its almost like… Its not necessary to achieve a high level of physical ability and skill. Neither of which outside of compound movements and lifts in my opinion bodybuilders have)

  33. Man this makes a lot of sense. A yr ago I started getting serious about my diet, and workouts( would workout maybe once a week before. 230 lbs, soft. I’m now 195 still soft midsection but upper body, esp arms have shape, shoulders and face neck. All in a slight caloric deficit and lately I’m not making any progress. Will try something new.

  34. Theoretically it's possible because of this magical thing called nooby gains, while losing fat. What? What science is this based on? And if it's possible for noobs why is it not possible for a seasoned athlete that introduces new stimulus?

  35. Finally a video that doesn’t beat around the bush. Currently 168 lbs 5’4” with about 28% body fat.. I’ve been trying to find a plan that will help me out. Thanks for keeping it real!

  36. I started lifting , I weighted 108kg my height is 1.79cm , body fat about 33%. In the first 4 months after with caloric deficit diet and about 100gram of protein per day , I weight 101kg I lost about 13kg of fat and gained about 3-4kg of muscle. Now 1 more month has passed I cant put anymore weight on the barbell , I am always tired at the gym nomatter how well I sleep , not gained anymore muscle , I lost 2 more kilos all fat maybe some muslce too. It looks like I cant gain anymore muscle with a calorie deficit. So for me it was 4 months of newbie gains and about 3-4kg of muscle. Now I am just cutting till I get to 15% body fat and then bulk

  37. How much protein, calories, fat, carbs, should I be eating I'm 185 trying to drop body fat, just get ripped, any ideas plZ lol.

  38. What if you're obease, can you burn fat and build muscle at the same time when your strength training and doing a little bit of cardio for 6 days a week. And at the same time by doing OMAD with 50% protein 30%fat and 20% carbs?

  39. Jeff Cavelier from Athlean X said you CAN lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. I recommend watching his video. I mean, I find both of you to be reliable sources so I don't know what to believe

  40. Guys…. just lift, eat, and sleep. Prisoners don't have half the information that we have but yet most of them look better than your favorite YouTube fitness "guru"( the f is a guru anyway?). Stop being sheep.

  41. I’m on -500 deficit, building muscle while losing fat at the same time, I’m detrained tho

  42. Have you ever read a single study on building muscle in a caloric deficit? You literally don't know anything. Check out Jeff Nippard and Menno Henselmans then redo this video.

  43. Ha I remember my first year I started off at 150 and ended at 150. But the first 5 months was pretty much me messing around doing every mAcHiNe possible. It wasn’t til I started training similar to a powerlifting that I made any strength gains.

  44. But what if I do cardio when im in a caloric surplus, would that mean I need to eat more or will I still build muscle

  45. except if you are a fat fuck and you do keto and fast and lift heavy.. then guess what? you loss fat and gain muscle

  46. This made no sense. Started by saying it was IMPOSSIBLE… Then the next minute explained it was possible for a "newbie" . So it's possible?

  47. Your body can synthesize new tissue while in a deficit, otherwise starvation would kill you much more quickly. This is by necessity oversimplified, but your body needs 2 basic things to synthesize tissue; amino acids (protein), and energy. Your body likes carbs best for energy, and will use those first, but will quickly turn to other sources when carbohydrate is not available. Your body fat happens to be one of those sources, as are your muscles. Don't train, and your body will likely use muscles (hey, since you're not using those anyway, I'll feed them to your brain), and body fat. Same thing if you train cardio too much (might as well lighten the load and feed the brain in the process, I'd just as soon not lug unneeded muscle around). However, if you have body fat to spare, and start kicking the shit out of your muscles, your body will "recognize" their "necessity", and build as much muscle as your intake of protein allows, using fat for energy. I believe you greatly underestimate our body's ability to adapt.

  48. So you're saying that I should be in a calorie surplus, and lift weights to build muscle to lose weight?

  49. For all you guys saying you cant build muscle and lose fat you can. Theres thousands of articles that say you can, now if you skinny as hell you can't

  50. you and jeff cavaliere are in a contradiction. Personally, i think both of you make a lot of sense…

  51. I only have one question. If its not possible how did i do it and how did so many people i know did (including jeff cavaliere) , without using drugs.

  52. I don't understand why people still believe that it is possible to make a straight equation between calories and gain/ loss. I thought it was something we said for decades ago. There's no relation between calorie surplus and weight gain, according to new studies.

  53. Hey I’m 5”3 150 pounds and I’m trying to lose fat and gain muscle I’ve been going to the gym for a week now and I see muscle growth on my arm but my weights stayed the same do u have any advice on how I can get rid of all this fat ?

  54. I dont know if this will get through, but I'm a amateur boxer at 160, right now I'm at 164. I know you said my workouts should be about an hour. Obviously that's not going to work out for me, if I'm to have 160 grams of protien should I increase to like 200 grams so to speak I want to gain more muscle but I have to do alot of cardio

  55. When people say you can’t lose fat and build muscle at the same time, they’re literally referring to one specific moment. Obviously you can’t simultaneously do both at one exact moment, but over the course of time your body goes through anabolic and catabolic cycles which means that over a a day or so you can do both

  56. But Jeff Cavaliere said you can build muscle in a deficit if you’re protein is high enough. Is this true?

  57. Would it be possible to burn fat and preserve muscle as long as you are eating in a caloric deficit, eating a good amount of protein in your meal plan, and doing workouts that work your muscles such as the iron man athlean x workout from years ago?

  58. There are quite a few studies now that show if you are a newbie, a detrained lifter, or obese you can infact perform body recomp. I have done absolutely done it myself. Edit: posted this before you got into that.

  59. I trust Jeff Cavalier. Jeff does mention it only works better for beginners or people who are obese and never trained before. After some time your body composition changes. Then it becomes harder to do at the same time as amount of muscle u can put on decreases over time. After that point, for intermediate and expert builders Scott would be right.

  60. Sorry Scott but if Athleanx, Jeremy ethier and Jeff Nippard say that u can build muscle and lose fat at the same time with studies(Nippard and ethier), im leaning towards them

  61. The calories in, calories out idea is outdated and not the end-all be-all of how you lose fat or burn muscle.

  62. I enjoy your videos, but I also really enjoy your accent. As a New Englander living in the south, I miss it.

  63. You can definitely build muscle while losing fat. Most of your biological processes require energy, and that energy can come in any form, whether it’s from carbs, fat, or protein. For general energy needs, your body burns carbs first because it’s the easiest. Then fats. Your body can burn protein, but it is really hesitant in doing so because protein comes from muscle tissue.

    If you are eating enough protein to build muscle, but not enough food overall to maintain energy stores, your body will begin to use up its glycogen stores, and once those get depleted, its fat stores (fat is literally just stored energy, that’s all it is). That’s literally the whole reason why humans have excess body fat. There are some processes that require body fat specifically, but your body won’t let you go below 2%, usually it won’t let you go below 5% (for males anyway, for females this is higher).

    So yeah, you can build muscle while burning fat. It’s just harder to do. As long as you present a high enough stimulus, you can do it. It’s just that people lose drive when they’re in a deficit so they’re unable to.

    All fat is, is stored energy. When your body needs it, it will use it. Your body burns fat MUCH more readily than protein. These people are retarded to say otherwise.

  64. Sorry Don't believe you. Even Athlean X has proven it's possible to lose fat and gain lean muscle as well as 100s of stories I've seen people do so.

  65. Legend says that when Scott and Jeff disagree a hole is ripped open in the space-time continuum.

    In all seriousness, though, there are SO many nuances to this subject. Let me try to pick this apart really quick:

    The idea behind Jeff’s perspective revolves around being in a fed vs. a fasted state. Throughout the day (meaning a 24hr period), your body shifts between the two, typically multiple times. Our bodies enter a fasted state as we sleep, and then typically yo-yo between the two as we eat our meals while we’re awake.

    While we’re in a fed state, we have excess calories. Insulin levels are high and, due to insulin’s anabolic properties, our bodies boost protein synthesis and begin storing fat.

    While we’re in a fasted state, our bodies are catabolic. We aren’t necessarily catabolizing statistically significant amounts of muscle during this time period, but, we definitely aren’t building any. It’s during this fasted state that our bodies begin the beta oxidation process and mobilize the fatty acids into our bloodstream to be used as energy.

    In a way, you can think of the alternation between fed and fasted states as micro bulks and cuts. It is true that we can’t build muscle and burn fat at the same time, but we can both build muscle and burn fat in the same day.

    Note that this process becomes increasingly difficult the longer you train. As your newbie gains diminish, your meal/nutrient timing, micronutrient composition/quality, etc. become absolutely essential to get right in order for this to still be possible.

    So… given my background as a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, I’d argue that Jeff is more correct on this subject than Scott, but, I’d argue that for most, the discipline required to maintain the precision and accuracy required to make this work (assuming natural and newbie gains are gone) is unrealistic. Jeff can do it easily because it’s his entire life.

    However, I believe strongly that going through bulk and cut periods is unnecessary and unhealthy. Once you have reached your target weight, focus on recomp. I have found that the most effective way of doing this (for most) is to be in a net caloric surplus on training days and a net caloric deficit on rest days, ensuring a neutral energy balance for each week. This way, you never have to bulk for any amount of time that results in the buildup of fat.

    HOWEVER 2.0, a traditional bulk/cut cycle (assuming a clean and controlled bulk and healthy cut) is going to be far easier and likely at least marginally more effective for experienced lifters. That said, my personal preference is to sacrifice some of the potential muscle growth that MIGHT come with a longer bulk for the ability to be lean year-round.

    Just my 2¢ (okay, maybe a little more than 2¢… 😅)

  66. I'm confused lol if I'm skinny fat can't I just be on a slight caloric deficit but eat more protein in order to build muscle and loss fat??

  67. Overweight people can definitely lose fat and gain muscle. I've done it and I guarantee I built muscle because I went from 80 lb bench press max to 315 in one year and lost 90 lbs on the scale. I could bench press this little guy on my screen 20x and I could knock him out flexing my peck. So the answer is yes you can do it.

  68. Meh, sorry but you don't even understand basic concepts let alone go deeper into scientific aspects. Do you even know that 1kg of muscle tissue has a lot less calories than 1kg of fat? For example if you would lose 1kg of fat and then build 3kg of muscle (without gaining fat again) you "lost" around 2000 calories of energy but your weight still increased by 2kg. This is physics. Facts.

    Also there are hundreds of studies where natural lifters gain muscle and lose fat. So even without science and logic it has been proven several times by pure observation.

    Also all you come up with is some broscience bullshit like nooby gains… Yeah nice in depth analysis…

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