Build Muscle, Not Problems

Build Muscle, Not Problems

– Definitely not. Over here. Muscle Maniac 5000.
Are you familiar with this product? – Nope. – Take 12 pills every day,
and you’ll gain some serious mass. It may contain something completely different, too. Maybe some designer drugs,
heavy metals, rat poison, etc. Then you’ll be lying in a hospital bed with your liver obliterated, testicles withered and with no muscle at all. But that’s just what it is. Try it at your own risk,
and we’ll see what’s in store. When you order something online from outside the EU, you do it at your own risk. – It’s a bit illegal. Just a bit.

2 Replies to “Build Muscle, Not Problems”

  1. Poor customer should’ve asked for his manager and demanded he have that protein bar back after realising what’s happened.

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