Build Twice the Muscle with 1/2 the Weight!

Build Twice the Muscle with 1/2 the Weight!

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So if you’re ready to start lifting lighter
weight and build twice the muscle, then I’m ready to help you. And it starts by watching me do this overhead
press. See if you can spot how lifting the weights,
the way I am right now, is going to help to unlock more muscle for you. It’s just an overhead press. Did you spot it? If you didn’t; look again. Here, you can see that in one hand I have
a 50lb weight, and in the other hand I have a 25lb weight. Now, this is called “Offset Loading”. Besides the obvious increase of core activation
– because my body is going to have to stabilize and prevent the heavier side from tilting
down – we have a lot of other ways we can utilize these two dumbbells, and the pace
in which we move them to create an increase in muscle mass. Now, I don’t care which exercise you apply
this to. I’m going to show you a number of ways to
do that here. But if we look at, even our first exercise
– we’ll take the side lateral raise for your shoulders. I can show you what you’re really trying to
focus on. You have three options. The first is: you can take the light weight
and try to slow it down, and move it at the pace of the heavier weight. Here, you’re looking for muscular control. Let’s face it, when we lift weights in the
gym many, many times we’re swinging the damned things all over the place. But if you force yourself to slow that down,
that lighter weight is now going to have to add some muscular control – the manual muscular
control from you – which is going to lead to more muscle hypertrophy in the long run. Think about it. Gymnasts, ballet dancers, all the people that
impeccable body control, and muscle control; they usually have pretty big muscles where
they do have that control. You want the same thing. You can opt instead to move the heavier weight
at the pace of the lighter weight. Meaning, you’re going to speed that damned
thing up. We know if you take a weight that’s heavy
and you add the factor, and the element of speed you’re going to increase your power. The more powerful you become, the more hypertrophy
you’re going to build. Why? Because you’re tapping into the type II muscle
fibers that are capable of providing you with this increased size. So you want to make sure you do that. However, we have one other option. I’ve covered this before as part of our metabolic
training. That is: you can take both of the weights
and slow them down, as I’m doing here, for the ultimate muscle control. You see, we want to eliminate all momentum
here. In this particular exercise I’m literally
just forcing the middle delt to do the work of lifting that dumbbell up. Even 10lbs here feels incredibly heavy. But here’s the cool part. Because of the way our bodies are wired, if
you can elicit that type of control on one side of your body you can let the other side
go along for the ride. So now you’re doubling the weight. It’s half of what you would normally use for
your “heavy weight”, but the fact is, this is still quite a challenge, realizing how
hard it is for that light dumbbell – that 10 pounder – to even do what I’m showing
you here. But neurologically, we’re wired to have one
side help out the other. This is actually a principle that we use in
stroke rehab to help bring about any kind of movement in a paralyzed side of the body. We can elicit that form using the ability
of the side that can move, and this is what you’re doing here. Now again, it doesn’t just apply to the delt. You can apply it to a lot of other exercises. If you look at the chest here, we can do it
with the bench-press. You offset load. Take a heavy weight, take half, and you start
pressing. Again, the obvious; we’re hitting the core
here on the lighter dumbbell side because you’re trying to prevent your body from falling
off to the heavy side. But you can see here, no matter how you decide
to do it, you want to focus on one of those three techniques. And again, you always have the option of dropping
the weight down entirely and going for that ultimate muscle control, and that really great
activation of the chest. Again, it would carry over here to a dumbbell
curl as well. Look, the core obviously has to work, and
control this, but just forcing yourself to sometimes slow down, or sometimes speed up,
and become more explosive is going to provide a stimulus for growth. Anything that you’re not used to doing, or
training right now is going to provide you with the overload that you need to cause that
response. You want to do leg work? You do lunges. Getting offset loading n lunges is incredibly
difficult. Why? Because our core, again, wants to tilt our
body to one side. You want to train your hips, and your legs,
and your entire lower body to be stable no matter what position your body is in. Here, in this functional split position, is
a great way to train your body. Finally, you can do your triceps. Same thing in a tricep extension here. Utilize the same principle. You pick the speed, you pick what your goal
is, but all three of them will ultimately lead you to more muscle growth. Guys, science is what guides what we do here
at ATHLEANX, and it’s what guides us in all of our programs. If you haven’t already started training like
an athlete, head over to, get one of our training programs, and do that. And if you haven’t subscribed to our channel
here, guys, it’s what we try to deliver to you week after week, every, single time we
post a video here. It’s something that’s going to help you to
get better gains. Make sure you subscribe to the channel, and
of course, check out one of our latest videos over here. All right, guys. I’ll see you back here soon.

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  1. I tried this today with a 10X10 incline bench press set using a 60lb and 30lb dumbell and it was a freaking awesome pump! Thanks Jeff!

  2. Hey Jeff love the videos. Could you create a video on overhead squat and ways to improve mobility. I'm having trouble with getting my arms to stay back during the eccentric portion of the lift. Even tho I'm pretty sure it's because of limited mobility in my hips. Thanks!!!

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  5. I attached two eyebolt clamps to a bar (both ends)then hang two diff weights on them creating an imbalance, and a swing that demands control. Or I put a lifting chain on one side, but not the other. Imbalance is a great core activation. Thought of it all on my own…but now I know its science! Prof Jeff!

  6. can you do a video on building muscle whilst protecting a L4/5 tear. I find it hard to do legs as the recovery pulls on my pelvis causing pain during the recovery in the days after

  7. Love it! It's not something I have really tried to do. But I will be implementing it for sure. I am going to go through AX1 again and give it a shot.

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  9. So I imagine you're switching sides for the weights each set. What about the rest time in between? I would imagine a longer rest period would be more effective for symmetrical training? As in initially one side is going from heavy to light and the other is going from light to heavy.
    Also if you suggest in attempting to push a heavier weight as you would the lighter-weight at the same time, would it be a good idea to mention mindfulness as to not to cause injury?

  10. this is really cool what will blow your mind is switch the weights half way through the set you have to concentrate so hard

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  12. Notice on your lower trap one comes higher than the other, mine does the same and i have a twinge in my back in certain overhead rotated positions, does this have anything to do with it? Uneven traps?

  13. A quick question. I am lifting heavy and doing first 7-8 reps keeping my body still. And after that using momentum or swinging to make it to 10-12 reps. Is it improving my gains or what?

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  18. GreatTechnique..going to try that tomorrow..I have some imbalances in my shoulder…Think this might help..Great website…👍

  19. Amazing integration of science here. I'm a brain injury specialist and Jeff's explanation and reference to neurorehabilitation sparked lots of ideas for me. Heading to gym now to try this out.

  20. I had an ischemic stroke in March Of 2017, because I’m a trained Dr. I’ve been able to rehab myself and get ahead of the game, But I can’t wait to put THIS into my routine!

  21. hey Jeff, not to change the subject, but i`d love to ask you, how many times a week or month do you need to workout to maintain your awesome physique? thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

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    I've been watching for along time and almost all your videos are for gaining mass.
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  29. leave 1 hand empty, in case you need to support the other hand and you get the same effect of overloading 1 side…and no weird looks cuz of using 2 different weights…

  30. At one point do you switch them over? ie. heavy on left, lighter on right then which set light on left and heavier on right? How many reps and sets? 4?

  31. I have a walking lunge circuit. I will try this with off setting the weight. Lunge, calf raises, bicep curls, shoulder press. Im start with 15lb & 25 dumbell.

  32. The most muscularly proportional ballet dancers and gymnasts are short stature mesomorph body types. It's hard NOT to be muscular when you are short, and much more difficult when tall. Good advice however, as usual.

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  36. That looks like total nonsense… your body has a strong side and a weak side… boxers are either Orthodox or southpaw… sometimes ambidextrous… your eyes are the same you have a strong eye and you have a weak eye… ever try aiming a gun!

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