Bulking | Cutting | The Truth!!

Bulking | Cutting | The Truth!!

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. Today we’re going to take a test together. What I’m going to do is I’m going to show
you a photo of an individual and I want you to tell me what you think they need to focus
on. This is him right here. Now, I’m going to give you some stats. He’s 5’8″ tall, and he weighs 182lbs. Now, some of you are probably jumping up “I
think he should lose weight!” He definitely should lose weight. “Look at those bitch tits, Jeff! You talked about them before. And the waist! Look at the size! And the belly!” He shouldn’t lose a single pound. Not a single pound, in my opinion because
I’m going to show you his after photo. This is it right here and I’m going to give
you some stats. He’s 5’8″ tall – didn’t get any taller. I don’t know about that program yet – and
he still weighs 182lbs. But as you can see he looks dramatically different. He didn’t have to lose weight. What he did was, he lost a lot of body fat
and he added lean muscle. Which brings us to the whole concept of ‘bulking
and cutting’. And whether or not this could even be obtained
simultaneously – because a lot of people think it’s impossible – if you watched this
channel for any period of time you know it very much is possible. As a matter of fact, I’ve been able to do
that myself here on this channel. I’ve leaned up considerably, I’ve added lean
muscle mass. Not at an alarmingly fast rate, but this channel’s
not about alarmingly fast anything. It’s just about results and longevity. Being able to maintain that. One thing you know I do here on this channel
– well, two things. Number one: I don’t bullshit you. Number two: I stand up here 365 days a year
with the ability to take my shirt off and do a video on command. I don’t have to worry about “Oh, let’s make
sure – we’ll just wait until June when I’m actually in shape because I’ve allowed myself
to get out of shape like a lot of other people do throughout the year.” And we have these periods where they’re in
shirts, they’re out of shirts.” I just happen to have this on so my microphone
can be more easy to be used for this video, but you know I could stand up here with my
shirt off at any point in time. I’m 41 years old on top of it. So this is an age when it should be getting
more difficult for me to do this, and I’ve actually gotten myself into the best shape
of my life, currently. So you know that I’m a believer in the ability
to do both at the same time. We just have to understand why it’s not necessarily
the best solution to go the other way. Number one, I’ve talked about many, many times. A lot of people go on their bulk and cuts
and never come out of their bulk. They start there, they like that phase, they
don’t necessarily like the cut, and they can’t get out of it. So for every one successful person there is
that comes out of it, there’s 10 guys that never got out of the bulk. They’re perpetually bulked. So that’s one of the reasons why I don’t
like it. But secondly, again, longevity. Let’s go back to this guy. This guy did this in 90 days. He did this in 90 days. Now you have to have two things in order to
be able to do this at the same time. You need to be able to be hypocaloric if you’re
going to lose body fat. To be hypocaloric you need to be taking less
calories than you’re burning, and/or consuming in any given day. Now, we can do that. It doesn’t mean you have to go on a crash
diet. It doesn’t mean you have to go on all these
crazy deprivation diets. As a matter of fact, with ATHLEANX, our whole
style of eating is based off feeding you and actually making you enjoy what you eat because
the next step of that equation is, yes, you can do it. You can be hypocaloric for a period of time,
but why it doesn’t work a lot of times for people over the long term is they can’t stick
with whatever method they’re using to be hypocaloric. If you actually enjoy the things that you’re
eating you can stay hypocaloric for a longer period of time – for a very long period
of time – because you actually enjoy the foods that you’re eating. So you need to be there. Then as far as bulking, you need to be able
to add muscle. Again, I did this in reverse order, but what
you need to do is, you need to be in a state – a positive nitrogen balance. You need to be in a state of positive protein
synthesis. Well, you need to be able to have protein
synthesis occurring, and the only way you’ll be able to do that is if you’re in a net state
of positive nitrogen balance. But you can do that. You can do that by shifting your focus, making
sure you’re increasing your protein intake while you’re decreasing your calories. Now, a note on how much that is – guys,
there’s so many numbers. Every week a new number comes out. “0.75g is the best”, “2g per pound of bodyweight”,
“1.25g per pound of bodyweight”. That number is going to change for everybody,
and depending on the research that you read it will change in the varying overall level. But what’s most impactful for you is whatever
your baseline level is now, if you’re going to go into a state of dropping your calories
below your maintenance level you want to make sure you’re making a shift in the amount of
protein that you’re taking in. Not just protein, guys. Because you can have an effect on your protein
synthesis by also slowing down the degradation of your protein; the breakdown of protein. Which, for me, has always been about prioritizing
recovery. That could be through sleep. That could be through hydration. That could be through supplementation. There’s a lot of ways that you can prioritize. That could be minimizing stress. Lots of ways to prioritize your recovery,
but you have to have an eye toward that. The combination of which is going to allow
you to do both at the same time and do it painlessly, and to do it for the long term. Now again, let’s talk about those rates of
being able to do this. If you’re anew lifter, yeah; you’re going
to be able to do this faster than anybody because you never had any real stimulus to
your muscle in the first place. That’s expected, but if you’re somebody who’s
a seasoned lifter, some people will argue that you can’t do any of this at all. Those are the unintelligent people that say
that. The other people will compromise and give
you a little bit on it, they’ll say “You can’t do it in any appreciable amount. Maybe 2lb-3lb a year, or so.” But let me give you the comforting reason
why that’s so encouraging, why it should be so encouraging to you. Okay, 3lbs. 3lbs of muscle mass gain in a
year. At the same time, dropping your body fat levels. What you’re going to look like is significantly
different because this gentlemen – like I said right here – this overall net bodyweight
stays the same. He had an appreciable amount of fat loss,
and an appreciable gain of muscle mass. Here’s where it becomes encouraging for you. It doesn’t have to be an overall – like
“Oh, I weighed 175lbs. now I weigh 185. I’m jacked.” No, it doesn’t have to be that. The impact, visually, that getting this right
will have on your body is significant. This is your game plan, guys. I’m telling you. It’s based on longevity and the ability to
replicate this because those that talk about all the other methods, the shortcuts, and
all that other stuff; that’s not repeatable and it’s not sustainable, and we’ve never
been about that here. If you’re looking for a sustainable, repeatable
program that doesn’t put you in a state of calorie deprivation where you want to go bite
someone’s head off that you live with because you’re that hungry; then head to ATHLEANX.com
right now and get our ATHLEANX training program. It’s reasonable, it’s sustainable, it’s practical,
and above all else it’s no bullshit, guys. If you’re looking for more videos on what
you want me to talk about and cover, make sure you leave your topics in the comments
below and I’ll do my best to do that for you in the days and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon.

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  1. Don't let idiots try to tell you something that you've proven we all believe in you and we all try to emulate what you're saying personal. Note there are going to be people who want you to fail because they are failures

  2. I weighed 208 when I started cutting eating 1500 calories a day but I am now 175 and want to do body recomposition I have a lot of body fat still but a decent amount of muscle I have been eating 2300 calories a day now and work out 5 times a week I’ve started lifting for about 2 to 3 years will this “body recomposition” thing work for me someone please let me know I don’t wanna waste my time

  3. I dont know what people don't understand about this channel. Jeff has said he doesn't train bodybuilders and people come here looking for bodybuilder advice and saying that anything that doesn't fit their own opinion is "beginner shit". Well yeah congrats man you right this is beginners shit. 99% of the world aren't elite bodybuilders that need to put on dozens of pounds of muscle for a show. They're regular 9-5 workers or busy small business owners trying to take care of their health. You're really gonna try to hate on that because its not you? This is high quality information for those people who don't need the unnecessary complications of macros, calorie counting energy expenditure tracking and all that shit. No regular working person with a family has the time or energy to do any of that. Unless you're a bodybuilder of course then thats your job and you have every incentive and all the time to do all of that. Every damn day fitness has a quote of something like "90% of these fitness youtubers lives don't relate to you and most of you will never look like them" which is true. So if you're here trying to hate on people for trying to encourage other regular people to take care of their health 24/7 365. Without the unnecessary things that might discourage them. You need to ask yourself why you're so self conscious about your life choices that you want to hate on people for trying to be better.

  4. Everything he said is me naturally. My metabolism is sky high. I can't stop yet burn the calories stupidity

  5. I could stand there and take my shirt off 365 days of the year, but people would be screaming and throwing up.

  6. You can do it well past 40. I'm 55, 6ft, 90kg. Over the past 4 months, I've maintained my weight but gone from 20% fat to 8.

  7. in the wise words of bro science life: if you're not looking cut, tell them you're bulking. if you're not looking bulky, tell them you're cutting. if you're neither, then you're fucked

  8. Hi Jeff, could you do a video with an example diet (or your own), or a nutritional plan (8 weeks or so) detailing how to make sure you're in a positive nitrogen balance as you go further into a caloric deficit? Anyway man, absolutely killing it and I'm loving the videos!!

  9. Absolutely what i NEEDED to see. I have been struggling between bulk and cut and this video sureely has motivated me. My body looks like the guy in the picture and i am definitely going to put on lean mass while still losing body fat. Thanks alot. Your videos are the best.

  10. What l realized when l was eating like Every Day 3000 3300kcal even more but almost not any ptotein l couldnt be even at 70kg now l eat like 2200 2000 1750 calories but alot ptotein to 200g even l can't go Lower than 70kg wanted cutt some fat but now my weight not goin down haha l guess l gaining muscle and losing fat, and l am not beginner

  11. I usually understand Jeff but wtf is he saying? 😂 So you can eat at a deficit but make sure to add a bit more protein??? What about eating at maintenance?

  12. I'm very confused here. I need some good suggestions. I was 28 percent bf when I started lifting weights and I have cut down to 20 percent now. But my gym trainer is advising me to cut down to 15 percent at least and then do bulk. I have been in calorie deficit for like 8 months now while my protein intake has been good. So it's basically what Jeff said here. Calorie deficit + high protein. I understand that my trainer wants me to lose fat first and then work on muscle gain. But losing more fat is making me look weak bcoz I didn't already have good muscle mass. Nor I have not built any good visible muscle in 8 months. And I'm losing a lot of mass from my shoulders and arms which is making me look smaller by the day. I'm looking weak and smaller and I'm not liking it. My main intention was to build muscle with of course low fat.

    What should I do?
    Should I keep cutting to 15 percent bf at least and then bulk? Or

    Should I start bulking now and then may be do a quick cut for some fat that I might end up gaining?

    Quite honestly I don't think body recomposition is working for me. I'd really want to pack some muscle. I'm losing the motivation now.

  13. man; y'all that are asking "do I cut or bulk then, Jep?"; did you even fucking watch the video? He says you shouldn't think 'bulk or cut' because you just eat your maintenance calories or at a deficit and ensure protein intake is high so you can LOSE BODY FAT and GAIN LEAN MUSCLE.

  14. Dude I need direct advice. I’m a heavy guy trying to diet and exercise. I’m having a hard time keeping the fat off.

  15. I just need a way to compensate for drinking beer. Its summer, I like to drink with my friends. But training the next day feels like I got hit by a train. I assume its basically impossible to drink more then 4 liter three days a week and make gains. Still whats the best way to compensate as well as possible.

    I do have control about what I eat, even when Im drunk. So its not that Im bulk eating fats or anything. I know after the summer Im probably only gonna go out on saturdays again. But in summer there are parties everywhere and Im just looking for tips how to best combat it. I dont expect crazy gains, just how to maintain those months so when september comes you at least survived it the best way possible. I still train every day, I watch my diet best as possible, should I cut on carbs or fats to compensate for the drinking? I have no idea.

  16. I was looking forward to some summarization of science on bulking cutting or recomps, but it wasn't here. :/

  17. I'm just stopping drinking beer training harder eating better, as for some plan & counting cals I find it far too much to add into my day as it is. I'd love to be able to go to the gym or start some complicated training plan but I just don't have the time.

  18. I understand but in 90 days?? What was the routine??? I’m at 185 lbs and 5.9 I need to do that 😄😄😄😄

  19. One tip from me: look for food items that include added protein. I've found iced coffee and sandwich wraps that have added protein. Things like this will allow you to hit your macros while satisfying your taste buds.

  20. I find it incredibly frustrating when people ask me about my weight loss, (150 pounds) They ask me how I did it- And I say by walking, a basic lifting routine and changing my eating habits. Almost always I get "oh, that's hard" and they lose interest.

  21. Just clicked on and that's absolutely great. I agree you shouldn't be too concerned with losing weight if you've got good poundage to me it's untapped potential I'm about 120 rn so I struggle gaining weight with my crazy metabolism. Having extra weight makes it easier to build muscle, for me my gains will be slower my current goal is 200 lbs then I'll see if I still wanna get bigger. Great vids man.

  22. so am I supposed to eat high protein diets with a caloric surplus if I want to gain mass or was is supposed to eat high protein diet in a caloric deficit to gain mass?? I'm confused as FUCK

  23. Facts. When I go from my lifestyle off season physique on to a stage ready or photoshoot ready physique I drop roughly 5-7% body fat and my weight either stays the same or I lose 1-2 lbs yet I get down to 4% body fat. I also do this same approach with all my clients. You don’t need a crazy deficit guys. It’s a slow progression in intensity through the program that gets you there. Great video

  24. If you're not that BIG then tell them you're cutting, if you're not that cut then tell them cause you're bulking!

  25. THIS is what i needed to see…No idea why i look at other channels for this kind of information when every time i just end up coming back and proving to myself why this is the best.

  26. Hmmm. How come I eat more calories but never gain too much weight and still gain muscle mass while losing body fat? I mean, I eat healthy foods and lean proteins combined with natural protein shakes, but I can't seem to shape my muscles in the way most peoples are

  27. I've tried cutting and it goes bit too far.
    No muscle / skinny and my wife was angry because I didn't look sexy anymore.
    Then I tried to maintain my body weight at some level and the same time doing workout to gain muscle without increasing my body weight.

  28. I disagree with Jeff this time, even though I agree that if he does not lose any weight and train hard would end up with good results, the results will be so slow to come, this guy is way better off cutting about 15 lbs while training very hard then lean bulking again from there the results will be just much much faster

  29. Agree. The problem is that sometimes it's hard to significantly increase your protein intake without also increasing calories. I think that's why a lot of guys prefer bulk/cut. If you're gonna lose body fat and gain muscle weight at the same time, you're almost definitely going to need to supplement. There's nothing wrong with using some protein powder.

  30. I don't really understand this.
    If that guy really was on a caloric deficit, he should have lost weight. Not only body fat, but weight. It might be that you can build muscle in a caloric deficit (with the positive nitrogen balance Jeff is talking about), but if you really are in a caloric deficit, you should lose more pounds of fat than you gain pounds of muscle. Because a caloric deficit means weight loss, right?

    That means one of two things: Either that guy did not really weigh the same before and after. Or you can also lose body fat and increase muscle without being in a caloric deficit, i.e. staying on maintenance, which that guy seems to have done.
    Which is it?

  31. Those are the ignorant* people.

    Calling misled and ignorant people unintelligent isn't really accurate, Jeff! I get what you're saying, but it's an important distinction. Just my opinion.

  32. My physique has changed drastically and my muscle and strength gains have been crazy. I started seriously working out 4 months ago and have approximately lost about 5% body fat and gained a serious amount of muscle while weighing the same.

  33. Also strength developement is very important too . Gaining strength over time on the big lifts will produce more muscle growth during this process . Also focusing on compound lifts is extremely important too

  34. This is just a straight up lie,see the acne starting on this guys body? That is because he started taking TESTOSTERONE!!!!!!!

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