– What’s up? Elite THENX athletes. It’s Chris Heria. Today I’m here with Zay. We’re gonna show you how
to transform your body with calisthenics. (electronic music) All right guys so let’s get started. So today we’re gonna be talking about how to transform your
body with calisthenics and Zay right here is a clear example that you don’t need any fancy equipment or anything like that to create a body that is not only aesthetic
but is actually strong and capable. So Zay why don’t you give
them a little background of where you first started? – When I first started I
remember I was coming off of an ACL surgery. This was late 2013. I reached out to a few friends, you know what’s the best
way to get in shape. I had signed up for a gym membership. I was just gonna start
lifting weights initially but you know my friends,
good friends of mine, told me you know to start calisthenics. I’m like what’s that? How do I get started? So they just told me like
you know just the basics. Pushups, pullups, dips,
and I was like really? You know so I was like you know what. They’re in good shape themselves
and that’s what they did so you know I’m gonna
take their word for it. When I first started I
was probably doing like two pullups the most. I was probably doing
like around 15 pushups. I think my push was decent. 15 pushups. Dips I was able to do like
about 10, 15 dips as well and I was weighing around
187 when I first started. – 187. How much do you weigh right now? – [Zay] Right now I’m 160. – Wow. Yeah and you look big for 160 too. So when you first started what type of workouts were you
typically doing day by day? – So I took my friends’ advice. They told me to master the fundamentals, so pushups, pullups, dips is
the exercises that I tried to focus on. Remember my reps weren’t
high so what I had to do was I bought a resistance band
to help me with my pullups. I also used it to work on
technique, stretched with it. I was just trying to
focus on high repetitions for pullups, pushups, and dips. So after doing pullups with the band I found myself going from two
pullups to like 10 pullups, to 15 pullups after a few months. The same thing with pushups. My pushups went up. My dips went up. You know I started seeing my body change. I started shedding fat. – That’s the cool thing
about calisthenics is like I mean it’s tough at the beginning, manipulating your body weight but it eventually gets easier. You’re able to like
stack on more reps faster especially if you start with
like good and proper form from the beginning. It’s a lot easier to increase repetitions and of course if you’re
giving in quality repetitions, doing more repetitions is
gonna make you stronger in the end. You know if it’s all about the hypertrophy especially if you’re not
putting on extra weight, really it comes down to
the time under tension factor to start building
muscle with calisthenics. – For sure. – So that’s what you did. That’s awesome bro. So this is where you’re
at today at 160 pounds. You went from… – [Zay] 187. – To 160. – Yeah. – So now what is like a typical workout that you’re doing today? Are you doing weights and calisthenics? What’s your routine? – So I’m still doing calisthenics. I’m not lifting weights. So if I do wanna put on mass, weighted calisthenics. Weighted pullups, weighted
dips, weighted pushups. – Hell yeah. That’s
exactly what we’re into on the THENX Channel. In fact how about we do
a Zay workout right now. What’s a typical workout for
you that we could do today? – So I’m still sticking
to the fundamentals. The routine I have for you guys today is 25 pushups, 10 pullups,
15 dips, and 10 chinups and we’re doing that 10 times. – Awesome. Let’s go for it right now. – Let’s do it. – Diamond, normal, how do you want it? – We’ll do the first one regular. – All right. Here we go. – Ready? (electronic music) – How many was that? – That’s 25. I did 25. – All right. Just making sure. – That boy was gonna do 30. (laughing) – I really lost count man.
I was waiting for you. What’s the next set? What’s the next move? – So the next one is 10 pullups. – All right. Perfect. So let’s go on ahead.
Let’s do ’em right here. – All right. (techno music) – This is great man. This is great. The dope thing about
like training the basics it’s like you really,
really feel that bro. – Yeah. – And the way that we’re building muscle is through hypertrophy,
through time under tension. Trying to hit higher reps
to break those muscle fibers and trying to stay on,
keep that muscle engaging as long as possible. – For sure. – Uh what’s the next move? – 15 dips. – 15 dips. – You ready? – Let’s go for it. Do you normally take breaks
or you go straight in? – I go straight in man. – Let’s go. – The good thing about these workouts also is like you can, it’s also
warming up your body, right? So like the first three
exercises might feel easy but… – True. – Afterwards… – Yeah. – Gets a little harder. – Yeah. (techno music) – All right. So the last workout is
gonna be 10 chinups. – Mmhmm. – And then we’re just
gonna do this 10 times. – All right. So we got… – You ready? – After these 10 chinups
we got nine more to go. – Nine more to go. – Hell yeah. Let’s do it. – 10 chinups. – So along these different
rounds of course, we can always like switch
up the different grips. – Yeah. So like a few reps in I just
like to do keep it simple. You know regular shoulder
width, regular pullups. Maybe like a few sets in I’ll do diamond, maybe I’ll do like a wider pushups. – And that way you get to also
like train different muscles that you’re not engaging
in the first round. – Exactly. Exactly. – Excellent bro. – I’ll do like wider pullups. Maybe close grip chinups, you know. All that. – Awesome, awesome. So legs you have like just a
separate day just to train legs and just a separate day
just to train core as well. – Yeah. Yeah I mean like during
these workouts even sometimes I’ll incorporate like metrics
so I’ll do like box jumps. I’ll do body weight squats. – The cool thing about
this routine here is that you’re working the antagonist muscles. You’re working on your pulling
as well as your pushing. There’s a lot of studies
that say if you work on those back to back the opposing motions, that actually strengthens
those motions together. So it’s great to be
incorporating antagonist muscles into your routine. So let’s go for this last one. We got 10 chinups. – 10 chinups. – Let’s go for it brother. Same time. Here we go. (techno music) – Wooooo. There you have it guys. That’s the Zay routine right there. Now… – We got nine more to go. – We have nine more to go. (laughing) That’s the first round. For sure. So thank you guys so much for watching. So proof right here that
you can build solid muscle and a strong foundation
just with calisthenics from any point that you are. Whether you’re super skinny, overweight. There are no excuses. And if you’re doing calisthenics, you are definitely gonna
see an improvement. You’re definitely gonna progress. So with that said guys, thank you so much for watching. Smash that like button. That helps us out so much. Comment and subscribe
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  1. Chris-Thank you for the videos and clear advice on how to go forward with it all! I re-entered the fitness part of life again at age 52 and really appreciate the videos. I moved to the Czech Republic recently and have limited income with limited access to equipment so your videos are a big help! I especially appreciate the theory and science as well as the practical demos you do in the videos. Some guys leave out the practical, explained demos. You give the complete picture. Keep goin' sir and have a great new year!

  2. Hey Chris, I'm not strong enough to do 10 sets (yet). To get there, is it better to do the same reps with less sets, or start with fewer reps but 10 sets? Thanks!

  3. Hey Chris, I'm not strong enough to do 10 sets (yet). To get there, is it better to do the same reps with less sets, or start with fewer reps but 10 sets? Thanks!

  4. when you show thoses daily work out i often only see 5 different exercise, is it enough or you do more thing after? i never know what i should do for a full work out in calisthenics i want to start it but im confuse. do you have a video that show beginer routine what exercise to do muscle to work and how many time, is there such a thing as too much work out in a day?

  5. Hey chris im in three sports (wrestling,track and football) i just did one of your workouts on your app and i felt like my abbs was burning and i can feel the sweat and body fat come off of me and thank you so much oh i forgot to mention that i weigh 137 and im 5'10 and in the 8th grade and love the app already

  6. Yo Chris, im enjoying the vid. I would just like to ask a couple things. It'd great if you could make a video explaining the different types of training you could do. For example what would i need to do to in order to build strength, or muscle. I mean at the moment im following your guide, but I would like to get creative and make my own workout routines and follow my own path. So if you could just shed some light over (or going into more detail on) how to make your own workouts that work best for one's self that would be great. I have seen one of your videos where you go over how to do that. But if you could maybe teach us about the finer points. Some of my friends ask me how it works and im just like… "uhh i dunno, i just follow a guide" so some more knowledge would be cool!

  7. Did anyone actually complete 10 rounds?

    I got to three rounds at most. Still a long way to go. Looking for some motivation lol.

  8. I have a question, so I started working out about 5 days ago and I did the exact same workout only I added inclined and declined pushups and push up hold but the problem I'm having is that I cant go past 5 pushups and burn out within the first 15 minutes of my workout, I'm doing correct form the first few days I was able to do 15 push ups and 3 declined push up, 5 inclined push ups, I did assisted dips until I couldn't support myself anymore and some pull ups. Any suggestions on how I can gain more strength? It seems my reps are going down because my muscles are fatiged but I rested 3 days and still same result.

  9. I do some calisthenics, i started weightlifting recently (a lot more anyways) and i saw this and im like “that seems fun” he then goes “we got 9 more to go”
    I could go probably 4 rounds max id be too tired 😂, ill move into that though, ive been slacking, being sick, then the snow here

  10. I just love watching all this. Calisthenics has seriously changed my life and it makes me so happy to see it changing so many others lives aswell.

  11. This is great 🙂 Started doing a lot of changes in my life 3 months ago and i can already feel he benefits. Kept coming back to this channel for inspiration, keep up the good work!

  12. Thanks so much Zay for sharing your story. It is encouraging and nice to see it is possible for everyone 🙂 I just started training and was afraid I couldn't do it because I'm really starting from zero. But this is super encouraging and motivating!! ❤️😊

  13. Wow ! Once again that was amazing. Think about it, back in the Roman days all the Gladiators did was bodyweight exercises and look how ripped they were. Great video ….YET AGAIN 💪🏻👍🏻

  14. Hey thenx or anyone reading: this workout and many of them involve pulling and pushing on the same day. Does this mean I should do multiple days of push and pull?

    What would my 5 day workout week look like if I do 1 day for just abs?

    Thanks all!!

  15. grant video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saludos desde venezuel….you are my channel favoritoo…..excuseme my bad english jajaja

  16. I have one request. Pls share a routine for people who are really willing to get a good body but have paucity of time due to daily job. In India, our job really sucks. 9 to 5 .

  17. Chris, can u talk abt rest times between rounds or sets? Watching ur vids, it feels like u don’t rest or something.

  18. Keep these type of videos coming! Without you I wouldnt be interested and motivated to start calisthenics. These videos help so much

  19. Chris you need to stop out doing all your guests man. I know it's your home and your beast, we all know your a beast (2M). Be nice make them feel welcomed lol.

  20. I doing this Workout.. I have a break of 2 min between the exercises and a break of 3 minutes between the sets. Otherwise I am not capable of doing 10 sets. All with quality repetitions though. Hope to reduce the break between exercises to 1 min.

  21. Thanks Chris and Zay . Looking at Zay makes me believe it is doable as the workout aint fancy , it is basic and the volume is high . Simplicity . Love it .

  22. Yo .know what's really mad about my obsession with watching these video's in training with a whole new mind set I'm not anywhere yet but I'm training every morning with the push up small ab work before work and wen I go gym I'm thinking all I'm doing is building something special for the goal of being a thenx athlete

  23. Fuck man cant belie zay got acl surgery lol im currently going through that it aint easy but calisthenics and thenx for sure have made it a lot easier!

  24. Zay… is this the guy you mentioned in your how to handstand video? i recall you mentioned your friend "Zay(?)" who can do handstands on a railing edge!

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