C Section Exercises for Stomach Muscles to Tone and Tighten Tummy (LOSE THE BABY POOCH)

C Section Exercises for Stomach Muscles to Tone and Tighten Tummy (LOSE THE BABY POOCH)

Did you have a c-section and you want to
tone and tighten your tummy? By the end of this video you’ll have the best
exercises to effectively flatten and tighten your tummy after a c-section. For
more tummy toning exercises specifically for new mums and mums beyond the baby
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exercises are the ones my c-section clients followed to lose 2 to 5
inches off their waists. So let’s get started. After a c-section there’s a lack of connection to the tummy muscles due to the trauma and the scarring. With my
exercises it’s always my aim to avoid straining the incision and focus on
strengthening and healing the deep core muscle. This is the most important part
of exercising after having a baby and to healing and strengthening.
And that’s what will get you a flatter tummy. You’re going to need a piece of
equipment that’s easy to find for a couple of these exercises. You’ll need
a soft ball, like a Pilates ball or a kids ball or if you
don’t have either of these then a cushion will do. Pause this video now, go find those
pieces of equipment and then come back to me to press play. The first exercise
is the wall bridge and this is where you’ll need your soft ball or your
cushion. I’m going to grab my soft ball. Place it in between
your thighs and then come against the wall and place your feet up
against the wall. Lie onto your back be careful the ball
doesn’t roll out at this point. With your feet up against the wall,
bring your bottom towards the wall. With your shins parallel to the
ceiling. Your thighs should be
perpendicular to the floor your arms by your sides. Push your feet into the wall and squeeze the ball. Draw your
belly button down and breathe out then lift your hips your lower back up off the floor pushing into the wall with your feet bringing your
belly button down and squeezing the ball. You are up onto your
shoulders and then gradually lower and as you
squeeze the ball between your thighs, squeeze your bottom
muscles too to lift. Push into the wall. We’re doing ten of these. Breathe out, breathe in and do that again so exhale lift inhale and lower. When you return to
the floor at this point you want to make sure the whole of your back comes down
to the floor. Avoid any arching in your lower back. Your back is
flat as you return to the floor. Breathe out squeeze and lift up and breathing out. The beauty of this exercise is that not only
are you activating your tummy muscles to flatten them, you’re also activating
and strengthening your inner thighs too. Your inner thigh muscles are
connected to your pelvic floor and your tummy muscles so it’s really
beneficial to be exercising all of those muscles with one move. Even if you
had a c-section your pelvic floor muscles will still be weaker because
it’s during the pregnancy when the baby placed pressure all those pelvic floor
muscles that this weakens the muscle. Now rest and then just take the ball out
of the legs put it to one side and roll over to come up to a seated
position. The next exercise is the wall squat. Not only are you going to
activate your tummy muscles after a c-section but you’re also going to
strengthen and tone your thighs. You’ll need your softball or kids ball
or cushion for this one and an empty wall. Stand with your back up
against the wall and be sure to make sure your lower back is completely
against the wall. You don’t want it to be arched. Place the ball just in
between your inner thighs and slide down the wall a little so that
ideally your thighs are parallel to the floor. Take your
shoulders back and then you’re just going to breathe in and let you allow
your tummy muscles to relax! Breathe out bring your belly button back and squeeze the ball at the same time. Inhale or breathe in and
breathe out. Breath in and try to keep your shoulders against the wall.
You’re going to do this 12 times and what you can do is place one hand on
your belly button so you can feel that area really activate. Do a gentle lift of
your pelvic floor too as you breathe out and bring your belly button back, you’ll
feel this in your thighs as well. Breathing out bringing the belly button
in breathing in letting it relax forward. We’ll do four more, two more, one more. Now hold this one in, lift up your pelvic floor and hold it for another couple
of seconds. Are you still with me? Now take the
ball out of your legs and just slide yourself back up the wall. Throw
the ball to one side. Now the next exercise we’re also going to do is against
the wall. We are going to place our hands up against the wall and they’ll be
about shoulder-width height and also shoulder width apart. Step back away from
the wall approximately three to four feet and then raise your heels up.
Activate again here by drawing the belly button in as you breathe out and just
hold yourself in this position. Relax your shoulders down and
make sure you haven’t arched your back You want to
make sure your pelvis is in a really flat line with your pubic bone. We’re
going to hold this here breathing in breathing out now to make it more
challenging you can step further back. Relax your shoulders and what we’re going
to do is come on to our forearm, the right forearm then onto the left and then back onto the right hand and back on to
the left. With your breathing, breathe out as you
lower and then breathe in. Make sure your hips stay stable and if
you want to make it easier just bring your feet closer towards the wall try
and keep your heels lifted so really be conscious of bringing your belly button
in the whole time doing this exercise. If you’re finding this is super
challenging and it’s hard to keep your hips still, what you can do is
literally, push into the wall and bring your belly button in. Feel this
activate and just hold it here. Otherwise stay with me and we’ll
continue going on to our forearms. We will do four more, three, two more one more. Now to keep everything balanced, we’re going to also do that with the left forearm
leading doing the same thing. Bring in the belly button and go onto your left forearm and your left hand. Make sure you haven’t arched your
back at this point because it’s easy to relax your lower abs and then the back arches. Form is important so breathing out is you where you tighten your lower tummy.
Two more, one more. Now take your hands off the wall. You’re going to need a chair for this next exercise. Stand
in front of the chair with your feet about one foot away from the
legs of the chair and place your hands just in front of you here for really
good posture. The aim here is to get your breathing correct. You’re going to
breathe in as you take your bottom down towards the tip of the chair, just touch and
then as you come up breathe out and draw your belly button in to come back up to
standing. So you’re breathing in breathing out, make sure your feet
are completely flat onto the floor and your knees stay behind your toes so you want
to make sure that your knees stay just above your ankles and you’re not
doing this or pushing your knees forwards. Your body weight is back into
the heels of your feet as you breathe out. Be really conscious of what
you’re doing here so you’re activating your core muscles to bring
yourself back up to standing to really help with stability, pelvic
stability post pregnancy and activating the tummy muscles after a
c-section to get them flatter. Believe it or not the squat really helps
you do this so you’re breathing in and breathing out drawing the belly button
in as you’re coming up to standing. Be sure to relax your shoulders and keep
your chest lifted which is why I love having the hands in front of the chest
here cause it reminds you to do that. Let’s do four more, you’ll feel it
through your thighs, I know but make sure you’re really activating your belly button
here. Two more and notice I’m just lightly
touching the chair to use my body weight to come back up. One more and rest. Well
done! Now, I want you to tell me which exercise made you feel your tummy
muscles most. Comment below this video This next exercise is exercise 5 and
it’s called the side raise. We’re going to target the muscles of your waist
right here which are called the obliques. Because of the position,it is super
safe for your incisions we’re not placing any pressure onto the scar. So
we’re gonna start lying on to your forearm and your knees are bent at 90
degrees. Just lift your body up so that there’s space between your
shoulder and your ear then place your hand here onto the floor and bring your hips
forwards as you lift the side of your waist and hips off the floor pushing
into your knees. Then take your free arm straight up. I’m going to lift the side
of the waist and now notice that I’m just hovering there above the floor
to pulse in tiny movements We’ll do 12 of these. Stay
with me. Breathe out as you draw in your belly button and breathe out
and as you lower to the floor. One more and rest down to the floor. Now we’ll switch to the other side. So again you’re lying on your forearm knees bent at 90
degrees and the feet behind your knees Have one hip on top of the other so your
the top hip is directly over the bottom hip. That’s important so
your hips line up correctly. Taking this hand on the floor press into the
floor and gently lift the side of your waist and your hips up raise your arm up
and then as you lift a little higher bring your belly button in, breathe out
and then inhale and lower. So you’re breathing out as you lift
breathing in as you lower, you want to keep your body in a straight line with your
shoulder to your head to your knee and notice as I lower
I’m just hovering above the floor. Bring your shoulder in each time, that’s a
tip because that releases pressure off your shoulder. If you’re putting a lot of pressure onto
your shoulder it may be because you’re pushing into your shoulder so just bring
your shoulder in each time towards your body, three, two
one more and lower down to the floor. Excellent the next exercise is exercise
six which is the ‘In and Out’. We start lying down onto our backs
knees bent and feet are flat to the floor. From here walk
your feet together so your knees are together and then we’re going to breathe in let
the belly button rise and as you breath out bring your belly button down and
allow your lower back to sink into the floor or the mat underneath you so
you are avoiding arching your lower back Then as you breathe out you lower
your right knee down towards the floor keeping the hips really still and then
inhale back up exhale lower the left knee down to the floor inhale bring it
back up. The whole time you keep your hips really still and what you want
to feel is this deep transverse abdominal muscle across here really
working; activating. So this is a very gentle exercise, you’re not going to feel
the burn with this one but instead activating and strengthening,
knowing the muscles are engaging activating and to do that you have to start with
these foundation exercises so remember you breathe out as you lower your knee
towards the floor, it doesn’t need to go to entirely to the floor and you’re doing
this with control keeping your hips you pelvis really stable really still. I like
to place my hand on the tummy so I can really feel the action. Now for the last exercise
exercise number 7 which is the ‘Leg Circles’. We stay on our backs
lifting the right leg up into the air
then circle the leg in small circles with control
breathing out and bring your belly button down towards the floor as you circle the
leg in a clockwise direction. Now you can go a little wider with this but I
recommend that you stay with small circles, you’ll feel your muscles more with this great exercise It also tones your inner thighs and
brings connection between your inner thighs and your pelvic floor which is part of your core
muscles. Remember these muscles are all connected
Just one more, now we’ll do the same thing with the other leg raise the left leg up
point your toe and then drawing circles in a clockwise direction. This time
you’re coming towards your knee with small circles and you’re breathing out, breathing in as your leg goes back up to the top. Really draw your belly button in
being really mindful of activating those deep abdominal muscles the muscle called the transverse abdominis. One more and take the foot back onto the floor. Then lift the right leg back up and this time go anti-clockwise with the
right leg. Make sure your knee stays still, so it’s pointing up towards the ceiling. It’s a
very smooth controlled movement exhale as you rotate the leg bringing in your
belly button to get activation of the deep core. Sometimes it’s so hard with a c-section to feel the muscles so you’ll have to persevere. I
recommend that you repeat this video at least three times a week at
first for a couple of weeks and then I can guarantee you’ll start to fill these
muscles again. Lower the foot onto the floor to change legs to the left leg in an
anti-clockwise direction, slow circular movements that you control. and that’s it well done now you’ve taken
the first step to toning and tightening your tummy muscles after having a
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  2. These exercises are so useful Vicky. Easy to do and I'm sure are going to be effective. I will definitely be passing them on to my friends who've had babies even more recently than me.

  3. another great video Vicky – I love the way the exercise are so very clearly demonstrated which make them really easy to follow

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