Cable Chest Fly: Tips For Building A Bigger Chest! More Muscle Activation!

Cable Chest Fly: Tips For Building A Bigger Chest! More Muscle Activation!

Alright guys, you’re at the end of you chest workout, and you’re looking for a great exercise to finish it off And you really want to activate as much muscle fiber as possible one of my favorite exercises to go to is a cable chest fly But there are some things you want to keep in mind when doing this exercise To make sure that you’re actually targeting your chest a lot of the times what happens is when we get to the chest fly Towards the end of the workout We try to put on a little more weight than we can handle and it starts to become an exercise targeting a bit more Triceps and activating your shoulders more than actually targeting and isolating the chest so let’s go over a few things to keep in mind when doing the exercise So whether you’re starting from the top middle or the bottom you want to keep all these things] in mind We’ll go through all three ranges if you’re starting in the top number one you want to make sure you don’t put the cables Too high you don’t want to put your shoulders in a compromised position Where you can’t even target your chest to begin with so find the right height once you get the cables in the right height what you want to do is make sure you take a step forward so that the Weight stack never touches itself even when in the back position and then from here I like to put one foot forward Go on my back toe with my back foot, but you don’t want to have your shoulders rolled over like this This is a huge red flag I always see people get into position and they roll their shoulders forward and then they start doing this and if you notice you’re gonna Feel a lot of activation throughout your traps and shoulders instead of where it’s supposed to be which is your chest We can’t even see my chest right now. It’s buried underneath my shoulders. So what you want to do is get your cables Stick your chest up, and then roll your shoulders back and pack them together, so you retract your scapula from this position It should be very clear that when you bring your arms together Just like this that you’re isolating and working your chest. There’s a mirror in front Which I have a mirror in front of me You should be able to see your chest pop should be able to see it squeeze, and you should be able to see right in the top Right through here all the activation going on in your chest, okay? And you come back you want to make sure you’re keeping your shoulders back Keeping them down and not letting your shoulders rise up to your ears, so when you get into position here Don’t do this don’t lean forward and a lot of times people lean forward because the weights too, heavy And it’s pulling them back even if the weights a little heavy, and it’s too heavy for you to stand upright You can still rotate your shoulders backwards pack them and then just get lower and get a lower center of gravity like this to compensate for the weight But obviously you’d have to lower the handles as well, so that’s with a high chest slide for the low chest fly the Middle chest fly I like to place the cables just a little bit under my chest to do this exercise so that was good just like that From here same thing, and it’s a lot easier when doing this exercise To make sure you’re keeping your shoulders down and back because you’re not putting yourself in a compromised position because the cables are already lower But when doing this exercise you want to make sure that as you bring the weight and the handles close to each other You’re maintaining a slight bending your elbows shoulders are down and back and you can feel your chest squeezing the entire time okay? Just like this Squeeze your chest as hard as you can on every single repetition Now what often happens on all three versions of this exercise is if the weight is too heavy You’ll start off with good intentions and your intentions are to work your chest And you’ll start off with a slight bend in your elbow and what you’ll start to see happen as you start to fatigue And they gets heavier and heavier your hands get closer and closer together And then you’re not really targeting your chest that much anymore to really focus and isolate and target your chest and all three versions You need to make sure that You’re squeezing keeping a slight bend in your elbow And you’re really able to contract your chest as hard as you can you can’t do that like this Look at the difference between how close my arms are to my chest when I’m here versus here So there’s a lot more range of motion when you’re coming all the way out in front of you like this Versus using weight, that’s too heavy and only going to here okay. It’s like cutting the range of motion in half Now the last exercise is the low cable chest fly so for this one you can have to just find what works for you and once you’re into position with this exercise and granted you can use momentum on any of these versions But you see it most often used here and something you want to stay away from Every single exercise you do if you want to isolate and target your chest And you want to feel as much muscle activation as possible You need to be able to use weight that you can handle and control the positive and negative portion of the repetition So when you’re doing low cable chest flies Take a step forward follow the same rules don’t be like this don’t be leaning forward lean back chest up shoulders retracted and then from here with again with a slight bend in your elbow come up as High as you can and really feel that chest contract now again If you don’t keep a slight bend, and you bend your arms too much And you start doing this you’re taking all the range of motion out of the exercise And you lose a lot of muscle activation in your chest when you do this and the other bad thing is if it’s too heavy And you find yourself Going like this, and then just dropping it and every rep is a little bounce like this That’s not good because you’re using momentum And not your actual muscles to perform the exercise so cool your mechanical strength is going up But you’re not building any muscle because you’re not breaking any down so you need to make sure you stand Nice, and tall. I always like to squeeze the handles as hard as possible and Then come up Come down control the weight and repeat for reps shoulders down and Scapula retracted the entire time So there you guys have it if you’re looking for an amazing Finisher and a great exercise to really finish off your chest you can do all three of these versions you can just pick one of Them do whatever you want to do Superset them together Whatever destroys your chest the most typically when I do this I get three to four sets of ten to twelve repetitions per set So I hope you guys enjoyed that and if you like making natty gains And you’re all about working hard in the gym Pushing yourself to the limit join the natty nation over at and as always more good stuff coming soon See you guys If you’re looking for our website that lets you build your own profile interact with other community members Log your daily meal plan and add your own custom foods Find the exact routines you are looking for to reach your goals on a weekly basis New recipe ideas to help improve your meal plan and you enjoy learning new things to take your workouts to the next level Join, what’s your maximum output?

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  1. Well done Scott,I will not lie even I go wrong in this sometimes due to EgoScience.
    But from now on will focus on form rather than weight.
    Just a request, make this to be taken offline as in my gym there is no proper mobile network.

  2. Hi Scott, great videos! I watch them all 🙂
    I have a question regarding reciprocal inhibtion: When retraction your scapulas won't that in fact reduce the neural drive to the pecs? I've always done it myself, until I came across an article about reciprocal inhibition. I hope you can help me – wanna make those gains as big and as injuiry-free as possible! 🙂

  3. wow…i just did this last night and I couldn't help but realize how much my shoulders hurt. wish i had seen this one before…thanks for the tip man!

  4. It could be more helpful (especially for beginners like me) if Scott emphasized/ explained what are the muscles targeted in each height of the cable. Nice vid anyway, thumbs up from the Philippines ^_^

  5. Got a workout routine from a friend with links to your channel.
    Even though i've been working out for quite some time you helped me discover the little flaws.
    Great video's, great explanations and an awesome personalty.
    Keep it up!

  6. So this what it look like when some one goes from weight lifter to coach. Actually he's going back to early his video's

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  8. Hey Scott! First off, another great video. I have an embarrassing question that I think most fitness females (without breast augmentation) can appreciate. Should we avoid training chest due to the slight conversion of breast tissue to muscle? I've always been, ahem, NOT so endowed in that region but also hate leaving out a body part to train. Advice?

  9. I watch so many YouTube fitness channels, but I have to say Scott Herman is the best! Been doing this exercise for a long time and I always learn something new watching your videos!

  10. Eye-opening stuff. I make most of those mistakes. One question. 3-4 sets per position? Or 3-4 sets overall?

  11. Thanks for this technique lesson Scott. I was one of those people rolling my shoulders over when I did this exercise. I'll pop my chest out now.

  12. Sup Scott ! Longtime viewer, first time commenting. I have a question, if i want to really define my chest with flies would you recommend high reps with light weight, or low reps with heavy weight?

  13. Am I the only one in the world who feel that doing chest exercises with cables are the most confusing in compare to doing them with selectorized/plate-loaded/Smith machines and free weights like barbells and dumbbells.

  14. Hey Scott! I admire your channel for all the tips and vids on proper form but I really would like to know that if I were to slow down my reps on any exercise, would it increase the benefits from the exercise? I'm only young (14 years old) and for the time being, I'm working on building size and strength proportionate to my muscle size. I have fairly good form on most of my exercises but it would really help! Thanks in advance!

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  16. Turns out like many I too have been doing this wrong especially from the lowered position with arms coming towards myself with too much weight really been Concentrating on form and mind muscle connection lately. thanks for the great tips Scottie keep it up 🙂

  17. Thanks for the tips, I like to use these to finish off my chest day. Now I know how to make sure I'm doing them right.

  18. Hey Scott, lately I've stopped feeling sore after a workout… I've changed schedules, reps, the weight etc… But none of them really make my muscles sore…… I'm probably recovered within a few hours after the workout…… However, I am making a lot of progress as well…… So how do you think is best for me to continue


  19. You have no idea how helpful this was, I've been doing it wrong for nearly 6 months. Did it your way the other day and I really felt the diference. Great stuff as always Scott!

  20. Thanks for this one Scott! I've been doing it wrong the whole time o.o using my shoulders. No wonder I never feel the chest much in this exercise.

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  24. Hey Scott I've been lifting for a few years now and as I've gotten bigger I've noticed that my left pec is noticeably bigger than my right one..and I'm right-handed, so that doesn't make sense to me. Could you help me with some tips and exercises as to how to get my right pec up to speed. Thanks

  25. Honestly, i feel way more muscle activation in my chest when i have a slight leaning angle and don't push the cables right in front of my chest, but instead below it. I dont do those things with my shoulders though.

  26. Dude, the girl on the right, camera man should have show her a bit more, she was hooott.

  27. I needed this. Always end my chest workout with this, but I never fully felt a pump I that I'd like…. thanx!

  28. Scott, if dont have a gym membership, can u do flies with dumbells at home without a bench or a cable machine like in this video?

  29. "cool, your mechanical strength is going up, but your not bulding any muscle, cause your not breaking any down" 👌👌😂😂😂😂

  30. I have recently started training again (at home) and I find cable chest flyes
    much harder than I imagined. I can only use ridiculously light weights (as light as possible on my machine) and then it's
    still very hard to maintain proper form! It takes a lot of
    effort. Hopefully it will get easier with time as I have only recently started training.

  31. Make sire you only got sweaty men around you… i lost focus near the beginning for the same reasons as the others

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