Calf Pain! MUST KNOW This- Is it Manual Muscle Strain or Clot?

Calf Pain! MUST KNOW This- Is it Manual Muscle Strain or Clot?

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  1. Anybody knowxwhat this problem is? A buzzing/elextrical feeling behind right knee. Its only behind right knee and a little bit under the heel. It becomes better when i stretch calv and hamstring

  2. This might be the only time I catch you guys on, love your videos I've literally have gotten rid of around 80% of my pain and that's thanks to you guys!!!!
    i have a quick question though,
    In all of your lower back pain and sciatica you guys say it's good if you start to centralize the pain, the only question is what next, I've just recently started to feel the pain only in my lower back no more crazy pain of sciatica but now what I'm kinda lost and I really want to be pain free it's been almost 3 years of daily pain, since I started watching your videos and doing your recommended exercises it's been 4 weeks of almost no pain and zero pain killers, if you do answer cool if not thanks any way God bless you guys and I really wish you guys a healthy back

  3. Thank goodness the theme song is back! I recommend your channel to many people, and I tell them that the song is the way they can know but they are at the right place.

  4. I got it while walking those steep grades on the crosswalks. 😞 i feel real bad for the elderly and the handicapped some have a huge grade slopping onto the crosswalk

  5. @physicaltherapyvideo I love your videos, guys. However, regarding your video detailing the tests you can perform to tell if you have a rotator cuff tear, could you clarify if the tests demonstrated can successfully identify a partial rotator cuff tear or can they only identify a full rotator cuff tear? Thanks!

  6. Anyone considered it may be a calcium/magnesium deficiency?
    Muscle cramps (especially in the calves), low back ache, insomnia, irritability, menstrual cramps, arrhythmia and even constipation …. they are all symptoms of mineral deficiency, particularly cal/mag.

  7. I get the compartment syndrome symptoms in my left calf sometimes when I'm sitting for a while. It aches really bad in the same area but it goes away one I stretch my leg and stand. I've had an ultrasound and x ray done about 4 years ago. No injuries or blood clots were found.

  8. Thank you for the info! When I had a DVT under my knee I could barely stand on my leg. Definitely felt worse than a leg cramp. Getting ultrasound right away showed the clot and I was hospitalized.

  9. you both are great and your videos are so helpful , you both are super together and you both are excellent physical therapists , wish you had an office in New York 👍

  10. What about if the calf tightens up and has to be massaged out but no apparent cause? I was thinking a vitamin deficiency.

  11. I get severe calf cramping from magnesium deficiency, especially when i have become dehydrated. I understand calcium deficiency can cause the same thing. Might be good to mention these to your audience also.

  12. Oh my gosh right timing!!! Thank you so much!! You guys truly save my posture and my pains from aching. Please keep making videos. Thank you so very much!

  13. My friend went to the ER and they missed it, but fortunately her primary care Dr did not. It was a blood clot!!


    Massage can actually be dangerous if it's a blood clot.

  15. You guys are famous in the right way and my question is does pain become a issue in the brain where apparently you could be in pain but it's not as bad as you think

  16. Another great video, you seem to cover all kinds of things! I’ve tried to find out what causes painful small, hard lumps in the thighs. They only hurt if pressed on. Seems to come and go. Know what those are? Definitely not caused by exercise, lol.

  17. What about when your second toe (next to your big toe in your foot) stretches downward by itself and it is extremely painful.

  18. What your left hand did with the fingers folded in the beginning…that's is my husband permantly. How can I help him straighten them

  19. The end of vid wasnt clear, so if both calves have a sore spot in same area when pressing, and thats the "norm," is that a concern?

  20. As much as I like these guys and their videos, they really ever just mention stuff that you can't find in any google search. It's never any in depth knowledge of anatomy or physiology.

  21. I’ve had calf pain for about 10 days now. It’s not warm to touch and doesn’t hurt when I squeeze my calf. Today I noticed if I bend over like stretching my legs the back of my ankle/Achilles will burn. When I lift up it stops. I’m not sure what’s causing all of this. I have a doc appointment tomorrow. Any thoughts?

  22. I have had tense pain in the calf muscle area on my right leg for about a week. The pain starts when my leg is down for example when I am standing or walking or even sitting on chair. As soon as I raise my leg like putting it on a stool when sitting or standing, the pain starts relieving. When I am laying down on the bed, there is normally no pain since the leg is the same height position as the rest of my body. When, I touch or mild squeeze the calf muscle, I feel some soreness and if I stand up or walk for a while, I feel like some stiffness or mild swelling in my calf muscle. After some basic research on the Internet, I see pain in the calf muscle can have different causes(muscle tear or strain, blood clot, compartment syndrome, etc.). Can someone hint what the root of the problem might be in my case and if I need to see a specialist? Thanks

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