Calisthenics Beginner Workout (Full Body) | My Story and Why I Started

Calisthenics Beginner Workout (Full Body) | My Story and Why I Started

Hey guys, welcome back to another video. Today I’ll share with you a very effective beginner routine As many of you have asked, I’m finally doing
this beginner routine video to give u guys a sense of what my workouts look like when
I started. This is a full body workout that’s based on
the Thenx app with a bit of adjustments here and there. There are two main reasons why the workout
is performed in a circuit manner. The first is because it’s more demanding
on your cardiovascular system, which is ideal for weight loss. The second is that while you get shorter rest
period between each exercise, you get more time recovering the same group of muscle as
opposed to if you do 4 sets of the same exercise in a row. The exercises I will be doing are mountain
climber, high to low plank, bench dips, jumping pull up, push ups, wall sit, straight bar
dips and explosive squats. I’ll leave you to follow through the workout
while I talk about how I started my fitness journey. So it all started with a vision, which is
to be as fit as I can be before I graduate. I was in my lfinal year in uni, I weighed
172 lbs and to be honest I wasn’t very confident with my own weight. I used to be a swimmer but I gave up when
I started uni, making excuses like I had to focus on my study, I had no time to workout,
blah blah blah. We all know that’s bullshit. I didn’t see being out of shape as such a
problem at first until I realized I had one more year to go in uni. After that, I would never have the chance
to spend my time freely as I’m expected to work in an office from 9 to 7. So I made a judgement call, either I start
now or I stay in this physique forever. So I went to my mum for some advice. She’s a 56 year old lady who has lost over
60 pounds over the past 5 years. She sat me down, talked to me about her meal
plans and reminded me that I had to stick with them no matter what. I have always been a person who wants go hard
or go home. The first week I saw it as a mental challenge. I survived on steamed chicken breasts, egg
whites and broccoli and I instantly lost 10 pounds after the first week. At this point I thought why not build some
muscle as well, my mind can do with a bit more challenge. So i began searching for workout videos on
youtube. I still remember the first video I watched
was Chris heria’s video on muscle up and that lit me up. So I downloaded the thenx app and followed
whatever is on the program of the day. And this workout that you are watching now
precisely shows how a typical beginner routine is like on the Thenx app. In the following months, I found myself waking
up at 7 every morning and doing a whole bunch of hiit, circuits and abs training. That is how I lost 20 pounds altogether in
3 months. Going through all this, i have learnt two
things. The first thing is that if your target is
weight loss then eating clean and eating at a caloric deficit is more important than working
out. I would say a clean diet accounts for roughly
70% of my weight loss. The reason for this is because its eaiser
to burn the same amount of calories by eating less. But with working out, you could only hurn
so much calories before you get tired. The second thing is that you should try things
first and analyse later. We live in a world dominated by all sorts
of opinions and the evidence they prevent often conflicting. no matter how many tutorials you have watched,
how many advice you have sought, you gotta take the first step to try it out for yourself. So instead of expecting yourself to train
smart and perfect on the first day, you should allow yourself some room for trial and error. No one gets it perfect the first time. As a beginner, going in hard is always the
most important thing. Which routine you do, which exercise you choose
is not as important as you think. As long as a workout challenges you but doesn’t
defeat you, you can say it is a good workout. Thank you for watching this video. If you like it, please click the like button
and subscribe to my channel. See you next time.

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  1. Great story, very relatable. Last year I also started uni and lost alot of the 2years of progress I made before. Now I'm working to combine the two. Whats your major?

  2. Nice work mate….I have started calisthenics training almost a year ago… Never thought bodyweight training gonna b that hard.. Glad I found this channel🙂👍

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