Calves: Why Mine Are Growing & Yours Are Not! MUSCLE GAIN TIPS!

Calves: Why Mine Are Growing & Yours Are Not! MUSCLE GAIN TIPS!

What’s going on nation? A lot of you guys have been asking me what I’ve done lately for my calves because you’ve been noticing some Growth and to be honest I’ve actually been excited because I’ve been noticing to growth in calves for me is one of the hardest body parts to work if I had to choose two body parts to work on the most it would be my calves and my traps So what I want to do for you guys is give you some helpful tips to help you grow your calves and help eliminate some of the Mistakes that you might be doing in your workout, which is halting your growth I mean you could very well be hitting your calves two to three days a week, but because you’re making minor mistakes It’s pretty much time wasted a lot of what I’m gonna have to talk about right now has to do with mind muscle connection And I’m not going to go into detail on that because I have a video and an article on my website you guys can check Out I’m gonna post that link down in the info section below make sure you watch the video and read the contents because it goes Into a lot more detail than just thinking about the muscle you’re trying to work There’s actually a lot of things that can happen If you’re not working out properly or using too much weight that can actually make you weaker over time, but like I said That’s for another day now in terms of growing your calves the biggest mistake people make is range of motion and the second biggest mistake They make is using too much weight And now I’m not saying that your calves will only grow if you use lightweight and do a lot of reps That’s not what I’m trying to say what I’m trying to say is there’s a difference between doing 10 to 12 reps With weight you can handle versus ten to twelve reps With weight that you pretty much bounce up and down and get zero muscle contraction in your calves And so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna demonstrate a couple different exercises, and show you what I mean to help you with these techniques So you can put them in your next workout So this is gonna simulate a seated calf raise or standing calf raise Any calf raise where you’re basically putting your feet up on a platform Now what I always notice people Do is they put too much weight on the machine So pretend this you know the bar is going across my knees right here And I’m stacking all the weight in the front is people put way too much weight And they just start doing this and they do this they do like 20 reps no like oh, yeah I’m so jacked boom boom boom boom boom half the time the shit’s bouncing off of the rubber the rubber Stopper on the bottom of the machine, so they’re not even lifting the way This is bouncing it off the thing and they got four or 45s on there, and they think they’re jacked as hell But then you know a month goes by two months goes by a year goes by and your calves aren’t growing Reason being you need to feel the entire contraction in your calves when doing this exercise Or any exercise for any body part so for example the whole reason why This machine has a platform is because you want to get that dip okay? The dip is such an amazing thing that you can take advantage of when working your calves And what the dip is is going from here to here Now if there was no Importance to having this dip this machine would be off the ground and you would just do this the whole time You want to use that dip to strain and stretch your calves as much as possible and then fully Extend on the way up if you don’t go all the way down and feel that stretch And then go all the way up to the top and feel your calves contract real tight You’re not getting a full contraction on the exercise what I notice happens with a lot of people is They might use weight That’s like moderate, and they’re trying to do like say 15 repetitions, and they’ll get to like eight And they’ll go all the way up all the way down All the way up squeeze all the way down then they get to like nine and it’s like Kind of up kind of down then they get to ten and then they get to 11 and it starts turning into this Instead of this to here now how do you combat that? You might be saying well. I want to do 15 repetitions Isn’t it better to just push through it even if I’m not getting full range of motion, and I say no, it’s stupid Why would you waste your time? It’s going to be a lot easier for when you get to that last rep well You know you can’t get a full extension and a full dip To just get up Throw off some weights sit back down and then finish your set with full range of motion Going nice, and slow you have to understand you build muscle by pointing stress you build muscle by putting stress on the area Okay, muscle damage is very important as mechanical tension. There’s all these mechanisms You can use to build muscle but none of those mechanisms gonna get utilized if you’re just doing bounce reps now Moving on to this exercise a standing calf raise this is actually an exercise I really like doing from the floor and the same thing here guys If you use too much weight you’re not gonna be able to go all the way up or maintain your balance So when you get underneath the bar like this you’re gonna take a few steps back I’ll turn sideways so you guys can see If you don’t have good balance first of all you’re gonna do this And you’re gonna be all over the place so if you’re doing this exercise Flex your glutes and squeeze your core for stability as you go up and as you go down now you’ll notice There’s a big difference between going like this as fast as I can and then going all the way up Squeezing my calves all the way down all the way up a little too much up all the way up all the way down Another trick I like to do and this actually helps me To make sure I’m getting a full contraction is I’ll do a toe raise at the bottom of the movement So I’ll go all the way up and as I go down I’ll lift my toes and then go back up now be careful You don’t do like a rocking motion like this you want to do a controlled toe raise all the way up toe raise All the way up toe raise and that kind of simulates the dip at the bottom of the movement like we just talked about lastly The most basic calf exercise obviously is a bodyweight calf exercise and usually you’ll do it off of stairs You can do it straight from the floor if you want to like I said I like utilizing the dip so I Always do the dip and what you want to do is Depending how strong you are if you can do two feet at a time all the way up all the way down Use your hands first ability and do full range of motion Great if you’re a bit stronger go with one foot just make sure you’re focusing on all the way down all the way up with every single repetition Now I know you guys are gonna ask me questions about an actual calf workout what you can do to grow your calves, so This is what I’m gonna say to you guys if you’re gonna go to the gym and have A calf day where you’re doing lots of heavy machines Maybe you’re doing the barbell calf raise maybe doing a seated calf raise 2 or 3 machines for 3 to 4 sets 10 to 15 repetitions Really focus on that contraction in your calf ok and you can adjust these numbers obviously and see what works for you Some people build a bit more muscle doing 6 to 8 reps People like me who require more volume do a little more reps a little more sets Now the other days you can do this in the morning even before work or school Whatever you’re doing if you have stairs you can either utilize your stairs and go all the way up and back down Or if you only have like one stoop, maybe there’s no stairs in your house. That’s fine Just find something that you can get on a platform, and do the dip and just do like 10 to 15 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions, and so what I’ll usually do is I’ll just go all the way up my stairs and on each step I’ll do 10 to 15 reps all the way down all the way up you might be saying oh well That’s easy doing bodyweight movement, okay? You do 15 reps go to the next step all the way down all the way up 10 to 15 reps By the time you get to the fifth step you’re gonna be like damn I still got a ways to go before I get to the top but for me personally when I do something like this on stairs It’s like the stairs to me is the challenge So it’s not like I’m like on if I have just one stoop on doing it on I have to get off get back on get Off get back on for me mentally It pushes me more to see the top of the stairs as my goal To push myself to do it so if you can find stairs that would definitely do that So I hope this video helped you guys out if you have any Questions be sure to leave a comment in the comment section below if you guys haven’t already Go to and join us in the forum section We’re a fast growing community of about 70,000 members right now myself pump savages Colossus Fitness anabolic aliens hybrid physiques all these other great YouTube channels are there helping and answering questions so if you guys need any help We’re gonna be there to help you out and make sure you check out that video on mind muscle connection I’ll even put a link to that after this is over in that little cue card that pops up and as always More good stuff coming soon. See you guys What’s going on guys a lot of you been asking me what I’ve been doing lately for my calves because You’ve noticed some growth which is a very good thing because calves suck one more

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  1. Walk long steep stairs with weights. excellent exercise for your whole lower body. do a calfrais every time you take a step the first 20 minutes of stair walking. then just walk walk walk until you HAVE to use your hands on your thighs to lift you up because of lactic acid. Then push yourself a few more rounds. when you feel your legs giving out on you when you walk on flat ground its time to jog home if you dare 😉 Trust me, i was a fat ski jumper as a kid and now i think my martial arts coach thinks im using steroids because of my legs haha. the best part about this exercise is that anyone with the ability to walk stars can do it, no excuses!

  2. It so interesting 20 odd years ago doing bodybuilding it was about getting stretch at the top and the bottom with the maximum weight you can achieve from 6 to 15 reps 3 sets twice a week or more

    Reading about position of flexion that I think it's standing that you don't pause at the top or the bottom you just keep bouncing like you said

    Read other comments as well not to stretch at the top or the bottom

    As not hard core bodybuilder like I was 20 odd years ago.

    All know that is stacked the whole standing calf raise and attach more weight and hold at the top and the bottom same applied two seated calf raise and you had to use both machines in your workout

    Never had small calf then

  3. It was fantastic!! Hey Scott I got a question. Maybe you already answered it. But, can I do just bodyweight exercise and have lean and strong arms, back, corb and legs? What are your opinions guys? Thanks!

  4. I only use the leg press machine for this exercise and my calves have grown a ton! I implement toes facing forward, toes facing inward and toes facing outwards! Try it! You won't be sorry!

  5. Great video, shows an understanding of the mechanics of the body. Your voice is in a high/pinched register and you sound out of breath. Suggestion: with so much work creating a gorgeous body, what about some work on breath control and voice? If you are going to continue being a public figure, have a leg up on your fellow gurus. A great voice/speech teacher can give you amazing technique that will give you a rich, full, controlled voice that will be a huge asset and give amazing career growth opportunities.

  6. Scott, I like the stairs sets. Good idea. I have an improvement for the standing barbell calf raise though. Get a platform to stand on to get that dip you're talking about. Now balance might be an issue, which is why i use a smith machine and a platform. I've noticed my calves are growing, but painfully slow. I think sometimes we just have too high of expectations of what realistic growth look like and get disappointed when we don't add inches to our calves in a month. I'm starting to do calves at the end of every workout for at least 3 sets.

  7. This is gold!! Thanks man, I'm already getting long waited result, but with this stairs routine I'm going to get to the next level!

  8. Scott I just killed calf raises at the gym on the stairs
    10 reps per set
    24 steps. U do the math 💪🔥🔥🔥
    Btw follow me on twitta @ThickBombVic. I follow u on there 2

  9. Most people work their calves like they work their biceps. They grab a weight that is way too heavy to try to look cool. Then they bounce it up and down using other body parts like the lower back and Achilles’ tendon which takes the work off the actual muscle they’re trying to develop and many times puts more unnecessary stress on the joints. Oh and forget about working the negative they just let that shit drop like a hot potato. After a good 3-8 sloppy reps they’ll either text on their phone, take a selfie, flirt with the girl at the front desk or chat with the bros. Then after an overly long 5 to 10 minute break they will repeat for a measly 2 more sets and move on. Many times their diet is far from healthy and they consume things like alcohol and blunts. Naturally you will never get gains this way but instead of taking responsibility they do the mature thing which is blame their genetics and accuse everyone who have developed these body parts of taking steroids.

  10. It comes back to the basics, do it right with proper technique. If you cheat you just cheat yourself at the end of the day.

  11. Including what he said with bicycling helps increase size. Also, the other day, before I worked out my calves,I warmed up with a few minutes of jump roping. I had alternated between jumping off of both feet, then to my right foot, then my left. I repeated this pattern for like 4- 5 minutes before I jumped into my work out.

  12. wat if youre home ALONE doin the calf workout on your stairs and u see someone stand on top :((((((((((((((((

  13. The stairs works very well! My race have bad skinny legs… I'm glad mine is improving with the calves raises on steps…

  14. I hate my legs I have such an extreme gap between the bottom of my calf to my ankle. Is it possible to thicken this area anyone? I long to wear shorts but because my upper body is a decent size I'd just look abnormal.

  15. Thanks for this video, Scott! I might be able to catch up to my dad's level with your tips. (He got 'em insane level of muscle on his legs, and he's 56 years old. Yikes) Slowly gaining some muscle on these calves of mine.

  16. I grew a pair of thick ass calves from just doing I really have no idea what this bulkshit is all about. Calves are a muscle, they will grow…I mean for real my calves were non-existent till I started squating

  17. Wow, thank you. This is your best video imo. My calves are convulsing and my feet are twitching. Nicely done.

  18. Good little psychological tip there at the end with the stairs – literally promoting 'stepwise' progression.

  19. Scott , when I trained with only my bodyweight I had that calves that everyone would have. Now ( it's been 1 month and a little more) I started to train in the gym, my legs. Cause I like it, I have other goals ecc. But my calves, aren't growing and are doing the exact opposit. Like katabolic reaktion. I don't understand. I never feel sore how I felt with only my bodyweight. Mayve I'm training the calves wrong, but ROM is ok, I'm not to fast, to much weight? Or am I only not doing the exercise til my calve really burns? Doing calves with bodyweight feels better, but is it more effective with weight or without? Thank you, in case! Super video you made Scott!

  20. A neat thing I learned with the standing calf raise is to put a couple plates on the ground to gain that platform, allowing you to get that dip

  21. Lol retarded people these days… I'm only 14.. And I have too much energy on my body that I do more than 20.. 4 sets of 23/27 and I get good gains VERY EASILY.. how df is bodybuilding hard… Lol search tristyn Lee.. He's a 15 year old kid bodybuilder and looks INSANE. And they think the kid is on steroids but he is not..

  22. My calves grow and shrink faster than any other muscle… They grow whenever i do anything leg related, even if i dont use them directly… But if i dont train legs for a week, they dissapear… They come back just as fast… But the quads and hams do not grow that fast… Im sure one day my calves will catch up with my quads(they are already bigger than my biceps and triceps together)

  23. THANKS , Thanks. THAAAAAAANNNNNNKKKSSSSSSSS for this video. Finally someone point out the calves in an easy way to make them grow. That have been always my goal, Bigger Calves and more or less I made them grow thru others tutorials but you just touch the right bottom. The only thing I know now thnaks to you is that I have to dedicate more time and repetitions. One more time your rock Master !!!! And congrats in your almost finished new home !!!!! . . . . Hey !!! I love the blooper !!! hahahaha post more of them !!!

  24. The reason calves grow slow is because of a weak mind muscle connection and the reason it is weak is because they are the farthest thing from the head

  25. Got huge calves even I don't workout. Philippines has higher gravity kidding hahaha. Yeah I'm Filipino I think it's genetic.

  26. I think the worst thing about calf training is how limited the options are for isolation. Donkey calf raises, calf raises, seated calf raises and single leg calf raises. How fun.

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