Can CBD Improve Muscle Gains? (Current Evidence)

Can CBD Improve Muscle Gains? (Current Evidence)

Hello every buddy, coming at you guys with
a brand-new research video on a topic that’s been drawing some big attention now that it’s
becoming more and more accepted in today’s society. CBD, cannabidiol, a substance found in the
natural and to some, the wonderful, plants known as cannabis. Now, when you think of cannabis, you think
of that “high” sensation or getting them good ol’ munchies. However, CBD is not responsible for those,
rather that’s attributed to another potent cannabis substance known as THC. CBD acts a little more quietly, often engaging
cannabinoid receptors, which are normally activated with THC, in a much more indirect
manner. This difference leads to CBD having different
effects. Effects like reportedly mitigating seizures
and offering sleep benefits for certain disease populations (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s). But the focus of this video is on how recently
CBD has been marketed pretty heavily for something more exercise related. More specifically, exercise recovery and performance. Ya know what, let’s just get straight to
it. Although some people, even maybe yourself,
might believe that CBD has helped in some way with their workouts, like improving soreness
or lifting heavier, the studies show… well, nothing. Cause, in terms of CBD and exercise research,
we really don’t have any. The research that many media articles and
CBD companies tout for CBD’s recovery benefits aren’t really on exercise recovery, but
on inflammation. Also, these inflammation studies either use
rat models or pertain to specific diseases like multiple sclerosis. Exercise recovery was never the focus. For exercise performance, the scientific connection
again is not on performance per se, but on… anxiety. And again, we don’t see research exhibiting
anxiety relief specifically to you being able to lift heavier or something. Instead, we see more rat studies and studies
on specific settings like public speaking. But yes, generally reducing anxiety might
help you perform better. We just don’t have the research to show
that. And frankly, that’s really the only objective
conclusion we have right now. CBD research is still in its very early infancy,
much to do with its legality only recently being partially absolved. Maybe in the future we would see more data
suggesting CBD can help, but right now, we can’t be tossin’ a bunch of claims around
when we don’t know much. Heck, we don’t even know what a good DOSE
of CBD is in the first place, for exercise or anything else. And another problem is that over-the-counter
CBD products are often improperly labeled. A 2017 study found that only about 30% of
84 tested consumer CBD products were accurately labeled and worse yet, 20% of them had moderately
high traces of THC, even though they’re labeled to contain none. Again, CBD and exercise, still very understudied
and still need a lot of work on the consumer end. We gotta give it time. Thank you to my lovely Patreon members for
voting for this topic, and a special shoutout to Thelionsam for being a super cool patron
for pledging 10 bucks. Even though I couldn’t give ya guys a clear-cut
answer, I hope it at least drives home the importance of not rushing to conclusions so
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85 Replies to “Can CBD Improve Muscle Gains? (Current Evidence)”

  1. What i know from experience is getting the immediate munchies and craving high calorie foods and sugar is what has progressed my gym gains since ive been a hard gainer i couldent increase my appetite and stomache capacity naturally as ive tried for years. im 21

  2. Can you make a video on the best way to gain muscle strength (mostly) and some muscle mass naturally (no protein supplements or other stuff)

  3. So your telling me I take cbd if I get drug tested for my work it might contain THC and I could fail the drug test and lose my employment although it specifically states it doesn't contain THC and won't come up in a test? I'm so fucked.

  4. So what you're telling me is that all my favourite fitness influencers are just trying to make money and arent telling me the truth????

  5. I found your channel since you was on 50k sub.. so fast your channel now near one million sub congregations for you buddy love you so much.. waiting to see your 10 million sub ❤️

  6. Too many variations what weed how much what is the effect, thc or cbd effect you differently depending how you consume it how you feel when you consume it and what you do after

  7. it such an overpriced shiz. I prefer good dose of sleep. CHEAPER and bulletproof. Or just use the real deal not this placebo stuff

  8. With how little information we have given the claims of the breadth and degree of benefits from CBD oil, I suspect it's more the modern snake oil…

  9. Lots of THC questions, which is great! THC legalization is a bit trickier than CBD, however, which would mean that research is even more limited. I did cover some related info on weed in general a while back. Check them out if you can:

  10. Well, I'm a frequent Cannabis user (Medicinal for ADHD) and I love this plant for giving me a more healthy view on the world. But it also helps very good with my sleep and eating behavior, so maybe you could say, it benefits the workout indirectly. But at the end it depends on the person, some people may get more lazy instead

  11. Hey man thank you for making this video. A bunch of powerlifters/strongman competitors that I follow on Instagram have been using CBD oils and protien powder for their workouts and it got me curious. Currently use it for anxiety so seeing someone else question it gave me some good vibes that I'm. Not the only one curious about its benefits of any for workouts

  12. Never bought it, seems like such a gimmick, especially when a lot of fitness influencers are sponsored by them and make the exact same posts..

  13. Great video. All parts of Cannabis should be legal! CBD has Less of a cognitive affect than coffee. CBD is great for relaxing muscles and relieving stress. CBD does not inhibit or interfere with cognitive/physical performance. There should be no restrictions on CBD usage just as there’s no restrictions on coffee usage especially in regards to DUIs. No idea to what extent it is used for fitness But I know it doesn’t hurt anything. There is no lethal dose for CBD or THC that is possible to achieve. Are used to take 50 mg of pure CBD before class in college without any interference.

    FYI: So far I only buy CBD and cannabis products from legal dispensaries. They are more regulated than the over-the-counter stuff you find at smoke shops. Maybe they’re both equally fine but I know I can trust the excessively over regulated cannabis dispensaries.

  14. i smoke weed and after 1 hour i go to do workout, damnt workout is so fun and interesting, u just dont get bored of it, best workouts while easy high

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