Can I give my kids whey protein?

Can I give my kids whey protein?

Hi, I’m Chris Freytag, national health
and fitness expert. As parents, you want to make sure your
children are getting all the nutrients they need, and protein is one of those important
nutrients. Protein supports the building and growth muscles, skin and bones. It
helps build and maintain a strong immune system and help stabilize blood sugar levels to
keep kids feeling full and focused. So how do you get more
protein into your child’s diet? Well, think whey protein. Whey protein is
an acceptable protein source for children Ages 4 and older who are not allergic to
dairy. BiPro is all-natural, gluten-free, and contains no
artificial sweeteners or fillers. It’s one of the highest quality proteins
available. So you can feel good about giving it to your family. I give it to my three kids and we use Bipro protein powder in fruit smoothies, and protein shakes, and milk shakes. I also throw in pancake
mix and in waffle mix; anything that you can stir into and one of the best things is its
unflavored so it doesn’t taint the flavor of what you intended to eat
which is what makes it so likable for my children anyway. You can
always check with your child’s doctor or pediatrician if you’re concerned that
your child is not getting enough protein or if you have questions about adding
a whey protein product like BiPro to their diet. For more information go to

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  1. Yes she is selling a product! But that doesn't mean she is wrong about whey protein benefits for kids. I started giving my kids daily doses of whey protein.

  2. Whey Protein is a natural bi-product of cheese and thus, it is completely safe. In fact, whey protein is a component found in many foods you purchase at your local grocery store. Since whey protein is a natural food ingredient, you should never see a long list of ingredients on your label. Unflavored BiPro is natural and has nothing added to it. However, some whey proteins contain fillers or blends. Always be sure to review the nutrition label and ingredients.  

  3. im 15 about to turn 16 in 3 months could i use it and how much should i use post and pre workout?

  4. I’m 13 years old. I found this protein baked bar. It’s called fit crunch. Can I eat this? It one bar. 30g protein and 16 g sugar alcohol. It taste like some sort of pill with the liquor inside.

  5. Hi I have this questions I need an answers to
    1 does protein shakes (supplements) do little rocks in kidney
    2 does it give you suger disease
    3 does it infect your leaver
    4 does it cause digestive problems
    Sorry for English

  6. Please DO NOT give your kiddos protein like this. Children ages 4-13 only need about 20-30g of protein all day long. Thay NEED to be chewing their food to activate essential digestive enzymes and avoid digestive system issues as well. Giving them too much protein can be dangerous for their kidneys, liver and restrict calcium absorption. Stick to giving g them whole food sources of protein and leave the protein powders for athletes. I would ONLY ever suggest giving a child protein shake if they are very sick or malnourished and shakes were the only way to get them nourished. Otherwise this sets a bad example that drinking our nutrients is okay, which it is NOT. Just because someone says they are a fitness expert does NOT mean they know about nutrition, especially for children…

  7. Can people stop using titles next to their name like "Health expert", "PhD", this expert and that expert. No offence but, anyone may put anything they like next to their name to create impression of some knowledgable person and endageour their lives. I dont say that she does but…

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