Can You Heal Your Injured Rotator Cuff? (Shoulder Pain & Weakness)

Can You Heal Your Injured Rotator Cuff? (Shoulder Pain & Weakness)

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  1. I have a 2nd rotator cuff/frozen shoulder unfreezing right now and static stretching is what enabled the other cuff to regain almost full use. Thanks guys

  2. Good morning from Nepal sir…i hurt my shoulder last week while doing arm wrestling…since i got injured i subscribed ur channel…now the problem is when i lower my arm,my shoulder gets hurt…help me please..i am an athlete and i dont have access to good p.t like u two guys

  3. Thanks Bob and Brad! I injured my shoulder last month and by doing your shoulder exercises I went from not being able to lift my arm to almost full range of motion. I love all of your videos.

  4. I watched all ur vedioes abht sciatica great job I had mri nothing in it no heriniat disc ni gab ni pinch nerv but I have alot if pain in back and lef leg down

  5. Hi love ur videos. I recently had a shot for my siatica and lower back pain, well the pain on my leg is goan but my back hurts worse the pain goes to my hips i do have a herniated disc but decided to try the shot instead figuer it was safer but now my pain managment docto want to give me shots on my knees so my question is how does gettin shots on my knees supposed to take my back pain away? By the way my knees dont hurt at all. Sorry for the long story but i cant talk to my doc till my next appt in april.

  6. Thanks guys! Just had the doctor check out and exray my shoulder today. Nothing is seriously torn so I'll be able to take advantage of your advice. Ordered some of those bungi things from your Amazon store.

  7. A great informative video
    But please do improve the sound quality
    We want to hear all your suggestions loud and clear

  8. This was a great video but how come my shoulder makes a really loud cracking sound and feels like it double joints its way out of my socket. Does anyone else have this problem. It all started over a year.and a half ago when I was crawling on the floor during a fitness course.

  9. Bad shoulder but can you tell me why it hurts so much when I am shopping in a grocery store or Wal-Mart where there is a large grocery dept.

  10. You said something in this video that really spoke to me. About the woman who wasn't offered therapy and had to ask for it and, that she improved so much that she didn't need the surgery. About a year and a half ago, when I got the results of my X-rays (which, btw, your video yesterday "The big lie about MRIs and X-Rays" ALSO spoke to me), I had asked the doctor for physical therapy. I'm a "can-do" kind of gal and, I really believed I could improve. I just needed a road map since, I had to stay away from weight bearing exercises, backwards bends etc. But, all she wanted to do was surgery and, that was that.. Got real depressed for a couple of months with a hopelessness from thinking that surgery was my only option. I even stopped doing the stretches that I HAD been doing, I was so bummed. Then, I came upon your channel and I have, not only been learning so much about my various conditions (spondylolisthesis being one of them) but, I've been putting your tips and stretches and exercises (as well as what NOT to do) into application and have improved in range of motion as well as functionality. But, the biggest improvement was my mental attitude. I felt like the expectation I had for improvement through therapy had been robbed from me but, you guys gave it back to me. Thanks B and B for all the help you give us.

  11. Can you heal a sprained ankle?? h
    Happened years ago but still feel it sometimes especially when its cold. I think its scar tissue?

  12. I’m only commenting on this video cause it’s the most recent. But I have a severe knee issue. It first occurred when I was playing volleyball. I jumped, cane down, felt my knee twist and do something weird I can’t describe it. It has hurt unbearably bad since then and it has been unstable. It would mean so much to me if you replied and tried to help me out. It hurts on the medial, lateral, and on the outside edge of my kneecap. What do you guys think it could be? Pls help😫

  13. Thank you so, so much! I've had shoulder pain on my right shoulder for 4 years, I hurt it playing badminton at school and very recently my left shoulder started hurting also so with both shoulders hurting, sleeping is definitely harder to do. I've been following you guys for a couple months and this video came at the perfect time! I'm a manager at a restaurant so it's hard to work with the pain but I'm definitely going to be trying these excersises out. Love the channel and I'll like the Facebook page! Keep up the great work, there's no channel like this one anywhere and I'm happy to see you guys pushing this forward!

  14. Hy bob. Hy brad. Plz make a video about diet that is how much grams of protein, carbs, fibers, fats, vitamin and minerals should an average, athletic, baby, and old people needs. Plz i follow guyz

  15. Hy bob. Hy brad. Plz make a video about diet that is how much grams of protein, carbs, fibers, fats, vitamin and minerals should an average, athletic, baby, and old people needs. Plz i follow guyz

  16. Oh counld you do one for laying on your stomach, which I think is why I can't full get better.
    If it's not recommended, then please let me know to simply avoid it.
    However that's how I prefer sleeping, and thanks again.

  17. Great vid, I injured my shoulder a few weeks back. But sorry to let you guys know, Athlean-X is the most famous physical therapist on the internet.

  18. Bob and brad, will you guys do a video on shoulder mobility and stability for bodybuilders and people in CrossFit

  19. Thanx guys for the videos and your time…
    Can you guys do a video on helping to get rid of old scar tissue on Achilles tendon?? thanx

  20. Can you guys do a video on floor sleeping. I’ve been trying it and I feel a bit more aligned but I want to know what you guys think. All I find are mixed reviews and unclear studies.

  21. great information about how to heal a rotator cuff I have trouble with my rotator and your exercises will be a big help for me , keep your great videos coming 💪

  22. Your videos are always great and much appreciated. Can you do a segment on stretching…specifically, how long to hold a stretch? You show stretches with nearly every video, performing the demos quickly. Sometimes you'll say, 'pressure on…pressure off,' with just a tiny 'on.' I've had therapists tell me that a stretch does little unless held for a full minute. More often when I've had therapy, the PT has had me hold stretches for precisely 20 seconds, literally watching a clock. What's your opinion about the effectiveness of stretches at various hold times? Thanks so much if you can take time to answer or do a video.

  23. Anything to relieve Bicep tendonosis? My doctor gave me Voltaren gel and sent me to ortho and pain management but appointment is faaaaar out 🙁

  24. I was doing the same movement that shows in 9:57 minute and my shoulder poped out and went in so fast. I'm nervous because i dont know what to do now, i'm not in pain but I'm scared… what problem do i have?
    Sorry for my English, i'm from Argentina…

  25. One thing that no one made clear to me [in other facilities] until I paid close attention to your videos on shoulder rehab– is to squeeze your shoulders together first before you pull on the bands. I was just instructed to " pull on the bands".. It feels less painful and I feel more strength when I first squeeze shoulders. One thing I would add is to instruct to do a "rib anchor" prior to doing arm/shoulder exercises. You do remind to use good posture and that is very important.. the rib anchor is really setting and strengthening the abdominal core while simultaneously preventing a sway in the back. I have to mindful of a sway back since I had a microdisectomy in lower lumbar area.

  26. what if you cant keep your elbow on your side
    yesterday my arm gave or now i cant lift anything heavier then 8 pounds like normal

  27. Hi

    I had a partial tear in supraspinatus

    It's been almost 4 months I had this Injury

    Will I be able to recover from this problem

    Am having a horrible pain

  28. Hi

    I had a partial tear in supraspinatus

    It's been almost 4 months I had this Injury

    Will I be able to recover from this problem

    Am having a horrible pain

  29. How serious is this
    There is a 12 x 16 mm tear at the supraspinatus footprint, barely reaching the articular surface. It communicates with an interstitial tear at the confluence of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus critical zone. Measuring 10 x 8 mm. No rotator cuff muscle atrophy.

  30. Another great video. I’m currently waiting for my knee replacement surgery. However, sleeping on my back makes my shoulders hurt like crazy. By morning I can barely move either arm forward or laterally. Any recommendations? Thanks

  31. I recently screwed something up in my shoulder, and I think it was the supraspinatus based on the location of the irritation. I can do all these exercises and only experience minor pain. It has been 4-5 days since the injury, and I feel like I've recovered very quickly. I have practically full mobility, although if I try to reach as far back as possible or do rotational exercises with weights, there is slight pain. The injury must've occured when I foolishly did heavy'ish viking presses the day after a personal record attempt in the bench press.

    Do you think this is some sort of a severe muscle spasm, or a minor tear? I believe I felt something veeeery minor when doing the viking presses, but it didn't really hinder me in the moment. I only started feeling the pain afterwards. I've had some muscle spasms before, but they've felt different to me, because my shoulder doesn't feel bad all the time; it only aches when I move it in certain directions.

    I'd really appreciate a reply with a diagnosis and a prognosis. I'm guessing it's not an actual strain, though…

  32. I have no injury. But I had lower back surgery. My right arm not go back side of my body. I can't touch my left shoulder from lower back.

  33. Thank you. I cannot even lift my arm. Going dor MRI friday. But i hace been using your PT lately. My PT has me doing something different that hurts my elbow.

  34. I felt like my shoulder is tearing so muscle and i don't whether it partial teared or completely,but i don't fell much pain but sometimes i get pain while stretching my arm.i get pain in my shoulder while i jogging. Help me out

  35. It was great finding you guys! I've had shoulder pain for over a year and when the pain got severe about 3 months ago, I went to see my doctor. I had an ultrasound done and my results stated that my supraspinatus showed a hypoechoic area measuring 3 x 2 x 6 mm in keeping with the partial-thickness, partial-width tear.
    I am really hoping that with a lot of your stretches, ice and maybe having it in a sling it will heal.
    My shoulders have always made cracking noises so I hope that doesn't mean it will get worse.

  36. Thanks so much for the video. Have been suffering with my cuff for a few months now, just started these exercises, I’ll let you know how it goes.

  37. Thank you guys! Very nice to have some exercises since I'm not getting much guidance from my clinic – awesome and thorough!

  38. Hi Bob and Brad,
    Thank you so much for your excellent vids!
    My question is regarding a full tear of the suprapspinatas tendon. Not sure specifically how it happened but I had pain and then lost strength. I was given an MRI and the doctor has identified the issue as a full tear of the suprspinatas tendon. He suggests surgery!
    I'm very worried about this. Currently, I have virtually no pain. I have full shoulder movement with no pain. I'm back to 90 pushups and 30 chinups in a training session. I have some issues with dips but otherwise I feel I'm getting stronger each day – and close to getting back to my normal regime. I'm 50 years old. Do you think it should be possible to avoid surgery and live with the supraspinatas injury?

  39. Physical therapy did not work for me, but I found that if you combined crystal therapy with heat and cold pak symptoms will be easier to handle. I HAVE HAD ROTATOR CUFF INJURY FOR 2 YEARS NOW AND NOTHING WORKED, UNTIL I CAME UP WITH CHAKRA HEALTH. SAVAGE WARRIOR ALING WITH SOME MILD PT EXERCISES I learned from going to pt. 🙈❤ but still have problems with shoulder injury. 🤷‍♀️🦋. Ty guys.

  40. Helpful insights! I have been doing pendulum exercise and it causes quite a bit of pain. Still having difficulty abducting my arm greater than 15degrees.

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