Can you tell when someone is lying to you?

Can you tell when someone is lying to you?

One of us is not telling the truth. Can
you tell which one of us is trying to deceive you? I’m fluent in three languages. I grew up in Shanghai. I grew up with five different pets. I have never traveled outside of the United States. I have never broken a bone. My favorite author is…Ray Bradbury So, did you guess did you guess, did you guess which one of us which one of us which one of us is not being truthful? if you guessed that I was the liar, you’d
be correct. Here at the University of Rochester were applying techniques from data science to understand the characteristics a smile in deceptive
communication. Prior research shows that even an expert human is as good as
random chance in detecting when somebody’s lying or telling the truth. We
envision a future where a machine and human could work together, where a
machine can understand the non-verbal nuances really well that’s invisible to
the human eye and an expert interrogator can take a look at the data towards
making a final prediction.

14 Replies to “Can you tell when someone is lying to you?”

  1. i heard that when pple look to the left they are liars so…. there was only one person looking that direction and it was not true

  2. Got it right, too exaggerated, too much "pretend confident", too much movement of eyebrows etc. Whether it actually means anything is a different matter but I guessed correctly.

  3. I mean sure, blondie boy's smile was weird as fuck and selaed the deal, but he already made it clear he was lying. The way he talked: putting extra strength on NEVER and UNITED STATES, when everyone else was able to say their truths comfortably and calmly. He also chose to look intensely into the camera while the other people were relaxed. It was obvious, but that smile just hammered it in.

  4. Bullshit! Politicians, lawyers, preachers and used car salesmen have greasy grins like that all the time and….. oh.

  5. I guessed him right. However the first girl is lying, too. She is not even confident in talking in English.

  6. This is how I knew the girl from Majory Stoneman Douglas High that said there was a second shooter was lying. She did a broad, full, 'I'm getting away with it' smile while retelling her 'account'.

  7. Every single one of them is being deceptive. The blonde guy was obviously the liar – he was enjoying being deceptive and nodded his head yes while making a negative statement. The rest were trying to hide they were telling the truth. Lying is complex, for a number of reasons. If you tell someone to tell the truth while pretending to lie, they are still being deceptive.

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