Candy Craftsmanship: Korea’s First Family of a Classic Confection

Candy Craftsmanship: Korea’s First Family of a Classic Confection

(energetic instrumental music) – [Narrator] In Chungju, South Korea, there is a family carrying on
a generations-long tradition of making yeot, an old school Korean treat that is still popular today. (speaks in foreign language) – [Narrator] Yeot dates
back more than 1,000 years to the Goryeo Dynasty. (speaks in foreign language) (playful instrumental music) (gentle instrumental music) (moves into lively instrumental music) (speaks in foreign language)

100 Replies to “Candy Craftsmanship: Korea’s First Family of a Classic Confection”

  1. What happens when he dies? Who will carry his tradition? Never mentioned his children so I highly doubt they're interested. Sad. 😥

  2. Bro I’m Korean and the translation and the interview is messed up.
    I mean, in 0:53 the guy just stops speaking in the middle of the sentence.

  3. I love how some Asian cultures are true to their ancestral traditions, not just "I do it like my father taught me, but I do how its been done for hundreds of years"

  4. May as well tea bag your nuts in it while your at it. With every hair, pecker gnat, fly, cob web and anything else that falls into it nobody will even notice.

  5. Wait! That's an Ecuadorian thing 😱…. So cool in Ecuador 🇪🇨 we eat that…is a Candy… So great. Didn't know they do the same to… Is very traditional. I guess we have something in common

  6. He's not trying to hurt anyone with the scissor! lmao. What he is doing is a traditional dance which old yeot sellers did when they are out selling their stuff. People who sold yeot back in the day was called "yeot jang su" and the name of the traditional dance is called "ga wee chum", which literally means 'scissor dance'. Great video btw!

  7. The same fucking thing is made in India on the streets of cities in states of Northern India. Google Search "Tilkut". It is made through same process and same ingredients. It's hundreds of year old traditional dish here.

  8. I had no idea about the background of this snack. I lived in Korea for a few years and always had Yeot as if it was a regular snack.

  9. Even though I lived in Cheongju, I first knew that there was a place to make yeot in Cheongju. thank you for your vedio.:D

  10. I really hope thats not how they wash their hands 1:38 Especially when looking at 2:14, I gag just thinking about it, Man I hope they properly wash their hands, Not that your restaurant chef washes their hands to well either.

  11. Yeot in the Philippines is more delicious its price mostly playing at range of 150-1500 … The product name is called “e-yeot” 😄😄😄😄😄😄.

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