Can’t Do Muscle Ups? This is Why You Fail

Can’t Do Muscle Ups? This is Why You Fail

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  1. Timestamps for the video:

    00:57 – Requirements
    01:27 – Technique
    03:12 – Grip
    04:23 – Level
    05:18 – No-Gos
    07:55 – How to train for Muscle Ups

  2. Wait?… I have always been able to do that with no training, didn’t knew it was hard for other people.

  3. Hey guys I am writing to thank you for putting up this video. I am 43 year old and was struggling to get a muscle up going. I tried many things but two tips in your video, I believe helped me get my first proper muscle up. The first was the tip on the false grip and the second was to use bands to train the muscles. I started with a fat band and then kept progressing till I needed no band. I cannot thank you guys enough. God Bless you!

  4. Hi Alex. I noticed the guy who was in the grey sweat pants had his grip with the thumbs out rather than in. The only reason why I'm asking is, I now suffer from 'golfers elbow', and had thumbs out also. It is more comfortable with the thumbs tucked in (same side as your fingers)

  5. Probably 98% of the population cant do 12 strict pull ups so I guess musleups are out.

    I actually can do 12 strict pull ups and no where near close to doing a musleup.

  6. Easiest way to learn muscle up is to throw snakes at bottom! It goes by level! King cobra should be the fastest learning technique

  7. I just want to say thank you for this video. I was one of the guys who could do a few muscle ups with sloppy form. after watching this video I went to train muscle ups and was very happy with how easily I was able to clean up my form and how it seemed to take less effort when applying the techniques and timing you described. can't thank you enough for this outstanding tutorial!

  8. I got it in under two days of trying, And I'm not that strong upper body wise, My legs though, Haha, Death kick's….

  9. 1:34 "if you do a normal pull up you will never be able to pass the bar no matter how strong you are" That is a straight up lie

  10. A big shout out to the cameraman who shot this video. Rarely do I see videos shot from all the angles required for a clear explanation. Infact this channel has the best shot videos with both correct and incorrect form shown.

  11. Made a bet with a friend that i'll be able to do 22 clean muscle-ups in a year from now. Right now i'm at 11 max pullups. I'm probably screwed

  12. I love ur video
    but I need a suggestion
    whenever I do any of that I feel tired and I can't do 10 pull up
    it feels like there is no strength in my body but i can anything except this
    help me to find any solution or should i change my food

  13. Nice video! Excelent explanation and performance. Agree in everything, bro… but what you said about negative ones. They are not there to build explosive strenght, their job is to work the shoulder mobility for my overbulked students! The closer you can confortably get to the bar during muscle up transition the cheaper the movement is… if I go slow-mo I scratch my chest! Great, great job yours any way! Congratulations

  14. Thank you so much bro!!!
    I watched some tutorials but I couldn't do the muscle up. Yesterday I watched your video and today I've checked some mistakes and… I've done it!!

  15. i can do 30 pull ups with a 10 KG weight vest on and i cant do a muscle up but now i know i just didn't have the technique. Now the you have showed me i can do it now!

  16. My right hand bends but left hand doesn't bend while giving muscle up. It's hurting my shoulder and elbow joint … i can give muscle up like the video is showing in 1st time

  17. Bout to go park and try, im thinking its gonna look like the first guy, but fuck it ima test until i get it. I look at weight training as easy now, so now im back being unimpressed with my workouts, time to level up.

  18. Eşhedü enle ilehe ilalah. Ve Eşhedü enle muhameden abdühü verasuluhü
    Le ilehe ilalah muhameden rasululah

  19. I am french sorry for my bad english.
    It is not a muscle up, because your body is not right,he is in front of.

  20. Total honesty : out of a dozen video tutorials about muscle ups, this is the best one. Clear, concise, efficient, simple. Thanks a lot guys <3

  21. Hoje eu consegui fazer o meu primeiro MUSCLE UP!!! Tô muito feliz, foram 2 meses tentando! Muito Obrigado!! Suas dicas me ajudaram Muito Mesmo!!

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