Can’t Feel The Right Muscles Activate During A Lift? Fix It By Improving Mind Muscle Connection!

Can’t Feel The Right Muscles Activate During A Lift? Fix It By Improving Mind Muscle Connection!

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  1. i don't know why Scott… but i always have more MMC in my right side alot more than the left side…. yet the left side is stronger.

    i always FAIL at contracting that brachioradialis in my left side without some weight , yet …. it just pumps up slightly a bit unlike my right arm… same thing with my left chest and lat and legs i feel the MMC with my left side but not as much as my right side at all… some times the left side is even stronger !

  2. Hey Scott, great video! Would love to see a top 5 gym peeves video or something, should be fun!
    (Also what you would do in those situations)

  3. so many people just lift the weight, here ones advice I can give you. don't just lift the weight , control the weight.dont just lift it up , while you lift it up feel like your controlling the weight so ur mmc automatically activates and also always proper form is always superior than larger volume

  4. Having issues when deadlifting.. lots of low back pain. I'm unable to get tension in my glutes or hams at all. I feel like my back is doing all the work. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to use quads in the deadlift, but I've just tried to use glutes and hams and I just can't seem to get them activated at all….

  5. 6:17 – It is incorrect to say "how do you not realize that you aren't doing anything". They are bouncing off heavier weights and that means they are lifting fewer reps – which adds "strength". You cannot call it nothing. It creates strength. Otherwise the whole video was very informative

  6. In my experience as long as you work your ass off in a smart way at the gym and your body is always active (Muscles) and you eat healthy you will normally always get results. Regardless of your genes.

  7. Mind muscle connection is irrevelant all you need to really do is fast reps and automatically it will target the muscle, the trick is using lighter weights fast reps

  8. How the fuck do you suppose i use a light grip on bench press? You need your arms tight for Bench or you might drop the barbell.

  9. fantastic video! been slowly building connections since started hitting the gym regularly a couple months ago. my worst connections are with my lats. having hard time building that connection. chest was an issue but slowly getting that worked out, upper chest still a struggle though.

  10. So like 5 pullups done right (activating all your muscles) would be much better than doing 20 nonsense pullups? I ask because I can only do like 5 right now (I'm getting back into shape…)…but I'm pretty sure I'm getting hella activation in my lats cuz they get sore af the next day. Also, I do try to focus the muscles for each exercise.

  11. Thanks for sending me the link this Scott! Your explanation on execution is exactly what I was seeking. You truly are an amazing mentor. Happy to be a proud member of your nation!

  12. Decided to revisit this video and wanted to say, great tips! One that I personally used with my training partner who suffered from poor muscle connection was to press into the muscle that is supposed to be targeted whilst he's doing his first couple reps. This then allowed him to focus on that muscle 10x more than before. I tried it myself and it works well, because sometimes when starting out you know what muscle should be working but you just can't feel it when you put weights in your hands.

  13. What if I do HIIT for biceps and chest? I guess the objective is too go as fast as possible but I wanna get in tuned with my mmc

  14. Can I ask a question? I'm hoping you would answer my question. So, Inorder for your muscles to adapt you must be aiming at one body part, meaning you must Do 1 exercise? for example i am aiming for my chest, I am doing a bench press and other type of exercise focusing just on my chest does it work? I dont know about workouts and stuff and certainly i am a beginner. Pardon me. Hoping for your response 🙂

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  16. Tips to improve MMC:
    – practice in the mirror;
    – do some isolation work;
    – warm up sets;
    -switch to lighter sets;
    -slower reps (tempo);
    -check ego at the door;
    -block the distractions.

  17. I don't feel anything in my anterior, lateral, and rear delts for shoulders. Same thing I don't feel it in the chest.

  18. I know this is an old video, but meditation with body scanning really helps with this. I can't recommend meditation enough.

  19. Scott, I can never get enough of learning about this! I am CONSTANTLY trying to train my mind into making that mind to muscle connection as I work each muscle group! Today as I performed the bench press, I was trying my best to activate my chest more! I kept feeling it in my arms, and shoulders, and shoulder joints more than my chest! But, I don't give up easily! I will try this again!

  20. I need some help. Every time when I do Concentration Curls I never feel my biceps working, I've lowered the weight, increased the weight, slowed down, focused on the muscle but yet my biceps still don't feel like they have done anything. My muscles don't get tired and I can't pick up the dumbbell anymore after doing my exercise. I do 3 sets, 8, 10, 12 reps (each arm) using 7kgs dumbbells.

  21. if i practice like triceps kickbacks to improve mind muscle connection seperated from my workouts with light weight , can it cause me to overtraining ?

  22. I'm offended because I'm that person that only goes through the motions when it comes to lifting. lol. great video thanks!

  23. Some more gobbledygook… nobody knows what you're talkin about… bodybuilding isn't about moving the weight… that's called weightlifting…. using bad form is called ego lifting… that's what everybody wants to do… everybody wants to do a slam dunk workout!

  24. You're clueless when it comes to mind to muscle connection… You're using inertia to move the weight… that's called weightlifting… You're using excessive weight… there is no MIND-TO-MUSCLE CONNECTION! People would rather use the weight to feed their ego!

  25. You're so full of bogus information muscles don't activate, no more than you can activate your fat, you can't activate your synovial fluid, no more than you can activate your blood flow!

  26. Looks like you would rather work your joints then your muscles… improving your mind to Joint connection!

  27. Thanks so much for this video Scott! I've been lifting for a couple years now and while I've seen some growth, I know it hasn't been as much as what I should be seeing. Everything finally clicked into place for me after watching this. I know other personal trainers on YouTube have probably tried explaining this very concept but not as thorough as you did here. I'm now seeing that muscle pump that's been missing during my workouts return. Thanks again Scott and keep up the great work!

  28. Why haven't you learned the Mind muscle connection… if you had a mind muscle connection you would know what every exercise does… all your videos are about is to move as much weight as possible… you're obsessed with ego lifting on every exercise!

  29. Great video!! This helps me a lot! Have watched mind-muscle connection videos before. However, I never really understood what they were saying. Your video really simplified things and I definitely had my “aha moment”!

    Also, need more Arnold impersonations immediately.

  30. So after this video I started paying attention to MMC, but I failed at flexing my lats, I was able to flex my 💪. But when it came to large muscles like lats I couldn't do it or probably didn't feel it. Maybe you can go into more detail abt large muscle groups. Thanks a ton. 🤗

  31. I have this problem with my back muscles… the only exercise that makes my back sore is the facepull. Anyother back excersice , any kind of rows , or pullups , just make my biceps burn and almost zero back activation

  32. I have perfect mind muscle connection in my right tricep but finding it really difficult on the left and it’s creating some pretty bad imbalances

  33. I can't feel my entire left side of my body when I work out. When i do deadlifts, I can only feel my right side doing everything. Right now there is a subtle bend in my lumbar that is keeping me from working out. I will try to remember to comment again later after seeing this video to bring in more firsthand info.

  34. This is all really good information, but why do all these lifting videos insist on yelling at me? This video can also be better digested at 1.75 speed.

  35. Don’t feel overwhelmed? I definitely feel overwhelmed after watching some of your videos today. I feel like I obviously have no fing clue what I’m doing and have no idea where to even start

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